Rogue Tech, Level 2

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Faction: Caldari
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: Kin/Therm
Recommended damage dealing: Exp/Therm
Recommended ships: Anything with guns
Completed in: Reaper (not recommended but possible), Hurricane (ludicrously, disappointingly easy), Drake (Ditto on easy), Vexor with newbie fittings (was laughably easy)

Part 1/2

Single pocket

Single ship (Ibis) about 15k from warp-in, takes about 50 thermal damage to kill. Take the mission cargo and turn in for part 2/2.
3 Unidentified Caldari Frigates spawn near target as soon as you kill the Rogue.

Part 2/2

Single pocket

Single ship (Caldari Contact - Destroyer ship) about 15k from warp-in.
Six Caldari Defender (3 Heron, 3 Ibis) spawn 5-10km from warp-in point when this ship is attacked.

Very easy to clean up remaining ships.

Kill only the first ship. There is no cargo to return.

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Comment by CountessOfMuldavia
2012-02-03 07:54:11
This mission has changed. Both P1 and P2 only have 1 ship in each pocket w no spawns. Should be a L1 mission.
Comment by GideonDelta
2012-07-19 00:15:22
There were a few spawns in each as of July 2012.
Comment by MalMasters
2012-10-03 05:18:56
First mission had a "Combat Aggression" of -0.0%
Second mission had a standing loss "Combat - Ship Kill" -0.0065% (Just killed the mission target and not the other ships.)
Comment by VreborGamir
2013-09-15 12:20:14
-2.4% Standing loss for "Combat - Ship Kill" after killing the mission target in the first mission. Declined the next one.
Comment by SeamusDonohue
2013-12-14 12:31:55
FACTION BALANCING: Destroy ONLY the mission objective ship in each mission.

I just ran this on Sisi today (Build 667435) and my standings losses with the Caldari State were -0.0025% and -0.0065% for "Combat - Ship Kill". This contradicts the findings from VreborGamir.

Specifically: "This penalty was incurred for destroying Caldari State's State Showato in [solarsystem]" and "This penalty was incurred for destroying Caldari State's State Shukuro Choji in [solarsystem]"
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