The Sansha Spies, level 3

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Faction: Sansha Nation
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace with gate.
Damage dealt: EM, Therm
Web/scramble: None
Recommended damage dealing: EM, therm.
Recommended ships: any BC

Single pocket

After the acceleration gate, you land in the middle of 3 groups of rats.

Group 1: (Aggro)

They are above the entry point, and about 55km away.

1x Tower Sentry Sansha I
3x Frigates (Centii Plague/Enslaver)

Group 2:

They are below your entry point, and are 60km to 70km away. Proximity aggro within 20KM.

5x Destroyers (Centior Cannibal/Devourer/Abomination)

Group 3:

They are below and in front of the entry point, and are about 80km away. Aggroes with Group 2 or when Group 2 is attacked.

2x Battlecruisers (Sansha's Spy - Centatis Specter)

Kill all the spies


Sansha Outpost: no loot, so don't waste ammo on it.


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