The Score, level 2

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Reported by: Veraidine Sarrasri
Faction: Blood Raider
Mission type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: Em/Therm
Recommended damage dealing: Em/Therm
Recommended ships: Heavy frigate, cruiser

Single Pocket

Group 1: (35-40km)

2x Frigate (Corpii Collector/Corpii Seeker) Weapon Disruption
1x Destroyer (Corpior Converter)

Group 2: (40-45km)

5x Frigate (Corpii Seeker/Corpii Follower)

Group 3: (55-65km)

3x Frigate (Corpii Herald/Corpii Upholder)
1x Destroyer (Corpior Templar)
1x Cruiser (Corpum Arch Reaver)

Killing group 3 will complete the mission

Comment by MarvinTpa
2009-10-27 02:04:39
No asteroids to mine.
Comment by DuneWizard
2009-10-29 02:21:15
Killing only the last group did not complete the mission, blitz information is incorrect. All ships must be destroyed.
Comment by DooVoo
2010-01-10 13:47:36
Killing Group 3 as per the Blitz info completed the mission successfully for me.
Comment by CelilmandirDoe
2010-01-19 12:11:53
Confirmed, killing group 3 to blitz does work properly. Make sure you target the right ships from group 3, at long range it might be easy to mistake one of the ships from group2 as belonging to group 3.
Comment by FelyzaWish
2010-07-01 03:46:23
Confirmed again, group 3, make sure you note the ship names, as the ones in group 3 are different. Kill them and complete.
Comment by AbadedE
2010-08-30 19:27:57
Killed group 3 to complete the mission, though the destroyer was named Corpi Devoter, not Templar
Comment by LolesChech
2011-04-24 04:44:59
Group 1 and Group 2 caused tracking disruption, though I could target without problems (at 30km).
Group 2 had 2 Corpii Worshipper.
Cruiser in group 3 was called Corpum Arch Engraver in my case.
Very easy to complete in a Cruiser attacking at 30km.
Comment by KoboldArcolithe
2011-06-05 07:59:24
THe names were Worshipper/Collector/Herald/Templar/Corum Arch Engraver
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