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======Probing Question, Level 3======

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Faction: **Amarr**
Mission Type: **Encounter**
Space Type: **Deadspace without gates**
Damage Received: **EM/Thermal**
Extras: **Cap draining when under 10km**
Recommended Damage Dealing: **EM**
Recommended ships: **Drake, Myrmidon**


===Wave 1, 30km, Aggro===
4 Amarr Raider - consists of Types
4x Imperial Tamir **Will target drones**
4 Amarr Heavy Raider - consists of Types **Neut within 5K**
2x Imperial Templar Muzakir
2x Imperial Tamir

===Wave 2, 30km, Spawn===
After Amarr Raider's from Wave 1 Dead
9x Amarr Raider - consists of Types
2x Divine Imperial Champion - has high Armour Repairing
2x Divine Imperial Justicar - has high Armour Repairing
1x Imperial Templar Agatho
4xImperaial Templar Mathura

===Wave 3, 30km, Spawn===
After Wave 2 Dead
5x Amarr Raider - consists of Types
1x Imperial Templar Tamit
4x Imperial Templar Donus

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