Recon (1 of 3), Level 4

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Faction: Blood
Mission Type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: EM/Therm
Web/Scramble: Elite Frigates
Extras: NOS Elite Cruisers (Elder Corpum Priest/Sage), Tracking Disruptor Elite Frigates (Elder Corpii Collector)
Recommended damage dealing: EM, Thermal
Recommended ship classes: Battleship, Command Ship, Strategic Cruiser, HAC. (or fast frigate, shuttle etc for blitz)
Video : Sentry Domi + Salvager , Kronos Part 1,2 & 3

Note: Part 1 (Recon Level 4) for each faction is unique.
Part 2 & 3 (Recon Level 4) are the same for all factions and can be found here

Pocket 1

Auto aggro from Spawn 1 after several seconds. New spawns will appear at an interval between 60-90 secs.
These spawns will start from the three Shipyard structures, each about 20-30km from the warp-in point.
Structures drop no loot.

Drones will get aggroed by the later spawns, so retrieve/deploy them as necessary to avoid damage.


Spawn 1 (Auto-aggro):

1x Elite Cruiser (Elder Corpum Dark Priest/Shadow Sage) NOS
1x Battlecruiser (Corpior Phantom)
1x Battleship (Corpus Pope/Patriarch)

Spawn 2 (Auto-aggro):

1x Elite Cruiser (Elder Corpum Dark Priest/Shadow Sage) NOS
2x Battleships (Corpus Pope/Monsignor/Cardinal) NOS

Spawn 3 (Auto-aggro):

1x Elite Cruiser (Elder Corpum Sage/Priest) NOS
2x Battleships (Corpus Pope) NOS

Spawn 4 (Auto-aggro):

3x Battleships (Corpus Pope/Monsignor/Cardinal/Patriarch) NOS


Pocket 2

You will receive the mission completed message/journal update.
You can just warp off without needing to kill any hostile ships in this pocket.

Auto aggro from Spawn 1 after several seconds. Next spawn will appear in 60-90 secs.

Spawn 1 (Auto-aggro):

3x Elite Cruisers (Elder Corpum Sage) NOS
2x Battleships (Corpus Cardinal)

Spawn 2 (Auto-aggro):

3x Elite Frigates (Elder Corpii Collector) Web/Scramble/Tracking Disruptor
2x Elite Cruisers (Elder Corpum Arch Priest) NOS


9 M for first pocket

3 M for second pocket



Sentry Domi + Salvager

Comment by TigerWraith
2008-06-08 09:44:13
I hate to edit this, but it first room isnt correct, in total theres 8 Battleships, 3 crusiers and 1 BC that all spawn, no Frigs.
Comment by XennDC
2009-02-16 15:20:22
Pocket 2, Spawn 1 I got 2 E Cruisers and 3 BSs.
Spawn 2 was 3 frigs and 3 E Cruisers.
Nice loot on this mission. 25 mil total. including 7.6 mill for salvage with agent at effective quality of 52.
Comment by MintyJ
2009-05-15 23:04:17
The NOSing cruisers in this mission seriously crippled my CNR's tank causing me to warp out twice(!) even with very mission specific hardeners (80.5% EM / 73.3% Therm) and a Pith A-Type LSB, so I would definitely take them out first.
Comment by CynicalRise
2009-05-23 03:01:16
Second pocket had massive Tracking Disruption from both the elite frigates and cruisers. Completed in Apocalypse.
Comment by GouvViki
2009-07-03 15:31:57
2nd Pocket:
Spawn 1 had 3 BS's, Spawn 2 had Cruisers with different name: Elder Corpum Arch Sage.
Comment by AhenEve
2009-07-11 20:13:56
Did this in a standard Raven. Tanking thermal at around 87% and EM at 75% works better than the other way around in the first room.

EM cruise missiles (paradise) exceed thermal missiles (cataclysm) in damage by about 30%. Use faction at first, then drop down to standard as the room clears.
Comment by CavBarvo
2009-08-02 10:21:08
Added that structures drop no loot. For me, pocket 2 contained 5 BS, 3 Cardinals and 2 Popes, but havent edited this in because it might be a one-off. The Cardinals like to sit at 48km plus.
Comment by NullVoid
2010-06-22 23:26:10
Blitzed in a shuttle. Very quick and zero danger just keep traversal.
Comment by WrathofHell
2010-10-14 13:07:28
Very slow mission for turret ships if you want the nice bounties.. this is because of the tracking disruptors.. make sure you lock up all the frigates and cruisers so you can set drones on the troublemakers.
Comment by WrathofHell
2010-10-14 13:12:31
Made 13.2 million in bounties btw :)
Comment by SetariaTyme
2010-10-17 04:01:01
Passive Drakes blow through this with Ease
Comment by DoctorNho
2011-05-02 03:31:33
For worst-spawn-case DPS with full aggro I get 684.33 EM + 569.66 Therm for pocket 1. Just in case you want to warp out and come back and tank it all. :)

I used figures from Grismar's rat db, no idea if it's using the latest data
Comment by BuilderAlphaOne
2012-04-07 21:52:39
Room 2 ... all three NOSing cruisers spawned at less than 30km ... well within their effective range ... and depleted 3990 cap rather quickly. Recommend aligning to your warp out as soon as you enter [before they spawn] and fitting cap booster with a lot of charges if you try this solo. Both battleships were Monsignors, thus I conclude that spawns vary a bit. [7 April 2012 -- Crucible 1.6]
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