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The Rogue Slave Trader, level 4

Mission 1 of 2

Reported by: Chepe Nolon, 2008.01.06 (Major Cleanup)
Blitz by: SynTx, Siminuria

Faction: Sansha Nation
Mission type: Encounter
Spacetype: Normal, no gates.
Damage dealt: EM, Thermal
Reccomended damage dealing: EM, Thermal
Completed with: Dominix (1x therm, 1x em hardener) DR: Easy to medium
Completed with: CnR DR: Piece of Cake
Completed with: Dominix, 3 t1 hardeners, 1 t2 LAR and 1 t2 MAR. Nano auxiliary pump (DR: Easy) (Martogh)
Completed with: Golem (faction tank) DR: Easy (Chepe Nolon)
Completed in: Drake (Passive, T2 fitted, with shield recharge rigs) DR: Easy (ZhouXi)

Warp In

4x Sansa's Demon/Berserker (web/scramble)
2x Centatis Phantasm/Specter/Devil
1x Centus Dark Lord/Centus Dread Lord
Reinforcement: 1x Centus tyrant / Dread Lord (Appears as a slaver.) Comes after a few minutes. You get a warning about this when you accept the mission)

You can set a warp range, but it is relative to the beacon. The beacon is 40km from the spawn, which will aggro you at once. Frigs orbit at 6-7km, cruisers at 25km and the battleships at 25-40km.

Remember to blow up the structure and get the prisioners.

No Loot in the other Structures: (Reported by: Ulric Wolfbane)

Admiral Keyes reported a slight difference in the encounter, might vary from mission to mission:

1x Sansha's Berserker (web/scramble)
3x Sansa's Demon (web/scramble)
1x Centatis Phantasm
2x Centatis Specter
1x Centatis Wraith
1x Centus Beast Lord
1x Centus Overlord
Reinforcement: 1x Centus Dark Lord

Blitz by SynTx:

You dont need to kill any enemy.

- Warp in and destroy the Slave Pen.
- Bookmark dropped Container.
- Warp out ( loss aggro )
- Warp to the bookmarked container, ( ignore new aggro )
- Rescue the slaves.
- Warp out.

Downing the Slavers (2 of 2)
Faction: Sansha Nation
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Normal
Damage dealt: EM, Therm
Reccomended damage dealing: EM, Thermal
Completed with #1: Tanked apoc (1x EM, 2x Thermal hardeners, 1x large armor rep II sufficient (80+ em/therm res).
Completed with #2: Ishtar (2x EM, 1x thermal hardener)
Completed with #3: Dominix (1x EM, 1x Thermal, 1x Energized Nano membrane II, 1x large repairer)
Completed with: Apoc (Rob Wood)
Completed with: Golem (faction tank) DR: Easy (Chepe Nolon)
Completed with: Drake (Passive, T2 fitted, with shield recharge rigs) DR: Moderate (ZhouXi)

Warp In
Aggro from everything.

2x Centatis Phantasm
1x Centus Lord
1x Centus Slave Lord
1x Centum Controller
1x Centatis Specter

Activate the Gateway beacon to get to the next stage.

Notice, there are a lot of roids in this stage:
Omber roids x8 - 50k per roid = total of 400k
Scordite roids 10x - 25k per roid = total of 250k
Veldspar roids 6x - 90k per roid = total of 540k

Pocket 1

You arrive 20km from a group of rats and sentries. They aggro on arrival. Frigs orbit at 6-7km, cruisers at 10-25km, and bs at 35km+.

2x Sansha Cruise Missile Batteries
4x Sansha Heavy Missile Batteries
2x Sansha Sentry Gun
2x Sansha Stasis Towers (no damage dealer)
1x Centus Slave Lord/Plague Lord
3x Centatis Wraith/Specter
2x Sansha's Demon (Web/Scramble)
1x Sansha's Berserker (Web/Scramble)
1x Centum Loyal Hellhound (Appears as Sansha Slaver)
1x Centum Loyal Fiend (Appears as Sansha Slaver)

Tip: Take out the cruisers first, as they don't orbit you too fast. Then the turrets, and the bs. Kill the webbing frigates whenever you need the speed.

Blitz: The only things u have to kill are the 2 Sanshas Slaver ships. With these 2 dead, the mission is complete. Major time saver if ur flying caldari which were never meant to tank em/thermal ^ ^ (Just dont forget to fit stabs so u can get out after these 2 are dead). (Reported by: Siminuria)

No Loot in the other Structures
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