Probing Question, Level 3

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Faction: Amarr
Mission Type: Encounter
Space Type: Deadspace without gates
Damage Received: EM/Thermal
Extras: Cap draining when under 10km
Recommended Damage Dealing: EM
Recommended ships: Drake, Myrmidon


Wave 1, 30km, Aggro

4 Amarr Raider - consists of Types
4x Imperial Tamir Will target drones
4 Amarr Heavy Raider - consists of Types Neut within 5K
2x Imperial Templar Muzakir
2x Imperial Tamir

Wave 2, 30km, Spawn

After Amarr Raider's from Wave 1 Dead
9x Amarr Raider - consists of Types
2x Divine Imperial Champion - has high Armour Repairing
2x Divine Imperial Justicar - has high Armour Repairing
1x Imperial Templar Agatho
4xImperaial Templar Mathura

Wave 3, 30km, Spawn

After Wave 2 Dead
5x Amarr Raider - consists of Types
1x Imperial Templar Tamit
4x Imperial Templar Donus

Comment by TzeMallory
2008-11-19 13:21:40
1st I should point out I was ludicrously over-setup for this:
Domi: 1 * T2 LAR, 2 * EM/Therm armor active tank and several cap chargers/power relays, Ogre I drones delivering Thermal damge
Set my ship towards the gate I was supossed to be guarding...
NOS from Amarr Heavy Raider in 1st wave - only noticed because of the graphics!
2nd wave spawned within 5k of ship (probably cos I was moving towards the gate) - drones toook some aggro
3rd wave spawned within 5k of me at gate - agaoin drones got some aggro but not all
Comment by TzeMallory
2008-11-19 17:02:37
ok just done this again and took full aggro on ship - THREE-FOUR NOS from mix of Heavy/Regular "Raider" - if you're cap charge rate is not good BEWARE...
Comment by GanoesParan
2008-12-21 19:01:41
Wave 1, all ships nos under 10 km
Comment by SpLendid
2009-01-25 10:38:52
took 10-15 minutes in a drake..easy mission,just use an Afterburner.
Comment by LuckyQuarter
2009-07-22 00:14:12
wave 3: spawn was 5x Templar Donus, no Templar Tamit
Easily completed mission in myrm w/o ab, spawns are slow so as long as you orbit from far out and kill quickly, you will not get NOS'd.
2010-02-11 20:10:45
Ran mission in myrm w/o afterburner, 5 Hammerhead II's took a while to melt the Amarr Raiders' armor tanks, they neuted me when closer than 10km, other than that it's an ok mission, but neuting capped me out even with one CCC and 5 Cap Recharger II's.

2nd wave, both champions and justicars had huge tank, took my 5 Hammer II's ages to chew through it.

3rd wave warped in at 90km but that's probably because i had moved so far off.
Comment by ThalaSala
2010-06-06 18:26:30
chewed through it in about half an hour with a brutix, and t1 drones...nothing to difficult, just keep on the move to avoid the nos...ab helpful, but not really needed
Comment by ZepH
2010-06-15 00:15:41
I would decline the mission, the tanks on the cruisers are annoying to break with Hammerhead II's not to mention the large amount of faction hit with Amarr.
Comment by ProgHouseDJ
2010-10-28 23:43:54
The tanks are not hard to get through with Hammerhead IIs, if you have any sort of gun going on the target also. I have minimal gun skills, using projectile autocannons on a Myrmidon, and no Cruiser lasted more than a minute. Considering the LP and Isk rewards of this mission, its not too bad if you arent worried about a standing hit.
Comment by ExileZero
2010-12-04 20:44:52
Battlecruiser around 350-360 m/s should keep you out of range the entire time, the warp in is 30-40km away from the first spawn which was over the range of the Amarrian ships anyway.
Comment by PrinceAikka
2011-10-16 05:25:36
Ran it with my Gila, took me about 10 min.
Comment by Dreams302
2011-12-14 23:04:25
With a Myrmidon, This mission was a ton faster using Infiltrator drones (EM DMG) and some faction ammo for the heavy armor repair ones
Comment by John1928
2012-08-05 00:59:58
Killing all targets from all waves of this mission resulted in 2x 0.018% Amarr faction hits.
Comment by JoernZen
2013-04-09 04:03:44
Took quite some time in a T1 Drake (250dps). Salvage+Loot=13,3m
Comment by Khuri2021
2021-01-26 09:45:38
6-7 mil worth of tags.
There is also a 0.002 standing loss with Amarr.
My 333 dps cyclone cleared slow enough that I got hit with the standing loss twice.
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