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======Propaganda War, Level 5======

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Faction: Gallente
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace with Gate
Web/Scramble: Stasis Towers, All Frigates
Extras: Gallente Energy Neutralizer Sentry IIIs, Elite Frigates/Cruisers Sensor Damp
Damage dealt: Thermal/Kinetic
Recommended damage dealing: Kinetic/Thermal
Recommended ships: Nighthawk, Drake + Logistics, Passive Shield Ishtar

Acceleration Gate into Deadspace area

====Single Pocket====
Full aggro on warp-in, ships spread out but some within 10km.

Gallente Stasis Tower (5-10km)
Gallente Stasis Tower (40km)
4x Tower Sentry Gallente III (40-80km)
3x Gallente Energy Neutralizer Sentry III (~50km) //Respawns three times once last one is destroyed from initial group//
5x Gallente Cruise Missile Battery (80-110km) //Thermal//
5x Elite Frigates (Elite Federation Lochos/Lixa/Insidiator) **Web/Scramble/Sensor Damp** (~10km)
5x Elite Cruisers (Elite Federation Mentes/Quadrieris) **Sensor Damp** (~30km)
12x Battleship (Federation Covinus/Hyperion/Praktor Phanix/Praktor Praeses) (10-60km)

Destroy Broadcast Station to complete mission (~150,000 HP). No extra spawns when attacking structures. Broadcast Towers drop no loot.

Initial DPS is very high at close range. Warp in Logistics ship as soon as you have full aggro on your tank.
If you have slightly weaker thermal resists, destroying cruise missile batteries will reduce incoming DPS.

Destroy Station while tanking.

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