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======Pirate Slaughter, Level 4======

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Faction: Guristas
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace with gates
Extras: Jamming by "Communication officer" and elite frigs
Damage dealt: Kinetic, Thermic
Web/scramble: Elite frigs may web/scramble
Recomended damage dealing: kinetic(thermic)
Recomended ships: Myrmidon

====Pocket 1====

===Group 1 (Aggro)===
Distance: 30km
3x BS
4x Destroyer
1x BS: Communications Officer

===Group 2 (Triggered when Communication Officer is shot at)===
Distance: 30km
Seems to prefer to aggro teammates and drones.
3x BS
2x elite frigs
1x Communication Officer

===Group 3 (Same as above)===
Distance: 30km
Same as above.
2x BS
1x BS Communication officer
4x BC
2x elite frig

====Pocket 2====

===Group 1 (Aggro)===
Distance: 35km
3x BS
2x BC

===Group 2 (Spawns when killing the bs that was closest when it spawned/you warped in)===
4x BS

===Group 3 (Same as above)===
3x BS
2x HAC

====Pocket 3====
No aggro at warp in.

===Group 1===
Distance: 45km
1x BS
4x Destroyer
2x HAC (jamming)

===Group 2 (Trigger is the bs)===
Distance: 50km
Does not aggro.
4x elite frigs (jamming!!/web/scramble)
2x HAC (didn't jam)
1x BS

===Group 3 (Same as above)===
Distance: 55km
Same as above.
4x elite frigs (web/scramble)
2x HAC
1x BS

Mission is complete upon the destruction of the last BS. The BS might jam.

Pressure Silos may drop T1 ammo.
No other loot from structures.

==Loot and Bounty==
Loot + Salvage: [[ | ~8.04 to ~9.28 mil]]
Bounty: 17,123,064 mil

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