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Recon, level 4

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Recon (1 of 3)

Faction: Blood Raiders
Mission type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: Em/Thermal
Extras: NOS
Recommended damage dealing: Em/Thermal

Pocket 1:

Corrected just need to name the ships as they jump in

First Spawn:

1x Cruiser Elder Corpum Sage
1x BattleCruiser Corpior Phantom
1x Battleship Corpus Patriarch

20 seconds later spawns:

Second Spawn:

1x Cruiser
2x Battleship

30 seconds later spawns:

Third Spawn:

1x Cruiser
2x Battleship

Fourth Spawn

3x Battleship

Pocket 2

You will get mission completed when entering this pocket, so you don't have to kill the spawns there.
If you shoot at the mining corp hq, the Frigates and stuff will spawn straight away and the Frigates (Wingmen) spawn further away from you.

First Spawn:

3x Battlecruiser
2-3x Battleship

A few seconds later spawns:

Second Spawn:

2x Frigate
4x Battlecruiser

Blitz: Use a shuttle (or any other preferred ((fast)) ship), get to the gate fast, use it, then warp out when you get to pocket 2. Mission is completed.

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