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======Pirate Radio, Level 3======

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Faction: Minmatar
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace - MWD does work.
Damage dealt: EM/Therm/Exp/Kin (Heavy EM/Therm)
Recommended damage dealing: Kinetic
Recommended ship classes: HAC, Battlecruiser, Command Ship (Battleships not allowed to enter)

A well tanked battlecruiser will do fine.

==**Standing Loss**==
For killing everything except the Chief Republic Rodul (Don't need him to complete mission, takes forever to kill.)

Gellenete: -1.9314%
Minmatar: -2.42%

====Single Pocket with gate to mission area====
Your objective is to destroy the FTL Transmitter, along with the initial spawn.

===Group 1 (10km-25km)===
5/6 x Cruiser (Freedom Patriot) - do heavy damage; destroying the last of these triggers Group 3
1 x Heavy Missile Battery
1 x Industrial (Republic Courier)

===Group 2 (44km-50km)===
Firing on the FTL transmitter triggers Group 2 ((delayed)FTL receive hull damage)

1 x Elite Battlecruiser (Chief Republic Rodul) - Very large tank, (35seconds to kill with 480 DPS).
4/5 x Battlecruiser (Republic Tribal Norn / Venis)
4/5 x Destroyer (Republic Tribal Faxi / Austri) - Drones Aggro.

===Group 3 (47km-52km)===
Triggered immediately by destroying all Freedom Patriots in Group 1.
Even if you leave some or all of the Freedom Patriots alive, this group will spawn after a while.

2 x Battleship (Republic Jarl / Pytara)
3 x Cruiser (Republic Tribal Manadis)
1 x Cruiser (Republic Tribal Jarpur)

None drop loot.
Structures include Starbase Control Tower, Minmatar Bunkers, Reactor Array, Mobile Factory, Hangar and Shipyard.

Loot: ~20,000,000 value mostly tags
Salvage: ~1,400,000
Bounties: 0
14/12/2016 Salvage+Loot+DogTags = 24,000,000
==Mineable Asteroid Info==
Appears to be a few large Scordite 'roids in this area.

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