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======The Score, level 1======

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Faction: Guristas
Mission type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: Kinetic / Thermal
Recommended damage dealing: Kinetic / Thermal
Extras: **Jamming** from Pithi Despoiler and Pithi Saboteur
Recommended ship class: Frigate

====Single Pocket====

===Group 1: (40km)===
3x Frigate (Pithi Saboteur/Pithi Despoiler)

===Group 2: (50km)===
3x Frigate (Pithi Despoiler/Pithi Saboteur/Pithi Wrecker)
1x Destroyer (Pithior Renegade)

===Group 3: (40km)===
3x Frigate (Pithi Plunderer/Pithi Wrecker/Pithi Destructor)

Kill Group 1 and 2, go home.

==Mineable Asteroids==

Junction and Walls, 2x Stationary Mammoth, Stationary Badger II, 2x Dirty Shipyard: drop nothing
There's a targetable 'LCO Cargo Rig' which is invulnerable.

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