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Retribution, level 3

Reported by Cattie
Additions by El'essar Viocragh, Malik Slathe, WhiteRing
Last updated: 2007.05.26

Faction: Angels
Mission type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: Exp, Kin (Exp missiles)
Reccomended damage dealing: Exp (kin)
Completed with: Raven (Cattie)
Completed with: Myrmidon (BPSShaolinfist)

Four groups, no aggro.
Groups 25-60km away after warp in.

Spawn #1:
1x Gistii Noman
1x Gistii Ruffian
1x Gistum Breaker
1x Gistum Defeater

Spawn #2:
2x Gistum Centurion
1x Gistum Phalanx

Spawn #3:
2x Gistii Hijacker
4x Gistii Rogue
2x Gistum Depredator
1x Predator

Spawn #4:
1x Angel Viper (scrambles)
2x Angel Webifier (webs)
1x Gistatis Primus

Small Armory (large colidable structure) dropped an assortment of rockets, cruise missiles, missiles, and medium to large ammo.
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