Preliminary Strike, level 2

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Sat, 14 Jul 2012 05:52 UTC

Faction: Mercenaries
Mission type: Encounter
Spacetype: Deadspace
Damage dealt: Kin, Therm
Recomended damage dealing: Thermal
Recommended ships: Cerberus, Vexor

Pocket 1
At warp in, the rats are randomly based at 45 to 60 km, no groups. No Aggro

1x UDI Elite Mercenary (frigate)
3x UDI Mercenary (frigate)
10x UDI Junior Mercenary (frigate)

The structures did not drop any loot.

Comment by SmokyJo
2009-03-21 19:29:46
Single gate. Not guarded.
Comment by AtheaGman
2010-07-14 20:48:25
Structures do not drop loot.
Comment by TurAmarth
2011-02-19 21:44:04
Correct on Comments 1 & 2.

Recommended ships: I 'walked' this is a Stabber;
x3 Hvy Missiles & x3 650mm Med Carbine Howitzers - Therm loadout
I aggroed em at 45KM, kited em @ 40KM;
1 and 2 hit kills were the order of the day;
Turned around and loot & salvaged my way back down the string... easy money.
Comment by ReaveR894
2013-04-13 14:59:28
Corax with light missile launchers,

take out the elite and mercs then ungroup your launchers, 2 volleys from a launcher should work. completion time sub 2 minutes, travel time just over 3 minutes from agent to location and back
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