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======Recon, Level 4======

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=====Part 1 of 3=====

Faction: Angel Cartel
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: all types (Pocket 1: Exp 46%/Kin 23%/therm 19%/EM 10%, Pocket 2: All types, but varies on percentages )
Extras: timed respawns
Web/scramble: arch gistii frigates
Recommended damage dealing: exp/kin
Recommended ships: Shuttle (blitz), Rattlesnake, Machariel, Vargur, Shuttle, Golem, Dominix
Video: , [[ | Kronos Part 1,2 & 3]]

Leads to [[Recon4 | Recon 2 of 3]].

Go to warp gate, activate it, when you reach the next pocket you are done!

====Pocket 1====

The gates are not locked, so you can blitz this mission in a shuttle without a single kill.

The changes in rev 2.2 replaces a lot of ships with fewer, deadlier ships, with the same DPS overall.

In general, keep moving either towards the other gate or towards a distant object. Every minute, another group will respawn. If you are not killing them fast enough, you can get overwhelmed. There are a couple scramble possibilities, and most of them do damage from a distance (36km). Once they all spawn, it can make things rather difficult for a weakly tanked ship. So be careful.

===Respawn 1===

1x Interceptor (Arch Gistii Outlaw), web/scramble
1x HAC (Arch Gistum Phalanx, Thermal Damage
1x Battleship (Gist Cherubim), Thermal damage

===Respawn 2===

1x Battleship (Gist Seraphim), EM damage
1x Battlecruiser (Gistatis Tribuni), Thermal damage
1x HAC (Arch Gistum Breaker)

===Respawn 3===

2x Battleship (Gist Seraphim), EM damage
1x HAC (Arch Gistum Breaker)

===Respawn 4===

1x Interceptor (Arch Gistii Thug), web/scramble
2x Battleship (Gist Cherubim, thermal damage / Gist Seraphim, EM damage)

25km slowboat to Pocket 2, no loot drops from structures.

====Pocket 2====

Mission completes when you arrive.

===Respawn 1===

2-3x Battleship (Gist Throne, Gist Malakim), EM damage, but close range
3x HAC (Arch Gistum Breaker/Smasher)

===Respawn 2===

5x HAC (Arch Gistum Marauder)
2x Interceptor (Arch Gistii Outlaw), web/scramble


Has around 80 Veldspar rocks, at 1000m to 40km from warp in.


This video shows one way of many to get this mission done.

Leads to [[Recon4 | Recon 2 of 3]].

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