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======Pirate Intrusion, level 2======

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Faction: Serpentis
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: Kin, Therm
Recommended damage dealing: Kin, therm.
Recommended ships: T2 Frigate, cruiser, or larger
Mission: Take out everyone, then go back to the agent. (You don't have to if you check out Blitz)
Remote Complete: No

====Pocket 1====

===Group #1 - 25km - Aggro===
2x Destroyers (Corelior Infantry/Sentinel)

===Group #2 - 30km===
2x Frigates (Coreli Watchman)

===Group #3 - 35km===
2x Frigates (Coreli Patroller/Watchman) **Sensor Dampening Patroller**
1x Destroyer (Corelior Infantry)

===Group #4 - 35km===
3x Frigates (Coreli Agent/Spy)
2x Destroyers (Corelior Soldier/Trooper)
1x Cruiser (Corelum Chief Watchman) **Sensor Dampening**

===Group #5 - 45km===
3x Frigates (Coreli Defender/Guard/Protector/Safeguard)

====Pocket 2====

===Group #1 - 25km===
3x Destroyers (Corelior Infantry/Sentinel)
1x Cruiser (Corelum Chief Scout/Spy)

===Group #2 - 40km===
2x Elite Frigates (Coreli Guardian Guard)
3x Frigates (Coreli Defender/Protector)

===Group #3 - 70km===
3x Destroyers (Corelior Infantry/Soldier)
1x Cruiser (Corelum Chief Patroller/Watchman) **Sensor Dampening**

===Group #4 - 75km===
5x Frigates (Coreli Agent/Spy)

Take out pocket one, and Only kill group 3 in pocket 2.

42x Veldspar (Pocket 2)

Blitz: 2-5 min
No Blitz: 3-13 min

Any chief may damp you.

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