Level 4 Recon (common parts 2 and 3)

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Recon (2 of 3)

Faction: Mercenaries
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace (MWD works)
Damage dealt: Thermal (41%)/ Kinetic (24%)/ EM (21%)/ Explosive (14%)
Web/ Scramble: Mercenary Wingman
Recommended damage dealing: Thermal /Kinetic
Recommended ship class: T2/ T3 Cruiser and higher or a fast Frigate to blitz.
Video: Ishtar blitz, Kronos Part 1,2 & 3

No Hostiles at initial gate.

Single Pocket

The locked acceleration gate (mission objective) is 72km away from the warp-in point.
The Mining Corporation Headquarters station is about 10km away.
The 1st ambush spawn is triggered when the Mining Corporation Headquarters station is attacked OR when your ship is within 10km from locked acceleration gate.
The 2nd ambush spawn is triggered when your ship is within 10km from locked acceleration gate.

1st Ambush Spawn

1x Mercenary Cruise Missile Battery
2x Mercenary Sentry Gun (Tower Sentry Caldari III)
4x Elite Frigate (Mercenary Wingman) Web/ Scramble
3x Cruiser (Mercenary Commander)
2x Battleship (Mercenary Overlord)

2nd Ambush Spawn

1x Mercenary Cruise Missile Battery
1x Battleship (Mercenary Overlord)

Pocket 1 Spawn Locations

To manage aggro, trigger the first ambush by attacking the Mining Corporation Headquarters station.
The mission is flagged completed once you have triggered both spawns, by either approaching to within 10km of the acceleration gate or destroying the station.

Fly to the gate in a small fast ship or micro jump a Battleship or Battlecruiser to trigger the ambush, align and warp out as soon as the mission completes.
The Mercenary Wingman frigates will spawn on top of the warp gate. You may get webbed/ scrambled if you're not fast enough in warping out.


The Mining Corporation Headquarters has very high HP (~306,550) and drops mainly T1 modules and some Faction ammo.

Loot and Bounty
Loot + Salvage: ~1.5 mil
Bounty: ~1.3 mil

Recon (3 of 3), Level 4

Faction: None
Mission type: Recon
Space type: Deadspace (MWD works)
Damage dealt: All types
Extras: Toxic gas cloud damage
Recommended damage dealing: N/A
Recommended ships: Corvette, any well tanked Battleship (Raven, Dominix), Battlecruiser (Drake, Myrmidon, Hurricane) or a fast Cruiser (Stabber).

1st Pocket

There are no NPC ships to kill. The warp gate is 60km away from the warp-in point. The gate is configured to reject Capsules and Capitals.

The toxic environment will damage your ship in consecutive toxic cloud waves. Each wave deals an equal amount of each type of raw damage with no resists applied. Damage amount increases with each successive wave.

Wave 1 (~2000 dmg) 0:15
Wave 2 (~2200 dmg) 0:20
Wave 3 (~2400 dmg) 0:40
Wave 4 (~2600 dmg) 1:00
Wave 5 (~2800 dmg) 1:20
Wave 6 (~3000 dmg) 1:50
Wave 7 (~3200 dmg) 2:10
Wave 8 (~3400 dmg) 2:30
Wave 9 (~3600 dmg) 2:50
Wave 10 (~3800 dmg) 3:10
Wave 11 (~8000 dmg) 4:00

After the final giant toxic cloud wave there will be no more damage coming from the toxic environment.

The toxic cloud waves will be reset after you have warped out.
The waves take 4:00 min, if you warp back shortly after the final wave, they don't reset and you can fly to the gate unmolested. If you come back too fast they are still going and you can die. If you wait too long or if someone else warps in, the wave sequence may reset.
The way to do this safely is to start a 4 minute timer as you start to warp, then warp out as soon as you land (about half the time a Shuttle can make it out), re-dock and get a new shuttle if needed, when the 4 minutes is up, warp in, fly to the gate.

Optional Approach
Fit an omni-tank with a minimum sustainable 200 ehp per damage type.
Fit a Microwarpdrive (or afterburner) to quickly cover the distance to the warp gate to save time and if your tank does not meet the minimum requirement.
If you're in a slow battleship fit a Micro Jump Drive, align to the gate and jump, you'll only have to fly about 15km this way.
The mission is flagged completed once you have activated the warp gate and landed in the second room.

If you can get your Miner through the cloud, in the second Pocket, you find:
45 Veldspar asteroids (1,382,948 Units)
30 Plagioclase asteroids (259,119 Units)
16 Pyroxeres asteroids (139,845 Units)

Warning: Attempting to warp to the asteroid field in the second pocket using a bookmark will land you in the first room with the toxic cloud, resulting in a very quick death for any unprepared mining ship.

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