Pirate Invasion, Level 4

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Faction: Angel Cartel
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace with gates (MWD works)
Damage dealt: Explosive/ Kinetic, Thermal (Gist Saint)
Web/ Scramble: Elite Frigates (low occurrence)
Extras: NA
Recommended damage dealing: Explosive/ Kinetic
Recommended ships: Machariel, Vargur, Tengu, Sleipnir, Raven, Dominix
Difficulty: Moderate.
Video: Dominix, Vargur, Rattlesnake

No Hostiles at initial gate.

Single Pocket

You warp in to an empty pocket but soon find yourself surrounded by a swarm of Hostiles.
Group spawn is slightly delayed and distances vary. The spawn order is group 4, 2, 1 and then 3 and 5.
Group 1 will auto aggro after some time.
Proximity aggro is a major factor in this mission. Please be aware that you can aggro a neutral group by just moving too close to it.
The proximity distance for Group 4 is about 80km. It is recommended that you do not move your ship.
All other groups remain neutral until attacked or approached.

Group 1 (25- 39km, Ripped Superstructure)

2x Elite Frigate (Arch Gistii Rogue/ Hijacker) Web/ Scramble
2x Battlecruiser (Gistatis Tribuni)
3x Battleship (Gist Warlord/ Saint/ Nephilim) Target Painter

Group 2 (44- 60km, Spaceshuttle Wreck)

3x Destroyer (Gistior Haunter/ Defiler)
4x Battleship (Gist Commander/ General)

Group 3 (60- 70km, Amarr Trade Station Ruins, Left)

2x Elite Frigate (Arch Gistii Hijacker) Web/ Scramble
2x Elite Cruiser (Arch Gistum Liquidator/ Marauder)

Group 4 (75- 90km, Amarr Trade Station Ruins, Right)

0- 2x Battlecruiser (Gistatis Praefectus/ Tribunus)
4x Battleship (Gist Commander/ General/ War General/ Warlord)

Group 5 (91- 93km, Carrier Wreck)

6x Battleship (Gist Commander/ General/ War General)

Group Locations

Warp in, kill (or ignore) Group 1.
Eliminate all ships from Group 5 and warp out.

Attacking group 1 does not aggro any other groups.
Attacking group 2 will aggro group 3 (and vice-versa).
Attacking group 4 will aggro group 5 (and vice-versa).
To throw off aggro from group 5, wait until an enemy ship from group 5 has locked your ship. Warp out, then warp back in.
If you have to move be careful not to approach the neutral groups, move up or down as you are surrounded from the sides.
Recommended order of elimination : Group 1, 5 (if you do not warp out to throw-off aggro), 4, 2 and 3.
Except Gist Saint and the Battlecruiser, the Battleships are all coming in range of 5- 8 km. Great for salvaging afterwards.

Optional Approach
Sniped all Hostiles from the Beacon in order of proximity, from nearest to farthest. Easily done in a T2 fit Dominix with T2 Bouncer, ~620 DPS, 112hp/s rep. Did not get scrammed. However, this approach is not always feasible.

25 Veldspar Asteroids 28 to 135km from warp in.

Loot and Bounty
Loot + Salvage: ~18.7 mil
Bounty: ~9.1 mil

Comment by JennvanaaSallen
2008-05-28 19:19:00
Possibly the most difficult mission I have ever completed. Dual repper Domi, had to warp out approximately 4 times. With the random aggro, had all of the Machs circling me. Had to warp in, kill 1 Mach, warp out, dock, repeat until I could handle the DPS.
Comment by TzeMallory
2008-07-05 19:10:40
I've just done this and didn't need to take on the final group listed above.
Started as per EVE Survival to avoid massive aggro, after the first group I hit the Generals/Commanders - no aggro from remaining group at 80K and after taking out the 2nd group got Objective achieved.
Comment by HeHulk
2008-07-12 15:59:37
Confirming you only need to kill the first two groups to complete the objective
Comment by VladimirNabokov
2008-07-17 04:33:39
This mission is not as hard as JennvanaaSallen says. I did it fine with a single repper Typhoon, which is nowhere near as good as a Dominix or Raven at mission running. I did not have to warp out. Take out the initial aggro, then aggro the rest of the groups when ready. All I did was move away from the other spawns while fighting in case the drones got aggro.
Comment by DeimosBarret
2008-08-06 05:36:24
Not nearly as hard as JennvanaaSallen says at all. I have completed it multiple times in a myrmidon. And yes, you need not kill the final group.
Comment by LiviaCatarella
2008-08-25 18:12:09
My first warp-in positioned me so that I had full aggro from all groups within the first 30 seconds without ever having moved. I warped out and tried again. This time I got aggroed only by group 1. My drones also did not get aggroed by anything else. Full aggro would support JennvanaaSallen's view, however. 17 battleships in total is quite a handfull.
Comment by StinkieHippie
2008-10-05 15:34:24
Followed the aggro guide as stated, group 4 didn't even aggro me when I attacked group 5. DPS was very low in a Raven with 1x Invul, 1x Kin, 1x exp

One thing to note is to make sure you let all the groups spawn and the ones that auto-aggro you start shooting you before you start shooting things
Comment by SilentSkills
2008-11-06 13:47:16
For gallente ship pilots.
On a mega, tanking: 1 LARt2, 2x Exp, 1xKin, 1DCU its more than enough can tank 2 groups without warping out w/ overall resists of ~80%.

On a side note, its a blaster friendly mission, most pirates will get within 15km range. Save the HACs.
Comment by BugaBuga
2009-01-01 10:19:29
Completed in a active tanked Drake running only 1 invuln.
Comment by CreatPosudol
2009-03-14 00:21:03
Easily done in a dominix: 1 LARt2, 2x Exp, 1xKin, 1xTherm
Bring Eplosive-Drones (Berserker/Valkyrie/Warrior/Bouncer) for best damage

I only got partial aggro from group 5 on warp-in (from three BS) for some reason, but they're pretty far out anyway. Takes ages for them to get in shooting range.
Comment by SharriAtal
2009-03-31 16:58:42
Use medium or light drones to tank the battleship and battleship + battlecruiser groups. They are too small and fast to be damaged and it means you can tank the rest of the mission without warping.
Comment by XoddHil
2009-05-11 15:31:45
dual-LAR abaddon and not a worry.
Comment by TzeMallory
2009-05-17 14:29:35
Well all I can say is "Passive Shield Tank Ishtar ftw". Big Time.

This is now a really easy misison limited by my drone skills ability to take them down fast enough...
Comment by JackUnderhill
2009-06-21 12:36:21
Completed Pulse Navy Apoc, single Amarr LAR+rig, no warpouts: 1xKin, 1xTherm, 2x explosive; AB, tracking computer. Two faction heatsinks made me wish for three. Highly recommend the AB. Drone aggro can be surprising, keep an eye on them. Be aware that the battleships can do a lot of damage if they get in close--and on an Amarr ship, you'll have to use close-range ammo for good dps from EM/Therm.
Comment by CizziIII
2009-07-11 04:51:39
I did this in a Buffer Tanked Raven. I would Suggest torps (If you want to wait long enough) As the BS's DO come into range. I haven't tested if it would be quicker or not though :) But it might help get the closer BS's off you when you accidently pull off alot of aggro.
Comment by Nico42666
2009-07-12 17:13:02
Did this in a passive shield Drake with all T2 Shield Hardeners. Only had to warp out once on Group 1 after taking down the frigates and cruisers. Shields never dropped below 75% after that.
Comment by DraguzulFriend
2009-07-17 01:37:11
22 Veldspar Roids - 90k-120k each.
Comment by MrT
2009-08-27 15:22:06
Pocket 1: Flew away from them in my T2 fitted Rokh. Read the guide. (normal difficulty)

Bounty: 8 mill
Mission: 1,8 mill
Loot and salvage: 12,7 mill
Total: 22,5 mill
Comment by BlazieB
2009-09-24 14:58:58
Ran this mish on 9/24/09, and MWDs now are able to be used. Did it in a dual repped domi with 4 active hardeners and didn't have any issues as long as I managed which groups were aggroed.
Comment by GreenGimp
2009-10-10 19:59:07
Done is a golem. Time: 10 minutes 42 seconds.

Comment by MrTetsuo
2009-10-30 11:31:10
Done in a Megathron. Very easy, after initial group, didn't take any damage to armor.
Salvage includes tritanium bars and circuit boards and about 500m3 of loot.
Comment by VaerahVahrokha
2009-11-22 16:37:27
Done in passive tanked Hurricane
Comment by ForteEXE
2009-12-10 04:31:51
Did this in a faction fitted, T2 AC Machariel. Very easy, manage aggro and use faction Fusion or Barrage as the situation dictates, you'll chew right through them.
Comment by ForteEXE
2009-12-24 00:32:41
After further timing and experimenting, Barrage is no longer necessary. You have enough range in a Machariel. And if your setup includes an AB you'll have no issues getting into said range.

RF Fusion is the order of the day.
Comment by AsdayXyfu
2010-01-02 03:41:07
Kept up with the damage fairly well with my large T2 shield booster.

Explosive cruise missiles, shoot what's shooting you, mind you're not scrammed, just in case, and this mish flew by. Nice bounty machine.
Comment by VaerahVahrokha
2010-03-10 18:29:33
Super easily done with arty Maelstrom with AB, x-large booster (any will do), exp + kin hardeners II + inv field II, shield boost amp, 3 gyros, 2 TE, 1 DC

1) Arrive to mission
2) Point ship up or basically towards the largest open space you see
3) Use AB
4) Once scram frigates are at 25km feel free to launch drones and kill them
5) Then launch larger drones on BCs
6) Doing so, both group 1 and 5 will mesh up nicely and be at the right range right in time to nicely kill them one by one at 40ish km away
Comment by VaerahVahrokha
2010-03-10 18:35:02
Correction / addiction to above: turn off the AB after the first 1-2 BS are dead, also I meant to type 1 tracking enhancer (TE) not 2. 2 if you skip the DC
Comment by JeroNica
2010-04-05 12:37:03
Using sleipnir, went in first with wrong resists (put on 2x em and 1x thermal) took the first group fine until other BSs started shooting at me. Went back and got recommended resists.

Halfway through, had 11BS on me at one time and tank still held fine. Battleships took an average of 20 (45sec) or so volleys to kill.

Overall very easy to do.

Click my name for my sleipnir fit.
Comment by DeathAssured
2010-08-12 20:24:54
was extremely easy in machariel my ingame name is jeremiah956 if any one needs help
Comment by Soapy5
2010-08-21 02:31:08
If you are using hybrids, I highly recommend fitting blasters loaded with iridium or iron charges. almost all the bs's orbit right at your optimal and go down very quickly. And if you are using sentries, they can take care of the few ships that stay away from you.
Comment by GergelyCzuczy
2010-11-07 02:42:10
Easily done in a passive shield tank vagabond, t2 10MN AB, 425 AC, 1x expl hardener, and 2x LSE2.
Comment by LtVanzi
2010-11-29 03:46:02
If you bring Machariel/Vargur with 3 invuls 1 explo hardener and DS LSB or XLSB, it's perfectly fine to aggro the entire pocket right after warpin and just sit there shooting things as they come <20km.
Comment by KhaliaNestune
2010-12-10 17:27:17
I think the page may be out of date; group 4 aggro'd me as soon as they spawned.
Comment by AsdayXyfu
2011-01-19 01:14:15

7 800mm ACs, X-L C5-L booster, cap booster II, omni-tank (em invuln hardeners), and a 100MN AB, with 3x Gyro IIs, 1x RF Gyro, and 3x Tracking enhancers in the lows on a machariel.

AB and SB cap use rigs are in, too.

Go in, turn on your guns, and receive, like, 11m in bounties, 20 minutes later. Didn't even need to use the cap booster.
Comment by ShadowBuns
2011-02-19 22:18:58
If your gallente i'd just pass on this one, the key here is explosive dmg, you need to tank a lot of it and do dmg with it. Takes forever and you'll probably want to warp out a few times, bring a friend or just pass.
Comment by DeathPerfect
2011-02-20 13:28:19
Did in a paladin
Comment by MithorKarez
2011-02-21 12:29:12
Regarding Gallente and Amarr: For angels you should use webs (instead of Tracking Computers), preferably faction webs so you can start reducing speed at 13+ km already. Lasers and rails work almost as well as fusion-loaded projectiles then.
Comment by CptToxic
2011-04-13 16:14:49
Completed in domi. Managed aggro with 2x LAR, 2x t2 EXP hardener, 1x t2 kin hardener, EANM II, DC II. Ships take awhile to get to you so you have all the time to take them out one by one.
Comment by HaoranNing
2011-05-21 11:19:33
Extremely easy in a tengu. Tanked the entire room, never falling below 90% shields.

Kill the scramming frigates quickly and you're safe from then on.
Comment by TriAge
2011-05-28 19:07:56
did some tank test, got full agro on my dual rep domi, and got support, from my alt with 2 large rr. Mission succes.
Comment by Tomh999
2011-06-16 15:18:17
aggro from group 1 + 5 on warp in.
Armor tanked in a navy domi, with 1x LAR, x2 exp hardener, x1 kin hardener and x1 adaptive nano.
Comment by LadyAsheyna
2011-06-19 11:57:28
Confirming this mission isn't that hard.

Had no trouble with it in my Mael, just do it in order: 1, 5, 4, 2, 3.

Fly away from the groups to avoid accidental aggro.
Comment by LauDus
2011-08-10 12:50:34
Did this one in a dual rep armor tanked cane with 425's and HAM, it was easy when i followed the aggro instructions. :)
Comment by TechReviewsAndHelp
2013-04-04 16:11:31
I hope my video helps someone
Comment by JackUnderhill
2013-06-09 21:00:57
Start by flying straight up. You won't need a tank or tracking computer. If you keep at a distance (90km for an extreme, but significantly closer as well), whether aggroed or not the battleships from 4 and 5, other than one or two at a time, won't even leave their starting location to follow you. You can lead them off and mash them until you're comfortable closing. The frigates and cruisers are easily taken care of at a distance. You won't even need to boost your shields. An AB is your friend. A Nightmare with three faction heatsinks did fine with Aurora/Microwave especially for frigates, though I usually closed soon to Multifrequency for most Battleships. Was not painfully slow even with EM/Therm damage.
Comment by EloisePasteur
2013-10-18 08:10:34
Contrary to the comments this mission is pretty easy. Fly in, kite away from the first group, take out the web/scram ships and defeat in detail at your leisure in anything that's got a decent Exp/Kin tank. Completed and salvaged in under 30 minutes with a Mach and good skills.
Comment by CaptNemo
2014-01-28 17:40:16
Ran with Vexor Navy Issue; very easy mission. Take some distance, deploy sentries, focus on the aggroing groups only, knock out potential scramblers immediately. Then defeat the rest at will.
Comment by hal9k
2018-08-30 12:08:40
alpha clone flying gnosis took out all groups in order 12345 attacking each group did not get aggro from other groups minor damage to drones.did not move for groups 1 an 2 but group 3 was out of missile range,so cautiously i moved closer and still no aggro from other groups.warped just the once
loot 1.1m
sal 3.3m
bounties 8.8m
Comment by hal9k
2018-09-06 10:14:15
same as above

loot 6.6m
sal 7.4m
bountys 9.2m
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