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Rogue Drone Harassment, level 3

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Reported by: Somal Thunder
Faction: Rogue Drones
Mission type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: All kinds
Web/scramble: Strain drones
Recomended damage dealing: EM, Therm
Recommended ships: Drake, Rifter, Harbinger.

No hostiles at initial gate

Pocket 1

no aggro

Group 1

4x Annihilator Alvum

Group 2

4x Devastator Alvum

Group 3

35-50km near Abandoned Drill
2x Raider Alvi/Sunder Alvi/Strain Infester Alvi (Infester may web/scram)
2x Violator Alvum

Group 4

65-70km near Solar Harvester
3x Viral Infector Alvum

Veldspar - 41 asteroids (889.059 units)

No loot

Pocket 2

auto aggro

Group 1

6x Devastator Alvum
1x Violator Alvum
1x Viral Infector Alvum

Group 2

1x Bomber Alvum/Devastator Alvum/Disintegrator Alvum
1x Defeater Alvatis/Enforcer Alvatis
Bomber Alvum (Explosive heavy missiles)
Disintegrator Alvum (Explosive)

Group 3

1 of the following ships
1x Violator Alvum/Viral Infector Alvum
1x Enforcer Alvatis
1x Devastator Alvum
1x Disintegrator Alvum

Veldspar - 32 asteroids (279.059 units)

Seems the two isolated drones in the last room don't need to be killed to complete the mission.
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