Pot and Kettle, Level 4

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Part 1 of 5

Faction: Amarr
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: EM/Thermal
Extras: Tracking Disruption (Frigates)
Web/scramble: Frigates
Recommended damage dealing: EM/Thermal
Recommended ships: Paladin, Sleipnir, Golem, CNR, Raven, Domi
Video: Cerberus Part 1, Cerberus Part 2 Kronos - Minimal Amarr Standing Loss

Single Pocket

Warp in at about 50km from the nearest group.
1x Prophecy Battlecruiser
10x HACs (may be battlecruisers when entering as BC?)
1x Cruise Missile Battery
2x Heavy Missile Batteries

When you fire on the Prophecy pretty much everything aggros except the Prophecy may not aggro.

There are two timed spawn (only a few minutes after you warp in and quickly after each other) of each
4-5x Elite Frigates (Tracking Disruption)

Destroying the Prophecy causes a spawn of:
4x Cruisers

Final spawn, caused by destroying the previous spawn:
5x Cruisers

Kill the Prophecy, warp out.

Tags (all spawns):
Imperial Navy Major I x 11
Imperial Navy Colonel I x 34
Imperial Navy Sergeant III x 7

Standing loss (all spawns):
0.018% with Amarr Empire (per standing tick - can be done in 15 minutes easily with a Paladin for example - did not destroy the towers)

Part 2 of 5 ("Mine Sweeper")

Faction: Drones
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace with Gate
Damage dealt: All types
Recommended damage dealing: EM/therm
Recommended ships: Paladin, Golem, CNR, Raven, Domi

There are 6 mines at warp-in 22km - 70km away.
After one mine explodes 4 new mines spawn. After shooting 4 more mines there's another spawn of 4 mines + the "Amarrian drone mine 1".
After blowing up "Amarrian drone mine 1" the mission is over.

Upon firing on the Mines, 4 Amarr Smart Drones (really Rogue Drone Cruisers and Battlecruisers) will appear around the mine, and your ship (and any in your fleet on the grid) will take 600-1000 damage. Destroy the drones after each mine to avoid being swamped.


Loot: No loot, ~1.4 m3 (3-4M isk worth) of salvage.

Standing loss (all spawns):
2.4% with Amarr Empire (per standing tick) for destroying the mines (show as "Amarr Lookout")

Part 3 of 5

Courier Mission possible cargo:
(1 Large EMP Smartbomb I, Volume 50m³)
(10 Quafe Ultra, Volume 1m³)

Part 4 of 5

Note: If you decline this, you'll get an alternative 5 of 5.

Faction: Amarr
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: EM/therm
Web/scramble: Recon Ships
Recommended damage dealing: therm, EM for Amarr Recon Ships
Recommended ships: Paladin, Sleipnir, Golem, CNR, Raven, Domi, Drake

Group 1

These ships are present upon warp-in. They do not cause spawns.

2x Tower Sentry Amarr I
4x Amarr Sentry Gun
2x Imperial Templar Forian (frigate)
2x Imperial Templar Champion (cruiser)
1x Imperial Templar Justicar (cruiser)
1x Imperial Ultara (battleship)

Spawn 1

5x Outpost Defender (fighter drone - frigate-sized) heavy DPS (spawn one at a time)

Spawn 2-5
These ships are on a timed spawn.

1x Amarr Recon Ship (cruiser)
2x Amarr Recon Ship (frigate) web/scram

Mission is complete when all Amarr Recon Ships are destroyed.


Tags :
Imperial Navy Colonel I x 19
Imperial Navy General I x 1
Imperial Navy Major I x 1
Imperial Navy Midshipman III x 4
Imperial Navy Sergeant II x 8

Standing loss :
2.4% with Amarr Empire "for destroying Amarr Empire's Outpost Defender" !

Part 5 of 5

Faction: Amarr
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: EM/therm
Web/scramble: Divine Imperials
Recommended damage dealing: therm/EM
Recommended ships: Paladin, Sleipnir, Golem, CNR, Raven, Domi

Pocket 1

You warp in the first pocket using an accelleration gate, no aggro on warp in. There are 3 groups, with increasingly larger size ships, all faction (so no bounty). The 2 groups closest to you (40km and 80km) can be pulled or sniped. If you need to get closer to the 3rd group to pull them (120km) they will aggro you when you are 80 to 90km away. The gate at about 45 km distance is locked, so you need to remove all ships anyway. The optimal range of the battleships is around 40 km usually.

Spawns (might be slightly random):

Group 1 (40km)

4x Divine Imperial Felix (Web/Scramble)
2x Imperial Tanakh
2x Divine Imperial Nabih (Web/Scramble)
2x Imperial Avenger
1x Imperial Justicar
1x Imperial Dominator (BS)

Group 2 (80km)

3x Imperial Origen (BS)
2x Divine Imperial Nabih
1x Divine Imperial Felix
1x Divine Imperial Champion
1x Imperial Templar Dominator

Group 3 (120km)

3x Imperial Tanakh (BS)
1x Imperial Templar Seer
1x Imperial Origen (BS)
1x Imperial Dominator (BS)
1x Imperial Bataivah (BS)

Tags (Room 1) :
Imperial Navy Colonel I x 11
Imperial Navy General I x 12
Imperial Navy General II x 1
Imperial Navy Major I x 3
Imperial Navy Sergeant II x 9

Pocket 2

First group will aggro on warp in (or a few seconds later), 2nd group seems to aggro after group 1 goes.

Group 1 (25km)

5x Frigates (Divine Imperial Felix) (Web/Scramble)

Group 2 (60km)

3x Cruisers (Imperial Equalizer)
6x Battleships (Imperial Bataivah/Imperial Dominator/Imperial Origen)

Group 3 (70km)

4x Frigates (Imperial Caius/Imperial Crusader/Divine Imperial Napat) Tracking Disruption
2x Cruisers (Divine Imperial Justicar)
4x Battleships (Imperial Ultara)

You could pull them together with the other groups if you feel confident, otherwise don't get too close and they will not target you or your drones.

Tags (Room 1 + Room 2) :
Imperial Navy Colonel I x 23
Imperial Navy General I x 21
Imperial Navy General II x 1
Imperial Navy Major I x 5
Imperial Navy Sergeant I x 3
Imperial Navy Sergeant II x 14
Imperial Navy Sergeant III x 1

Alternate 5 of 5

Courier Mission (100,000 units of Mexallon; 1000 m³ volume)

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Comment by ChepeNolon
2008-05-26 16:45:30
From Aaron Hallstov:

Also possibly worthy of note is that I completed part 4 in a passively-tanked drake (4x LSE II, passive T2 EM and T2 Therm amps) and it almost cost me my ship - it was quite hard in that I could not tank the damage, nor kill the little "defender" drones fast enough. Nor, for that matter, can the pilot drop a bookmark and warp back in at a different range.

Also in L4, those defender drones can do roughly 600 unresisted damage per shot, and being so damaging, which might also merit an additional note in the mission brief.
Comment by ChepeNolon
2008-05-26 20:00:09
From Hikash:

Three Imperial Tamir spawned in about an estimated 10-20 minutes after the last Recon Ship fell. Didn't check to see if that was noted already, but this was the first I saw it ever do that.
Comment by GrustaR
2008-07-28 19:14:04
The Imperal Templar Seer in 5/5 appears to NOS. I had never noticed that in this mission before, so I'm not sure if it is random or not.
Comment by Ev3rM0r3
2008-08-02 06:46:22
Part 1 is simplified if you just target the battlecruiser lounging around the floating colony and mission done.

Part 2 sit where you warp in at, depends if you have rails or artillery just shoot a single shot at each bomb and the drones do not aggro. On the last bomb after I hit it I ended up having to blow it up for the last bomb to spawn. Target it and blow it up and with only four total drones chasing you just warp out mission done.

Part 3 - YAWN

Part 4 - Straight up EM on these guys, the cruisers regen armor well so they die slow and there is a lone bs which dies fast. Just kill all the ships and towards the end 3 more spawn. Mission is done after that.
Comment by KaelStarfly
2008-09-23 00:38:47
Part 1: If you plan on killing everything then be prepared to tank some major DPS. I figured it would be easy to clear the grid, but everything is using autocannons so they can tear you up pretty quickly.

In part 1 stuff also likes to agro your drones and other ships in your fleet, so be prepared for that.
Comment by GeneralLilost
2008-10-02 10:55:09
At least one of the ships in part 1/5 is using a NOS or a Neut. My perma-tank suddenly became a non-permatank on this mission. So be very careful with your active tank. I didn't see the NOS or Neut in the overview column but I'm not sure if it is supposed to show up there or not.

I have only gotten this mission set once so far, so I haven't been able to figure out which ship did it.
Comment by ChokoDango
2008-10-26 14:49:34
part 1/5 has a way to make the DPS being seperated :)

First, do try to agro + activate every spawns (except the prophet kill spawn)
warp out, and warp back in, then only the Additional spawns will agro on you... but DON't launch the drones... just use your heavies/cruises/ guns to shoot them... and they will not agro the other 10X bC's + prophet...

after killing the elite frigs, others would be quite ... straight foward :)
Comment by ShukakuGaara
2009-01-04 04:03:50
4/5 is a nice way to test your tank. a dominix with Dual LAR II, 2 aux nano pumps, x2 thermic x2 em hardeners can tank the mission perfectly, you shouldn't have problems on dominix except for your drones, sometimes the recon ships can target them, but if you kill al sentries and scoop drones on each wave you wont have problems, sometimes i didn't even need to because the recon ships are mostly to target your ship. waves of recon were 5 or 6 for me, i don't clearly remember
Comment by ForteEXE
2009-02-17 00:44:39
Update: First time in months I've seen the 3x regular cruiser wave spawn again as noted by my previous report in comments, as listed by Chepe.

Conditions this time were all Recon Ships dead + I was blowing up the sentry guns. Sadly I can't remember the exact conditions from the previous report.
Comment by ForteEXE
2009-02-19 01:46:57
Addendum to previous comment: Had the luck to get this series -twice- since last comment. On the second attempt to trigger the cruiser spawns, I had all spawns dead and was blowing up the guns. They did not spawn.

Third attempt, all spawns dead, blew up guns. They spawned. It may be random.
Comment by PassageWay
2009-03-15 10:58:18
Did part 2 in a mega with 6 x 425mm and uranium. Mines died in one shot, no drones spawned. No wrecks, so it wasn't splash damage. Completed in about 5 mins
Comment by ForteEXE
2009-03-17 09:30:05
Yeah, I didn't get a drone spawn either when I did it about 20 minutes ago. I believe the last time I did was before Apocrypha was released, so maybe a silent mission change or bug.
Comment by SharriAtal
2009-04-07 10:08:05
Part 2: A salvo from 4 1200mm Artillery Cannon IIs loaded with EMP destroys a mine. I took no damage from it exploding and no drones spawned. It could be a bug, or it could be that doing enough damage to kill one out right prevents the drones from spawning.

Mission took less than five minutes.
Comment by OovarvU
2009-04-23 05:38:58
Did all these in a shield tanked drake. Shield never under 70% at any time. 2xLSE 11, 1xIF 11, 1xMSA11, 1xSR11 and 3xCDFP1 rigs. and an SPR11 in a low slot.
Comment by KaeloLePetit
2009-04-27 05:07:57
Part II: I can testify to what passageway and sharriatal have said. Did it in a Hyperion with triple MFS II and 8x 425mm compressed coils with fed navy antimatter. all but two mines died in one hit and no drones spawned. the two that didn't die in one hit (too far out of optimal) spawned 4 drones each.
Comment by AremonMoonserpent
2009-05-02 13:21:08
List of forces in part 4:
6 sentry guns
4 frigs (Imperial Templar Forian/Paladin)
3 cruisers (Imperial Templar Justicar)
1 BS (Imperial Ultara)

Add to this the waves you face:

4 defender drones (do evil damage)

4 waves of recon ships, each of 2 frigs and 1 cruiser

Drones and recon frigs orbit well within range of a large smartbomb, cruisers at some 32 km. Only web/scram I faced came from the recon frigs. Smartbomb the dung out of the drones and frigs first, after that it's a walk in the park.
Comment by AremonMoonserpent
2009-05-02 13:22:31
I should add... did the mission with a fleet tempest with tank value of some 1100 against Amarr (according to EFT). Never needed my 2nd repper, tank of 500 is probably perfectly sufficient.
Comment by DonnaBlitzenn
2009-05-09 11:22:23
Part 3 note - DO NOT repackage the smartbomb, or bring the wrong one! Even if you unpack it again by fitting and unfitting it, the agent will no longer accept it as the correct 'specific item' you are to deliver. I had to get a GM to restart the mission and then deliver it all over again.
Comment by AremonMoonserpent
2009-05-15 16:20:17
Confirming what GrustaR said: Part 5, pocket 1, the lone cruiser in group 3 has a NOS. Not a terribly strong one though - it would have needed several minutes to suck my 6600 cap dry.
Comment by FalconStorm
2009-05-25 19:53:03
In 4/5 you can warp in and out after bookmarking the entry spot. There will be 4 to 5 spawns of 1 cruicer with 2 frigates each. Concentrate your fire on the BS 1st. if frigates come close use the 2 large EM smartbombs (make shure you use the smartbombs away from your squad members or anything that can alert Concord. Once the frigates are destroyed turn of your smart bombs off. then use your drones and snip out cruicers with your guns and drones. If the agent sends you to low sector be aware of any pirates in area. Keep clear and align your ship to the gate if in low sector. The frigates are the only ones that will get with in 3km. The cruicers will orbit you 10km plus.
Comment by MaciejSimm
2009-05-30 16:31:47
in 2/5, if you destroy the mines in one volley, you don't get the damage shockwave nor the NPC swarm. can anyone else confirm?
Comment by MartinN
2009-06-08 16:13:41
Smartbombs are crap on this mission. You only need 5 light T2 drones that you pull in after each "defender drone" kill (they are in fact interceptors).
Comment by ClixOr
2009-06-20 12:15:24
just did part 1. total loot + salvage 15mil (some sold with -20% market value)
Comment by ShamasuDraconi
2009-08-29 10:37:54
Just did 4/5. I only got waves of single defenders. Each new one spawned after the old one was killed.
Comment by DronothGiathan
2009-10-26 14:23:11
Just did 2/5. Destroyed all mines in one shot each, still got shockwave and 4 drones per mine.

If you destroy all mines and drones, then scavenge, you'll get somewhere close to 1800 m3 of drone-compounds.
Comment by CrucO
2009-11-11 17:24:33
Did in T2 shield tanked Rokh. Never got below 40% shields, though I did have to dock one or two times to refill my cap.

in part one, the elite frigates spawned in less than 5 minutes. I was only on my second target.
Comment by ForteEXE
2009-12-09 07:34:24
Part 2 no longer has the Amarrian Drone Mine 1 tag.
Comment by WikiThaedius
2010-02-16 00:27:45
No more Drone Mine 1 in Part 2, as ForteEXE stated.

Part 2 dropped ~1,800 m3 of drone alloys, worth approximately 2.3 mil ISK if sold to highest buy orders in Dodixie as of this writing. Of course, I'll refine it myself and sell it for a bit more. =)
Comment by ImnarBlade
2010-03-07 11:05:26
Parts 1, 2 and 4 can all be completed in an untanked sniper fit BS. I used Navy Mega with Target painter, 3 x tracking enhancers, 3 x magstab could easily go 4 & 4 but I left the repper and a DC on just in case. Neither needed so far. AB is highly reccomended unless you want to spend a lot of time slowboating.

Part 1: Burn slowly away to the left (with rats at your back) without AB and kill the rats as they approach. Concentrate on one group at a time. Drones may be needs for 1st frig spawn if you start shooting too early.
Part 2: group guns, instapop mines. No damage, no spawns.
Part 4: Burn away. Give yourself 70 odd km on the towers/sentries before opening fire. Concentrate on killing frigs/defenders as they appear. Most will instapop if you get them at your gun's sweetspot. Shoot whatever's closest while u wait, but switch straight back to the frigs as soon as they appear.

1 & 4 Once everything is out past your gun's sweet spot, come to a standstill and let them come to you.
Comment by FilterHeadz
2010-08-30 10:46:56
Just finished this chain in a dual mar ishtar , parts 1-4 where easy and fast , part 5 whoever was a pain , nothing dangerous but very boring due to the mass ammount of bs's . Total from part 5 : Duration = 1h 10 min : Loot : around 4mil in junk and a good ammount of salvage ( about 13mil worth ) + 6k lp , worth it?
Comment by ForteEXE
2010-11-11 05:43:06
For a change of pace, did part 2 in a Tengu, got the drone spawns this time. Previous runs were in a Paladin, I'm not sure if being in a cruiser-sized ship had anything to do with it, figure it's worth noting.
Comment by ForteEXE
2010-11-21 10:44:56
Followup: Had the chance to run Pot and Kettle twice since last report. Did them both in a Paladin, no drone spawns on part 2. There's definitely a bug or it's intentional to stop ideas like using cruisers to quick-kill the drone mines.
Comment by CaspardianGuy
2011-02-01 16:14:51
During parts 2 and 4, the spawns had nothing to do with which ships/mines were killed, but instead each spawn arrived after about a minute and a half. This can result in some serious DPS, and anyone running these should be cautious.

I haven't yet run part 5.
Comment by CaspardianGuy
2011-02-01 17:15:55
In addition--it should also be noted that in part 4, the Output Defenders DO NOT use Amarrian lasers, but instead use Rogue Drone weapons. Because of this, and since I was armor tanked to EM and Thermal, they put out more DPS than all the cruisers combined.
Comment by AndurylReborn
2011-02-06 09:33:31
Part 5 is easy as loang as you kite away and keep your optimum
Comment by ReaverGlitterstim
2011-04-24 17:19:34
A note on standings hits:

On part 1, I destroyed several targets, including the Amarrian Battlecruiser, and lost no standing with Amarr. But when I turned the mission in, I lost 0.15 standing.

On part 2, I lost 0.14 standing at some point between destroying the mines and some of the drones, but lost none for turning the mission in.

On part 3, I lost 0.14 standing for turning the mission in. I declined mission 4 and was given the alternate mission 5, which did not incur any more standing loss.

All in all, a lot of standing loss with Amarr, I would avoid this arc if I wanted to preserve such standings.

Also noteworthy: I completed part 2 in a Raven, with cruise launchers. The drones would spawn as soon as the missiles were fired, not giving them a chance to destroy the mine in 1 hit. I was still able to destroy each mine in a single volley without using a target painter, and I didn't have to destroy the drones because they leashed back and stopped attacking when I got more than about 50km away from them. Also, using a target painter on a mine will spawn the drones from it.
Comment by CmdrTarlton
2011-04-28 18:08:54
Part 5, Templar Seer will Neut if you let it get close enough. Please add this to "Extras" for close fighters so they can prepare appropriately.
Comment by Wizardling
2019-05-25 18:31:32
I experienced the neuting in 5/5 as well. Nasty surprise.
Comment by EloisePasteur
2012-01-08 03:26:20
Just completed part 2 of this in a Sentry-Domi. I mostly shield tank so have just about the hardest passive shield tank without modules that a Domi can have, but even generating all the spawns for salvaging, the damage taken never got close to cracking my shield.

My drone skills aren't good enough for t2 sentries yet, but Garde-Is ripped through it.
Comment by PdcAgni
2012-07-20 08:49:18
Looks like the spawns to part 2 occur when you attack the mines regardless of the taking them out in one shot. I was able to tank all of the spawns and take out all of the mines still in under 2 minutes but something you should watch out for.
Comment by CmdrTarlton
2013-11-03 10:49:03
Addendum; since the advent of new, smarter NPCs that switch targets this mission is even easier if you fly with an alt. The NPCs kept switching back and forth between me and my alt while we focus fired on them one by one destroying the battleships in three volleys, cruisers in one volley, frigs melted by drones. I'm in a 1400mm arty Maelstrom, my alt is in a cruise missile Rattlesnake. They will attempt to take out drones but I ignore the frigs until they are about 10km away and then when they switch aggro to the drones I insta dock them and rotate back and forth between my drones and my alts drones. They have no effective response to this tactic and I don't lose drones. Simple mission, excellent loot in tags.
Comment by MisterFeek
2016-10-14 07:01:27
Drones get targeted a lot on the first part of this mission, be very aware.

The second part of this mission is incredibly boring. I found that it was best to tag the initial mines and then work my way through the chain as they spawned.
Comment by Wizardling
2019-05-25 18:28:21
In 2/5 Mine Sweeper after about the third mine, I think it was, and whilst killing the resulting spawn at a distance of about 60km, all of a sudden my 5 x Hobgoblin II drones in space blew up, and so did my remaining 5 x Hobgoblin II drones THAT WERE STILL INSIDE MY SHIP'S DRONE BAY! LOL. So watch out for that bug, cause I lost 10 x T2 drones - ouch!
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