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BloodStainedStars1multi The Blood-Stained Stars

Part IV: Queens And Drones

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The rogue drone you have been looking for was seen in a deadspace pocket near a Food Relief production station, building a swarm of drones. Sister Alitura thinks the swarm is going to try and destroy that station. Save the people, either by evacuating the station or wiping out the swarm. Bring the fifteen survivors back to the Sister.
Completion: Loot FR Personnel from the Habitation Module, deliver them to agent.
Encounter type: Deadspace without gate.
Blitz: Move straight to the can, loot, GTFO.
Cleanup: Take your time to approach the first drones spawned from open space. The closer you to the container, the more drones spawn.
One of the Sisters of EVE immediately recognized the drone and was able to download her scanning data from her ship. However, she's on the edge of Guristas space and can't broadcast the data. Pick up the data from a canister near the edge of the pirate's space and bring it back to Sister Alitura.
Completion: Transport the Encoded Data Transmission to agent.

At this point [mission 24], you must choose either Tracking the Queen, which requires shooting Mordu's Legion ships [they're Caldari allies, so your standing with Caldari and Amarr will be dinged], or Bag of Blood, which requires shooting Serpentis ships [npc pirates who are opposed to all four empire factions]. Choose carefully, the choice can not be undone.

A Scope reporter named Corin Risia managed to get some tracking data off the drone two days ago. He's willing to sell the data in exchange for extracting him from Mordu's Legion space, as he believes the Legion wants to kill him. Go to Mordu's outpost and extract Corin Risa. He's afraid for his life, so expect anything.
If you want to avoid a confrontation with Mordu's Legion, prepare for a stealth mission. Otherwise, there's a good chance you may have to blast your way out of the situation.
Completion: Loot Corin Risia from his Wrecked Ship, bring him to the agent.
Encounter type: Deadspace without gate.
Move straight to the can, loot, GTFO. The screen will be flooded with popups (tell CCP they are stupid), so loot the can quickly in between pops.
You have rescued Corin Risia from Mordu's Legion, and now he needs to deliver his goods to the Sisters. Take him to Attyn V - Moon 2 - CBD Corporation Storage, where he can transmit the drone's tracking data.
Completion: Move Corin Risia to the designated station.
Take the drone's tracking data to Arnon and drop it off at the requested deadspace location.
Completion: Drop the Drone Tracking Data to jetcan, GTFO Real Fast(tm).
Encounter type: Deadspace without gate.
Move straight to the can, drop, GTFO. The screen will be flooded with popups (again!).
Get out real fast, it's not a joke. At least one of the Mordu's Legion ships spawned once you approach the can is Elite Frigate (translation: tank of a cruiser with significant DPS), and his company don't make your life easier. Not to mention they spawn almost on top of your head.
The first mission is merely a courier job -- DON'T shoot anything.
The second mission requires killing about 20 Serpentis ships, one of which is a small cruiser that likes to fight from close range. Remember to change your tank and rearm with kinetic weapons.
The third mission merely requires chasing a rogue drone cruiser that won't stand and fight.

The two choices come back together after this point [everyone must do the next mission].

Sister Alitura has located where the drone is heading. Do whatever it takes to destroy it.
Completion: Cleanup the second pocket.
Encounter type: Deadspace with gate.
Faction: Rogue drones.
No gates are locked on the way. Just head on. In first pocket, be wary of interceptors.
3x Drone Frigates
5x Drone Rookie
1x Mysterious Drone (quickly escapes through gate).
12x Drone Frigates
2x Drone Interceptors (Will web, could scramble!)
1x Mysterious Drone (quickly escapes again)
5x Drone Frigates
1x Drone Cruiser
1x Mysterious Drone (Self-destructs once you warp into pocket)
Dagan was the pilot leading the fleet that the drones first destroyed, and a known terrorist. He was supposed to be dead. It's very important that he is made dead. The Sisters consider this a top priority.
Dagan is heading for a system in Minmatar space. He can't have gone far. I'll connect you with Keita Eslin, Advisor to the Krusual Tribe. She can help you track down Dagan.
I've been to Minmatar space quite a few times myself, Ian Chi. It's not so bad there, but just be careful where you wander and what you say. Their way of doing things can be a little rough around the edges at times, but I've also never known a Minmatar to not get a job done. In case you don't know, the Krusual can be a little sly. Just make sure this one looks after your interests, too. Still, I'm sure you can handle yourself.
Completion: Make a contact with Keita Eslin at Hek IV - Krusual tribe Bureau.

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