Pirate Invasion, level 3

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Faction: Guristas
Mission type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: Kin, Therm
Web/Scramble: Dire Pithi Arrogator/Imputor
Extras: Jamming
Recommended damage dealing: Kin, Therm
Recommended ships: Battlecruisers, Recons, HACs

Guarding the Gate

Aggro from all, 20km from warp-in.

5x Frigate (Pithi Plunderer/Wrecker)
2x Frigate (Dire Pithi Arrogator/Imputor) Scram & Web

Acceleration Gate to next pocket is at 38km.

Pocket 1

No aggro on warp in. Shoot anything and the entire pocket aggros.

Group 1 (~50km)

5x Cruiser (Pithum Annihilator/Mortifier)
1x Battlecruiser (Pithatis Assassin/Assaulter)

Group 2 (60-90km near War Installation)

2-3x Frigate(Pithi Demolisher/Destructor)
2-3x Destroyer (Pithior Guerilla/Renegade)
2x Cruiser (Pithum Abolisher/Eraser)

War installation drops t1 loot. (Takes a fair amount of damage, drops random ammo and loot, not worth the time it takes to blow it up.)

Pocket 2

Only Group 1 aggros on warp in.

Group 1 (30-40km)

3x Destroyer (Pithior Anarchist/Nihilist)
2x Frigate (Pithi Plunderer/Wrecker)
3x Frigate (Dire Pithi Arrogator/Demolisher/Destructor/Imputor) Arrogator/Imputor Web & Scram

Group 2 (25-40km)

7x Cruisers (Pithum Ascriber/Inferno/Mortifier/Silencer)

Group 3 (50-65km)

3-4x Cruiser (Pithum Inferno/Mortifier)
3-4x Battlecruiser(Pithatis Enforcer/Executor)

It's possible to shoot the groups in the given order without aggro from the others. However shooting group 3 will aggro group 2.

Pocket 3

Pocket 3 appears to be a random addition to this mission, you might get it, you might not. If you do get it, it is required for mission completion

Group 1

Auto Aggros
4x Frigate
3x Destroyer

Group 2

8x Cruisers

Group 3

3x Cruiser
3x Battlecruiser

Group 2 not required for completion. Group 3 can be range-aggressed without pulling Group 2 (however you then get drone aggro from Group 2).

35 x Veld, content not measured

Comment by CorwinPendragon
2008-08-09 16:06:38
Room 3 includes Nullifiers and something (didn't catch what it was but bet it was a frigate) that scrambles.
Comment by VaLTrantor
2008-12-09 14:53:52
Corwin is right, in this mission there can be scrambling. Together with jamming it can be a problem in if your tank is not holding.

Shooting the war installation might be time consuming, its got plenty of hitpoints (350k from what I calculated). The loot is just normal t1-stuff, some chance on a named launcher or railgun. I doubt its worth the time and ammo though.
Comment by CorwinPendragon
2008-12-11 07:57:49
Room 1: had 2 Dire Pithi Inputor's which webbed and scrambled.

Room 2: the group by the gate aggro'd me as I approached the gate and attacking them did not aggro the rest of the room. The rest of the room seemed to aggro when I got within about 10km of the gate.
Comment by Micha1980de
2009-01-12 15:07:53
as the last sentence states, group 2 can be identified by shooting at the only "Pithum Killer".
worked fine for me, and my assa frig
Comment by XennDC
2009-01-25 11:47:55
Please post any named drops from the War installation if you get them. I did not get any named items from it.
Comment by CileniaBitweaver
2009-01-31 00:25:15
just looted a sv-2000 assault misslie bay (plus other random trash) from War installation
Comment by ReLLiK7699
2009-02-28 11:24:58
Guarding the Gate: Arrogators were warp scrambling. And the EW Frigates did not jam me once.

Pocket 1: No jamming at all. War Installation drop no named loot.

Pocket 2: Annihilators & killers were jamming, imputers was warp scrambling (Groups 1 & 2).
Comment by CoreBreach
2009-05-25 11:42:39
Room 1: Did not get jammed, however the named EW cruisers were at 42km to 45km rather than 50 to 60 km.
Comment by PcWizrd67
2009-06-19 13:51:43
36 roids/2.8 mil veld around the Pleasure Hub.
1 roid/82k veld about 65km behind the warp in point (about 100km from Pleasure Hub)
Comment by CorwinPendragon
2009-06-28 21:30:15
It appears that pocket 3 has been removed (and the mineable asteroids moved to pocket 2)
Comment by NicCage
2009-07-05 16:21:24
Pocket 3 is still there along with the roids.
Comment by Dragonwind2007
2009-07-10 16:08:09
The two times I have got this mission, pocket three has not shown up. It may be that pocket three now appears as a random addition to the mission if others are still getting it.
Comment by OwlManAtt
2009-07-22 18:54:27
I've just completed this mission. There were only two pockets.
Comment by TariRedhel
2009-07-26 05:53:51
Completed today. 2 pockets. No named from war installation.
Comment by MrNastyUK
2009-07-29 05:20:55
i have done this mission in minimatar and caldari space about 6 times now , the last one today and both have only had 2 pockets , the war instalation i have shot down every time and it is not worth the ammo and time
Comment by BansheeFlyr
2009-07-31 02:52:08
Just finished the mission, and it had a 3rd pocket.
Comment by KhanAmarrid
2009-08-14 18:20:02
I only had 2 pockets on this one also.

Veld count = 2,889,993 units.
Comment by ShiggyMoto
2009-09-06 17:23:44
Pirates make heavy use of Scourge Heavy Missiles and Bloodclaw Light Missiles. Have Kinetic protection to greatly reduce incoming damage. Kinetic damage seems to be the most effective against them.

Here's a partial bounty list of the pirates. I've done this missile multiple times and not all of ships might appear.

Pithatis Assaulter: 138,750 (fires Scourge Heavy Missiles)
Pithatis Enforcer: 135,000
Pithatis Executor: 131,250
Pithum Eraser: 76,875
Pithum Inferno: 74,063 (fires Scourge Heavy Missiles)
Pithum Mortifier: 68,438 (fires Bloodclaw Light Missiles)
Pithum Nullifier: 62,813
Pithum Annihilator: 57,188
Pithum Murderer: 51,563
Pithum Killer: 45,938
Dire Pithi Demolisher: 28,125
Dire Pithi Destructor: 27,000
Dire Pithi Imputor: 19,125
Dire Pithi Arrogator: 18,000
Pithi Saboteur: 18,000
Pithior Renegade: 13,500
Pithior Guerilla: 13,500
Pithior Anarchist:: 11,813
Dire Pithi Nihilist: 11,250
Pithi Wrecker: 7,875
Pithi Plunderer: 7,500
Pithi Despoiler: 6,000
Comment by KreTark
2009-09-12 04:34:50
2 pockets for me.. appears to be random indeed
Comment by TyTilla
2010-01-22 18:30:55
Only the 2 pockets, and although a reasonable amount of loot from the war installation, nothing names from it.
Comment by ThunderClap
2010-04-19 21:35:02
completed mission several times (20+) and never had the third pocket
Comment by AnaanHolmfriour
2010-05-29 23:02:41
Had 3 pockets in mine

War did not drop anything named
Comment by DeMichaelCrimson
2010-07-27 13:39:34
Only had 2 pockets in mission and War Installation dropped standard loot, :(
Comment by BeastlyRage
2010-11-25 16:42:33
Am so mad. half an hour destroying station and it didn't drop anything worth more than 20k isk
Comment by DoctorNho
2011-01-29 21:58:43
I got 6 non-named meta 0 drops from the war installation.
The accel get in pocket 1 always dropped me at least 35km from the gate in pocket 2, making the veld roids too much trouble
Comment by AlphonseDimiri
2011-06-22 00:59:05
Did this yesterday and got rooms 1 & 2 as described. Today (after Incarna) got this:

Pocket 1:
Group 1 - 4 Pithi Wreckers
1 Pithi Plunderer
2 Dire Pithi Imputor

Pocket 2:
Group 1 - 3 Pithum Mortifier
Group 2 - 1 Pithum Mortifier
1 Pithum Inferno
1 Pithatis Assaulter
Group 3 - 2 Pithum Eraser
1 Pithi Demolisher
1 Pithum Abolisher
1 Pithi Destructor
2 Pithior Renegade
1 Pithior Guerilla

Not sure about groups. First strike on a Mortifier aggroed entire pocket.

War Installation was in Pocket 2, dropped 2x 100 missiles, small armor rep, small nos & small energy neut, 1 150mm railgun 1. Not worth the effort.

Pocket 3:
Group 1 - 8 Frigates - Auto aggro
Group 2 - 7 Cruisers
Group 3 - 7 Cruisers
Each group aggroed independently
Comment by SeieiHana
2012-01-31 14:46:12
In Pocket 3, Group 2 aggroed with Group 3, but was not necessary for completion.
Comment by TaraStargazer
2012-08-26 02:22:32
Tried this mission today to get standings up for an alt and got Webbed / Scrammed by the gate guards.
Comment by WokkyNz
2013-09-17 06:01:00
Veldspar field seems to be circa 8000m3 per asteroid, total field estimate 280K m3 or 2.8mil units of veldspar
Comment by MohamXiang
2014-05-12 01:42:31
No jamming. Not too bad in a Harbinger with T2 tank, but had to warp out once. 1.4M salvage, 1.8M loot.
Comment by SetYeva
2014-09-08 15:55:40
**Guristas Brass Tag** dropped in second pocket. Worth around 11 Mil ISK. 2 pockets only, very much as reported above.
Comment by AribethThiesant
2015-02-08 19:02:54
This was ok in a T1.5 Myri with T1 drones. Loot very poor <300K
Comment by DarkTechnician
2015-02-26 18:41:04
Cruisers and Battlecruisers hold at 35km when aggroed at you.
Comment by hal9k
2018-10-01 14:01:06
alpha clone in gnosis got 3 pockets

loot 1m ish
salvage 9.1m (salvage ship fitted with 3 small salvage tackle rigs)
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