Rescue Isone Flosin, level 3

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Agent location: Fluekele - Contested Gallente Roden's Shipyard Outpost (Nilla Elermare)

Faction: Serpentis
Mission type: Complex
Space type: Deadspace
Recommended ship classes: Frigate
Recommended generic setup: speed or tank

Isone Flosin is in the third deadspace pocket, in Isone Flosin's Wrecked Ship. Acceleration gates are not locked, so killing rats is unnecessary.

Chains into Revenge Is Sweet.

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Comment by ArdenKar
2011-04-19 18:41:45
I did this mission on 4/18/2011, and the 3rd pocket had to be cleared of the drone defenders around Isone Flosin's Wreck before it could be opened.

The pockets are populated with Serpentis and Rogue Drone frigates and cruisers.

Also, the mission has ship restrictions. Those restrictions are:

· Electronic Attack Ship
· Assault Ship
· Destroyer
· Interdictor
· Covert Ops
· Interceptor
· Stealth Bomber
· Frigate
· Cruiser
· Shuttle
· Rookie ship
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