The Score, Level 4

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Faction: Sansha Nation
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: EM/Therm
Web/scramble: None
Extras: Tracking disruption (Centus Plague Lord)
Recommended damage dealing: EM (best), Therm (secondary); range -38km
Recommended Ship Classes: Battleship, Command Ship, HAC, Strategic Cruiser.
Video: Machariel, Sniper MaelstromCNR

Note : Time consuming mission as your ship will need to travel a total > 100km to reach the respective warp gates. Fitting an afterburner is highly recommended.

All acceleration gates for this mission are locked until you have eliminated all hostile ships.

Pocket 1

No aggro at warp-in.

Group 1 can be independently attacked without drawing aggro.
Drones can be safely deployed as per normal.

Distance to warp gate = 58km

Group 1: Cloven Grey Asteroid (33-37km)

1x Destroyer (Centior Abomination)
2x Cruisers (Centum Hellhound/Fiend)
1x Battlecruiser (Centatis Devil/Daemon)

Group 2: Acceleration Gate & Hollow Asteroid (52-84km)

7x Frigates (Centii Butcher/Manslayer)
2x Destroyers (Centior Abomination/Monster)
2x Cruisers (Centum Hellhound/Fiend)
1x Battlecruiser (Centatis Devil/Daemon)
1x Battleship (Centus Savage Lord)

Pocket 2

No aggro at warp-in.

Attacking Group 2 will aggro the entire pocket.
Attacking either Group 1 or Group 3 can/will aggro Group 2.

Distance to warp gate = 54km

Group 1: Giant Snake-Shaped Asteroid (42-50km)

2x Destroyers (Centior Cannibal/Devourer)
4x Cruisers (Centum Hellhound/Fiend)
2x Battlecruisers (Centatis Specter)

Group 2: Acceleration Gate (60-65km)

3x Battleships (Centus Mutant Lord/Slave Lord)

Group 3: Barren Asteroid (74-76km)

4x Cruisers (Centum Multilator/Torturer)
1x Battleship (Centus Mutant Lord/Slave Lord)

Pocket 3

Group 1 may or may not aggro at warp-in.

Group 1 & 2 can be independently attacked without drawing aggro.
Attacking Group 3 will aggro the entire pocket. Did not get pocket aggro on attacking Group 3 as of 22-08-2014

Group 1:Asteroid Station (55-60km)

3x Frigates (Centii Butcher/Manslayer)
1x Destroyer (Centior Abomination/Monster)

Group 2: Asteroid Colony (58-64km)

3x Cruisers (Centum Hellhound/Fiend)
1x Battlecruiser (Centatis Daemon/Behemoth)

Group 3: Asteroid Mining Outpost (70-80km)

2x Battleships (Centus Plague Lord/Savage Lord/Mutant Lord)




Loot + Salvage


Comment by TomSchlong
2008-06-08 06:11:06
I find this to be level 4 beginners mission. The 2nd pocket is the hardest of the three. I got some range (90km) sat there not moving away and shot the left BC-group. When I did, the three BS-group in the middle attacked too, but you should be able to kill them even before they get in range. Then I moved to the gate and drive-by shot the right group, very easy.

The third pocket is even easier, since you are able to aggro all groups seperately. This was the first time I did this mission solo. I used 2 EM, 2 Thermal T2 hardeners in a Raven.
Comment by UlfskeinGangr
2008-06-18 11:45:40
I agree with TomSchlong on the overall difficulty assessment. To test his observation I took this mission on using an assault frigate (Jaguar) and was able to clear out all ships sans Battleships using only the native resists of the ship plus the addition of a Damage Control II. Ammunition used: Titanium Sabot S and Caldari Navy Gremlin rockets.

At each pocket I would then return to clean up in a Ferox, again using only native resists, with shield extenders and a medium shield booster. Ammunition used: Thunderbold Heavy Missile, Antimatter Hybrid M and Vespa I Medium Attack Drones.
Comment by AsdayXyfu
2008-06-18 15:02:18
A level 4 in a frigate class?

Is this normal?
Comment by UlfskeinGangr
2008-06-19 06:06:11
Normal? no. Possible? yes. Note that I had to come back into the mission area in a Ferox to neutralize the battleships, but a properly flown assault frigate will have the right combination of speed and damage output to take care of nearly all NPCs encountered up to and including battlecruisers.

I use level 4 missions as routine live-fire training drills when training frigate squadrons, as this is a close approximation (with respect to risk of ship loss) to actual PvP encounters.
Comment by BlasTerd
2008-07-01 11:27:05
Assault frigs get a tiny signature radius that make them nearly impossible for bs's to shoot at them. even a cruiser with an afterburner orbiting a bs @about 15km at a speed of about 450m/s can do that. The only problem is if you get webbed, or target painted (by an angel bs/hac), then you're in big trouble.
Comment by UmdSdn
2008-07-21 20:04:15
Just got 2x Savage Lords in the 3rd pocket/3rd group instead of 1x Plague and 1x Savage. The closer one was the completion trigger.
Comment by BuilderAlphaOne
2008-10-17 23:49:35
Pocket 1 also has 36 Pyro asteroids, the nearest is about 40km from the warp-in point. I estimate their total contained volume as 1.35m units [400,000 m3].
Comment by JoshWilliamson
2008-10-23 11:01:54
Drones seem to pull aggro from the other group in pocket 2 once it gets to a certain distance
Comment by KeryNysell
2008-12-14 18:14:17
I've spent the last few hours mining the Pyroxeres in the first pocket ... pulled 1,474,538 units (442,361 m³) from there.

There was also a bunch of Veldspar 'roids in the 2nd and 3rd pockets, but since I have to work tomorrow, I don't have the time to mine them and give accurate numbers ...
Comment by KeryNysell
2009-04-14 17:49:41
Got this mission again, but with more time to mine it this time (YAY for holidays), so I can add the following to my previous report :

First pocket : still 36 Pyroxeres asteroids, but I got 1.474.548 units this time.

Second pocket : 26 Veldspar asteroids, 1.285.071 units.

Third pocket : 11 Veldspar asteroids, 541.329 units.
Comment by QianzingYanshu
2009-07-16 05:37:20
Just finished the mission. in this case, it was NOT the closest BS.

1 x Mutant Lord at 68km
1 x Savage Lord at 78km

killed the mutant - nothing
killed the savage afterwards - mission accomplished
Comment by JackUnderhill
2009-07-21 23:25:12
Excellent mission for trying out a smaller ship. With no scram/web frigates, there's very little risk. AFs (see comments above regarding dps for battleships). Fleet cruisers are a lot of fun here. Have done it myself in a Stabber Fleet Issue (425 autocannons, goes about 850 m/s) and an Omen Navy Issue (Focused Medium Beam Lasers with Aurora/Gleam/Multi, goes about 650 m/s). Unpark a PvP ship and take a friend.
Comment by SkeeLol
2009-08-18 13:05:14
such an easy mission....i aggro the entire pockets and just let drones do the dirty work...good bountys and lewtz/salvages too
Comment by KarlCivan
2009-09-10 03:02:10
I think the advice about an afterburner is misplaced.

My t2 cruise/4xt2 BCS/t2 drone raven without speed mods reached the gate on both pockets around the same time I destroyed the last ships anyway.
Comment by MrT
2009-09-14 09:42:27
ca. 35 min + clean up. Bring afterburner for this mission.
Pocket 1: Fly for the pocket. (easy)
Pocket 2: (Easy)
Pocket 3: (Easy)
Comment by BalaNah
2009-09-19 12:11:02
Next time, i'll fit a burner. In the first pocket, everything was destroyed with 30 clicks to go. In pocket 2, 10 km left. With 8 guns, 3 heat sinks II and a tracking enhancer II, a BS is overkill in this. Hostiles just vaporize very fast. Drones took a break.
Comment by OmniPhil
2009-11-22 13:00:06
Easy Mission. AB is not necessary for this mission. You can dps as you approach the gate and the timing is about right when you reached the gate the mobs will be cleared.
Comment by AsCendancy
2009-11-25 15:46:36
done in a t2 paladin:
Comment by RentBoyUk
2010-04-02 10:36:13
I did this mission very easily in my tech I raven, fitted mostly with Tech I gear. I just made sure I attacked the leftmost group, which aggroed the middile group. Used 5 x Hammerhead 1 and 5 x Hobgoblin to take out smaller ships. Pulsed the shield booster occassionally when needed.

I had:
Hi Slots
6 x XT Cruise launchers with paradise cruise missiles.
2 x dual 150mm Railgun (for frigates)

Low Slots
3 x Ballistic control system II
2 x Capacitor Flux Coil II

Mid Slots
2 x 'Anointed' EM Ward (shield hardners)
1 x Ditrigonal Thermal Barrier (shield hardner)
1 x CL5 X-Large shield booster
2 x Shield Boost Amplifier I

3 x Large Cap Control Circuit
Comment by TalimaVelpari
2010-09-16 21:49:28
Found AB totally unnecessary, just approaching the gates as I fought got me to the gate or at least close.
Comment by RasiCLoud
2010-11-29 20:20:06
13mins in a tengu, though its not well eith em
Comment by CheeseCake
2011-01-03 03:22:27
In pocket 2 attacking group 2 did NOT aggro group 1
Comment by MagiX
2011-03-17 13:27:36
Non-blitz/Full clear according to current Jita prices

Salvage: 7.13M
Bounty: 5.66M
LP: 4198 x 1000 = 4.20M
Reward: 1.91M
Loot: 1.05M
Sum (no salvage): 11.77M
Sum (excl. LP): 15.75M
Sum: 19.95M

Mission (undock - reward): 26 min
Salvage (undock - dock): 12 min
Sum: 38 min

Ship: Raven (T2 some faction)
Pilot: 17.35M skill points

ISK/h: 31.50M/h
ISK/h (no salvage): 27.16M/h
ISK/h (blitz): ?
Comment by MasterWiggin
2011-03-25 15:15:56
If you so wish, you can use a MW instead of an AB. Mission allows it.
Comment by MaurriK
2011-06-10 09:21:25
Such an easy mission for a lvl 4, good clean fun. On Abby I shield tank this, don't bother with active hardener modules because everything pops so fast and hits so soft.
Comment by TheGrimlife
2011-11-27 11:33:49
can some one tell me the difference between the sansha battlecruiser and cruiser. from what i see they are the same.
Comment by FrequencyBlaze
2011-12-24 23:05:38
Completed this mission twice in one morning. Awesome rewards for a mission that you don't need to do to much as it is too easy. Puts Sansha's Nation and the Nightmare to shame

Ship - T2 Heavy Missile Passive Drake with Hobgoblin II's
9308hp Shield | 74% EM / 70% Therm / 78% Kin / 69% Exp | 331sec Shield Regen

Pocket 1: Easy pickings, shield max'd @ 85%
Pocket 2: Abit harder hitting than the previous, but shield stopped @ 55%
Pocket 3: As easy as pocket 1, no challange in this L4 mission, shield max'd @ 86%

Recommended Ammo - EM
Secondary Ammo - Therm
Comment by ArboLeda
2012-01-21 00:11:45
Ran this with a Golem with 3TP with lots of faction modules. Pocket 1 and 2 have an acceleration gate out like 50km and since I didn't take much damage, wondered about packing a MWD/AB next time. Damage was minimal in 3rd pocket.
Comment by BasBoshoven
2013-02-26 04:22:07
Mission Ship: Scorpion Navy Issue
Omni Tank: 1014 (cap stabble, lazy fittings.)
Cruise Missles: 400ps - 130km range.
Drones: 5*Hobgoblin II - 78Dps

(low damage lazy farm ship, aggro full rooms.)

Salvage Ship: Noctis
High slots: 4*Small Tractor Beam I
High slots: 4*Salvager I
Mid slots: Experimental 10MN Afterburner I
Mid slots: Experimental 10MN Microwarpdrive I
Low Slots: 3* Expanded Cargohold II
Rigs: 3* Medium Salvage Tackle I
Cargohold: 3.000m3 +-

Tractor Beam Range: 80km
Mission: The Score (Sansha's Nation)
Mission Time: 22 Minits
Mission LP/Bounty/Reward: 2327LP - 4.6M

Salvage Time: 14 Minits
Salvage Value: 10M
Comment by SteppinRazor
2017-03-29 23:15:13
Mission+Time reward 2.27M ISK, 4620LP, 6.5M ISK Salvage, 3.6M ISK Bounty
Not really worth the time
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