Pirate Radio, Level 3

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Faction: Minmatar
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace - MWD does work.
Damage dealt: EM/Therm/Exp/Kin (Heavy EM/Therm)
Recommended damage dealing: Kinetic
Recommended ship classes: HAC, Battlecruiser, Command Ship (Battleships not allowed to enter)

A well tanked battlecruiser will do fine.

Standing Loss
For killing everything except the Chief Republic Rodul (Don't need him to complete mission, takes forever to kill.)

Gellenete: -1.9314%
Minmatar: -2.42%

Single Pocket with gate to mission area

Your objective is to destroy the FTL Transmitter, along with the initial spawn.

Group 1 (10km-25km)

5/6 x Cruiser (Freedom Patriot) - do heavy damage; destroying the last of these triggers Group 3
1 x Heavy Missile Battery
1 x Industrial (Republic Courier)

Group 2 (44km-50km)

Firing on the FTL transmitter triggers Group 2 ((delayed)FTL receive hull damage)

1 x Elite Battlecruiser (Chief Republic Rodul) - Very large tank, (35seconds to kill with 480 DPS).
4/5 x Battlecruiser (Republic Tribal Norn / Venis)
4/5 x Destroyer (Republic Tribal Faxi / Austri) - Drones Aggro.

Group 3 (47km-52km)

Triggered immediately by destroying all Freedom Patriots in Group 1.
Even if you leave some or all of the Freedom Patriots alive, this group will spawn after a while.

2 x Battleship (Republic Jarl / Pytara)
3 x Cruiser (Republic Tribal Manadis)
1 x Cruiser (Republic Tribal Jarpur)

None drop loot.
Structures include Starbase Control Tower, Minmatar Bunkers, Reactor Array, Mobile Factory, Hangar and Shipyard.

Loot: ~20,000,000 value mostly tags
Salvage: ~1,400,000
Bounties: 0
14/12/2016 Salvage+Loot+DogTags = 24,000,000
Mineable Asteroid Info
Appears to be a few large Scordite 'roids in this area.

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2008-12-25 14:53:47
Bit disappointed not to see my name credited for creating this page ... oh well, guess chivalry, honour and integrity are dead...
Comment by ChepeNolon
2008-12-26 15:35:25
That is corrected now. Set the owner to TitaniumPig. Forgot that after a series of renames. Learn to make correct page names in the first place, and this won't happen again. Plus the last edit should not be entered manually, it's a code snippet. All is found in the user documentation.

HTH and Good Luck!
Comment by MyhreDyre
2009-01-31 00:56:34
Mission not over till all ships destroyed, was hoping to blitz mission by destroying FTL and Courier.
Comment by DirkF
2009-03-05 04:54:13
This acceleration gate is not configured to handle your Raven Navy Issue.
It handles:
· Combat Recon Ship
· Jump Freighter
· Heavy Interdictor
· Electronic Attack Ship
· Stealth Bomber
· Force Recon Ship
· Logistics
· Interceptor
· Covert Ops
· Interdictor
· Command Ship
· Destroyer
· Battlecruiser
· Transport Ship
· Heavy Assault Ship
· Assault Ship
· Rookie ship
· Shuttle
· Industrial
· Cruiser
· Frigate
Comment by LioNess
2009-04-03 03:52:57
BE PREPARED - went in with caracal, 2 x invulner II's 1 x Shield Amp 1 X Med Shield Booster II, lasted 30 secs and my shield skills all at 5 ... also when i went to POD, was autopiloting out, POD shields were nearly zero (so much for NPC'S NOT PODDING).
Comment by WolfBiss
2009-06-03 18:11:00
Does this mission lowers your Minmatarr-faction standing?
Comment by CelilmandirDoe
2009-06-16 01:04:28
This mission is ridiculously hard and tedious with the limited accel gate. I did it with a Drake with 60%+ resists in all 4 damtypes. The first few times i warped in (and the gate prevents you from doing some strategic location warp-in) i barely fired my first missile volley that my shield was already down to 60%. I managed to get rid of the first group, fired at the FTL until it was about 50% structure, then the group with the elite cruiser appeared, got rid of 'em all except the elite, then the 3rd group with the 2 BS appeared. I was barely able to dent the elite cruiser's shield, so i warped out, warped back in, fired at the FTL for its remained of structure hp and when it exploded, i got the mission complete, the courrier wasn't even destroyed.

So yeah it can be done if you're patient and meticulous. VERY meticulous.
Comment by WychNor
2009-08-27 14:25:54
I did it in a Drake passively fitted out to Jonas Vinthyn spec on Battleclinic.
Had no problems with Group 1, 50% shield.
Group 3 did not trigger until the Group 2 Rodul was almost destroyed also more than 3 ships - 6 or 7 I think. Rodul difficult to kill, needed drones (5 x Hobgoblin II).

I don't know if I was lucky, but I had no problems with this mission.
Comment by DrCrimzon
2009-12-06 22:27:21
Kinetic did 34% more damage than thermal for me.
Flying drake with BC at 4
Using T2 launchers
Comment by GoinOff
2010-03-23 11:45:16
First part was difficult warped out three times when shields got down to 10%. Warped back in 3 times in a Drake with all L1 fit 1 invulnerability field 1, 1 magnetic scattering amplifier, & 1 heat dissipation amplifier 1. Final two "Republic Jarl" bugged out on me when I started doing damage and got out of my range of 60km while they could do me at 100km. So I warped out and warped back to them within 30 KM and 40 missiles later added those two to the kill list. Mission cost me 8 hobgoblins and about 2000 widow makers.
Comment by RaenosDekama
2010-04-13 01:39:48
Did this with a Ferox loaded with 4x200mm Compressed Rails (switched between Antimatter, Plutonium and Tungsten charges depending on range), 3x Arbalest assault launchers (Flameburst), 3x Hobgoblin I's, 2x Braced Multispec Shield Matrix, 3x Large Shield Extenders, 1 Medium Core Defense Extender, 2x Medium Core Defense Purger, 2x Local Powerplant Manager, 2x Magnetic Stab I. 59 Shield hp/s passive, 47.2 EM, 57.7 Therm, 68.3 Kin, 73.6 Exp resistances. 15k Shield HP total. 155ish DPS on average.

MAKE SURE you have your hardeners active, first time I jumped in, I forgot, first 3 seconds I lost half my shields.

The first group was the only part I had any trouble with, I had to pop one Patriot, jump out and back, pop another Patriot jump out and back in. Popped 3 more Patriots and left the last one alive

Attacked the FTL Trans, finished it off by the time group 2 spawned. Group 2 really didnt do much, the leftover Patriot did most the damage, I got down to about 1/3 shields by the time I finished them off, jumped out when group 3 spawned.

Group 3 wasnt too bad,one of the Chief Republic Manadis had crazy res, so I waited till I killed everything else before I went after it. Aimed for the normal cruisers first, by then I was back down to about 1/3 shields and decided to jump out and back in. After that the 2 Battleships and elite cruiser pretty much kept my shields at 50%, once I finished one of the Battleships off, shields started climbing back up. Finished the second Battleship off then went after the elite cruiser, which took me like 5 mins to kill -_-

Whole mission took about 1 hour 10 mins, including switching to my Salvage Cormorant loot/salvage.
1.1m ISK from Mission
1.1m ISK from Salvage
1.6m ISK from Loot
Comment by CathyDrall
2010-04-22 15:06:05
After all the above comments I was really cautious but it was quite easy, didn't even have to warp out. Perhaps CCP did make the mission easier?

2.2 mil SP character, passively tanked Drake with t1 launchers and t2 resists and shield rigs. I tried to keep range as much as possible, only the 1st group almost got my shields down. I destroyed the resist cruiser last and could destroy the telescope just before the next wave could reach me. Kinetic did FAR more damage than Explosive (usually recommended for Minmatar).
The battleships have very short range weapons so you can destroy them before they can reach you.
Comment by OtanaSpace
2010-05-13 04:08:50
Finished in 3 minutes and 40 seconds in mostly T2 fitted Tengu (regular T1 ammo and launchers, moderate skills).

Recommended damage to deal: Kinetic.

Heavy DPS on warp in (not deadly, but somewhat unusual for L3 mission). Drops close to none as soon as ship starts moving.

Mission marked complete as soon as initial group (cruisers + industrial) and FTL Transmitter are destroyed.

THERE IS NO NEED TO KILL ANY OTHER SPAWN. Though for a few details, read further.

I took the mission twice in a row from different agents to check standing loss with and without killing the remaining Republic spawns (takes another 10 minutes to kill them all, not a big issue). Results follow - first standing change with killing all remaining spawns, second blitz only:

Caldari: 6.16 | 6.39 | 6.60
Amarr: 2.11 | 2.35 | 2.58
Minmatar: 0.47 | 0.10 | -0.26
Gallente: -2.45 | -2.68 | -2.90

Basically, there is almost no difference if you choose to blow up all remaining Republic ships for salvage/loot/tags, the pretty significant standing hit will be about the same. So while the mission can be easily blitzed with moderately fast and properly tanked cruiser, you will leave behind few millions in tags/salvage and lose standings anyway.
Comment by SeamusDonohue
2011-09-26 20:29:04
FACTION BALANCING: The numbers provided by OtanaSpace are consistent with a 6% relative gain with the Caldari State (for mission completion), a 3% relative loss with the Gallente Federation (for Derived Modification), and a 1.2% relative loss and an extra 2.4% relative loss with the Minmatar Republic for Derived Modification and Combat - Ship Kill, respectively. Derived Modification alone can't explain the Minmatar standing drops OtanaSpace observed.

I would therefore suspect that you get a -2.4% loss with the Minmatar Republic for Combat - Ship Kill.
Comment by TheAssimilator
2011-11-17 13:32:15
Did this in a passive tanked Nighthawk with >= 80% shield resists to all damage types; even so, my shields dropped alarmingly quickly after initial warp-in. After eliminating all but 1 of the Freedom Patriots, my shields started to recover, and I triggered and finished off both of the other groups without having to warp out. Took about 600 Scourge Heavy Missiles with some help from 5x Hobgoblin II.

Don't worry about anything except the Freedom Patriots, they are the main damage dealers. If you can destroy them and your tank is still holding, you'll be able to take out the other groups with ease.
Comment by HezzarK
2011-12-19 18:39:46
Quite easy in drake... mby u didnt notice, but Freedom Patriot are very easy to take down (used kin heavy missiles), even light scout drones (used 5x hornet t2) eat trough them with ease. Just go without any ballistic controls, no target painters, go only into shield tank. Done with drake all t1, small shield tank/missile skills Shields never went below 60% and it took me 3-4 volleys per freedom patriot
Fit used
med: 2x Invu hardeners / 1 EM / 1 Therm / 2 large best named shield extenders
Low: 2x Shield power relay / 1 Shield recharger / 1 power diagnostic
rigs : 2 purgers 1 rigor

Only Chief Republic Rodul was a tough nut to crack, with only kin damage (dunno how with other types) took about 15 volleys shot and drones on him.

3rd spawn does NOT spawn after killing last freedom patriot, it spawns over time, so if u warp out/in its sure that 3rd spawn sooner or later will wait for you.

Killing group 1 and 2 + destroying FTL completed mission, even tho spawn 3 appeared before i took down FTL
Those 2 BS shoot only projectile turrets and one of them Bane torpedos (exp)

in this fit mission took about 15 minutes.
Hope that helps, have fun
Comment by HezzarK
2011-12-19 19:03:30
Around 12 mil Isk only from insignia, salvage about 1,5 mil, rest of loot nothing special, couple named meta 4, about 2 mil in modules
Comment by HaifischZahne
2012-02-03 13:47:47
I received this mission as an L3 Caldari Storyline, and I only saw the first group. I can't say if this was because it was a Storyline or if I managed to blitz. However, from the comments, it doesn't sound possible to blitz. I received no valuable loot/tags.

For what it is worth, the first group was easy in a faction-fitted Gila with Garde II drones (perfect drone skills for Garde).
Comment by KraXal
2012-05-15 20:49:24
Got this as a Caldari Storyline also.
Solo'ed in a Wolf (4*200mm AC 2's (Barage), 1Mn Afterburner 2, DCU 2, Adaptive Nano Plating 2,Small Armor Rep 2 , Gyro 2, Tracking Enhancer 2).Had to dock twice for repairs (total cost was less than 250k ISK) but more than made up for it with dog tags and salvaged weaps (about 10 - 12mill total).
Only took about 30 mins .
Comment by KhurI
2013-08-18 14:34:55
Easily finished in passive and speed tanked Worm. However with only 112 dps, it was slow work. Espicially the rodul. I felt over tanked though, so if I get this again, I'll drop some lows for drone damage and maybe some bcs's.
Comment by BukkaBazooka
2013-08-29 11:17:41
I only killed the initial wave of 6 Patriots, 1 Industrial and the FTL Mission Tower only (did not shoot the Minmatar Combat tower) then warped out at mission completion and my standings gain/drop were as follows:
Caldari +6.6%
Amarr +1.9472%
Gallente -2.3541%
Minmatar -2.4%
Comment by WokkyNz
2013-10-26 09:04:18
did this in a passive tanked Drake Navy Issue, shields only got down to 60% so fairly easy, group three appeared after killing group two.

Total loot = 21.5 Million
Comment by Who1Eva
2014-12-15 02:03:01
While this was a pretty easy mission in my Hurricane, the standings losses were worse for me than what others reported:
Caldari: +6.875%
Amarr: +2.9535%
Gallente: -5.0383% (!!!)
Minmatar: -1.7302% and -2.4% ship kill (!!!)

I was counting on the standings gain being higher overall than the losses but the losses (-9.1685%) were almost equal to the gains (+9.8285%). So don't take this one on unless you want to see-saw your faction standings in this fashion...
Comment by AmnesiaC
2016-05-19 05:54:31
Did this in a Ferox, only took about 20 minutes, not hard at all after using a microwarp to get away from the warp in point. Didn't kill the elite cruiser guy.

High: Prototype 250mm guns w/ antimatter M
Mid: x2 inv field, microwarp, x2 Large shield ex, tracking computer with opt range script
Low: x2 Tech II magnetic field stabalizer, damage control, power diagnostics
Rigs: Shield rigs

15336 shield hp, 35 hp/s passive, never got below 1/3 and after killing the freedom guys, never got below 75% as my shields recharged between the spawn.
Comment by CaraAnchoa
2016-12-13 22:17:18
Armor EM Hardener II, Armor Thermal Hardener II, Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II, Damage Control II , 2x Medium Armor Repairer II (you said it was hard tanking so, just in case) - Total Resistances= EM 85%, THE 81%, KIN 58%, EXP 42%.
Easy tankeable with just 1 repairer if you avoid close distances (in case you don't want to kill them).
15min killing everything with 480 total DPS. (4blasters + 4 heavy kinetic drones)
Caldari State: From 3.53 to 3.94
Amarr Empire: From 1.81 to 2.07
Rapid Assembly (Agent Corp.): From 4.68 to 6.02

Standing Loss not checked.
Comment by DumbGit
2018-01-23 00:48:29
23 Jan 2018
Just did the mission. Delayed to get a toon in a (hard) Drake as I was expecting battleships and elite cruisers.

All I got was the initial spawn. Killed the Industrial and missile battery first then popped 5 of the 6 cruisers.
Decided to pop the last cruiser to see if Spawn 3 would show up or Spawn 2.

Neither appeared so after a short delay I popped the FTL Transmitter then looted the wrecks. No other spawns appeared at all.
Comment by DumbGit
2018-01-30 22:49:38
31 Jan 2018
Just got the mission again. Went in with an omni-tanked, cap stable Navy Drake.
Popped the Industrial and Missile Battery first then the cruisers.

Started shooting the FTL Transmitter and this time, when it got to hull a spawn appeared (50+ kms away).
Ignored the spawn, killed the FTL and the mission flagged complete so I warped out.
Maybe if you can kill the FTL fast enough the spawn(s) won't appear ? Last time I did it I was able to kill the FTL and loot all the wrecks without a spawn appearing. This time one appeared as soon as the FTL got into hull.
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