The Score, level 4

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Faction: Serpentis
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace with gates
Damage dealt: Thermal/ Kinetic
Recommended damage dealing: Kinetic/ Thermal
Recommended ships: Rattlesnake, Machariel, Sleipnir, Megathron, Ishtar, Dominix, Drake, Raven, Astarte, Maelstrom, Abaddon, Tengu
Recommended fit: Afterburner for warp gates 61km and 44km away.
Difficulty: Easy
Video: Cerberus, Machariel, Maelstrom

No Hostiles at initial gate.

1st Pocket

1st Group (29- 32km)

2x Destroyer (Corelior Infantry/ Soldier)
4x Cruiser (Corelum Chief Defender/ Protector)
1x Battlecruiser (Corelatis Platoon Leader)

2nd Group (52- 80km)

8x Frigate (Coreli Guard/ Safeguard)
4x Destroyer (Corelior Infantry/ Soldier)
4x Cruiser (Corelum Chief Protector)
3x Battlecruiser (Corelatis Squad Leader/ Platoon Leader)

Acceleration gate to next pocket is at 60- 62km and is locked until all hostiles are cleared.

2nd Pocket

1st Group (40- 44km)

2x Destroyer (Corelior Soldier)
6x Cruiser (Corelum Chief Defender/ Protector)
2x Battlecruiser (Corelatis Squad Leader)

2nd Group (53- 56km)

4x Cruiser (Corelum Chief Defender/ Protector)
1x Battleship (Core Port Admiral)

3rd Group (50- 52km)

3x Battleship (Core Commodore/ Port Admiral)

Acceleration gate to next pocket is at 41- 44km from warp in.

3rd Pocket

1st Group (65- 90km)

4x Frigate (Coreli Guard)
2x Destroyer (Corelior Soldier)

2nd Group (72- 77km, Lone Ships)

2x Battleship (Core Baron/ Commodore)

3rd Group (78- 86km)

4x Cruiser (Corelum Chief Protector/ Defender)
2x Battlecruiser (Corelatis Squad Leader/ Platoon Leader)
2x Battleship (Core Baron/ Commodore/ Port Admiral)

Clear the 1st room, then kill the 4 Battleships in the final room. UPDATE 4/24/2020. This does not appear to work had to clear entire first and second pockets. 4 BS in final room ends mission still.

Optional Approach
Cleared all pockets from warp in with a T2 fit Dominix (T2 Sentries), without a scratch (~592 DPS).

1st Pocket: 36 Pyroxeres asteroids (27- 59km, ~1.47 mil units).
2nd Pocket: 26 Veldspar asteroids (9- 40km).
3rd Pocket: 39 Veldspar asteroids (77- 90km).

Loot and Bounty
Loot + Salvage: ~13.2 mil
Bounty: ~6.4 mil.


Comment by TainaSalvaje
2008-05-30 18:24:38
I'll add this in a comment, since I'm new here and not sure how to add to reports. If an editor would rather include it, please do :)

I used a t2 fitted Astarte. Rails with thorium, and Hammerhead II drones.
Damage Resist: Pitiful. Other than the last (right group) domi in pocket 2, nothing even got through my shields. (No shield mods, full - and unused - armour tank)
However, while attacking left group, the middle group aggro'd. I wasn't using drones then, so it wasn't that, and my range was about 65km. Maybe there's a random element here.
I took a total of 98hp of armour damage in the whole mission. I didn't bother turning on any repairers.
Comment by ChepeNolon
2008-06-06 11:18:01
It's the purpose of comments to include observations like this and setups. Added the Astarte to the recommended ships list.
Comment by DirkFallows
2008-06-22 04:00:28
Pocket 1 contains 35 pyroxeres roids starting approx 25km from the warp-in beacon.
Comment by FaragonSmythe
2008-06-24 18:17:32
When I attacked group 1 in pocket 2, the battleship group aggroed on me.
Comment by FaragonSmythe
2008-06-24 18:40:44
Coreli Guards, 7,500 ISK
Coreli Safeguard, 7,875 ISK
Corelior Soldier, 11,813 ISK
Corelior Infantry, 12,375 ISK
Corelum Chief Defender, 68,438 ISK
Corelum Chief Protector, 74,063 ISK
Corelatis Squad Leader, 135,000 ISK
Corelatis Platoon Leader, 138,750 ISK
Core Commodore, 431,250 ISK
Core Port Admiral, 487,500 ISK
Comment by FaragonSmythe
2008-06-24 22:34:49
Core Baron, 375,000 ISK
Comment by BjattaJr
2008-07-02 02:19:17
Done with Dominix (2x SentryDamageAugmentor T1 rig) single LAR T2, 2x(T2 Thermic & Kinetic active hardener, MAgStab II, 3x425mm Prototype) Easy
1st gate at 57 km from JIP
2nd gate at 41 km from JIP
Comment by AlannisEve
2008-08-20 09:46:03
Done several times with Navy Mega.
1 x 1600mm plate
1 x Kinetic Hardner II
1 x Thermal Hardner II
1 x EANM
3 x Mag Stab II
1 x Large Armor Repper
1 x Tracking Comp
3 x Cap Recharger II
6 x 425 Proto Gauss
1 x Named Heavy Nos
1 x Tbeam
Suggested drones - 4 x Ogre II and 5 x Hob II. The hobs are there incase frigs get close. Ogres are helpful in taking down cruisers.
Gives 77% kin thermal. Its not great but enough if you are sensible and kill the frigs, then cruisers, then BS - all the time moving away from the pockets.

You can aggro only part of each room by shooting far left on the first section and then at the frigs down and right on the second.

Move away first and use tungsten to engage at maximum range and pick them off. 2 guns on each frig should insta pop them or take 2 volleys at the most. Don't just use Anti Matter. Stuff gets too close in large groups and its hard to take them all down.
Comment by PeterTjordenskiold
2008-08-31 11:20:35
The damage types are ca.

2/3 Thermal
1/3 Kinetic
Comment by SazukaKirr
2008-09-23 12:35:05
Warden's (Caldari Sentry Drones) work brilliantly on this mission!
Comment by ShukakuGaara
2008-09-25 15:52:57
DPS on this mision is pretty poor. done in a maelstrom with x2 thermic x1 kinetic hardener and named large booster (didn't even bothered on the tank, shield was 100% all the time). works good to snipe at medium/long range 'cuz there is no aggro, used named 1400MMs on this case, and t2 hammerheads
Comment by ZorDuk
2008-11-20 07:46:06
Just want to add, that you need to travel quite some distance on this mission:

gate is 66km away in first pocket - 45km in second
Comment by OdiTogre
2008-12-27 02:22:54
Very easy in Nighthawk.
Comment by OdiTogre
2008-12-27 22:48:28
Something like 350k m3 Pyro in first pocket (can't remember exact, but it was about 3 Orca loads at 114k m3 per load).
Comment by DonnaBlitzenn
2009-01-21 05:26:00
Done in a shield-tanked Typhoon (level 2 Min BS, level 2 Cruise Missiles, level 2 Large Proj.).

5 Wasp I
5 Vespa I

4 1200mm Heavy Prototype Siege Cannon (Phased Plasma)
4 Limos Cruise launcher (Wrath)

1 Heat Dissipation Field II
2 Invulnerability Field II

2 Capacitor Flux Coil II
2 Power Diagnostic System II
2 Ballistic Control System II
1 Tracking Enhancer II

3 Capacitor Control Circuit I

Never dropped below 97% shields.

Phased Plasma ammo is the best projectile ammo against Serpentis - even though they're most vulnerable to kinetic (use that for missiles and drones). Second best is Titanium Sabot at 90% the effect of plasma.
Comment by JennaMerinne
2009-01-23 01:21:59
Completed with Manticore
3x Arby w/Wrath, AB, BCII, other genral non-consequential fittings.

Varying orbits between 44k off stationary objects to 2500m around heavy targets. Didn't take any amount of damage I couldn't boost back up in 5-10 seconds.

Comment by KismetEer
2009-03-10 22:15:19
Post Apoc: Easy to complete in passive ishtar, just sniped everything, didn't drop below 99% shields, seriously. Really really easy like that. Used Garde's and Curators.
Comment by XoddHil
2009-05-14 09:46:55
Done in abaddon, damn easy. hardly any armor damage at all.
Comment by RuoBoat
2009-06-27 05:15:58
In Pocket 2, Group 3 aggros when you fire on Group 2
Comment by JackUnderhill
2009-08-14 23:24:52
Ishkur: fairly quick, very easy.
Comment by SinxarKnights
2009-08-16 13:22:22
A fast ship is not needed for this mission. Just start flying to the gate and by the time you get there, normally there are ships still left.

Using a Dominix - 2x Kinetic and 2x Thermic Armor Hardeners with 2x LARIIs.

Low DPS, fairly easy mission.
Comment by MrT
2009-08-24 16:50:56
The Score, level 4
Pocket 1: Very very easy. Fly for the gate emediately. You have to travel, bring affterburner.
Pocket 2: Very easy. You have to travel, bring affterburner.
Pocket 3: Very easy.

Bounty: 5,8 mill
Mission: 1,4 mill
Loot and salvage: 6,1 mill
Total: 13,3 mill
Comment by NatashaSeryushkin
2009-10-20 16:05:56
*yawn* Used Brutix. Took ages. Recommend Dominix with half tank and cargo expanders and salvage it as you go.
Comment by ShayBeth
2009-12-27 19:01:13
T2 passive tanked Drake took full agro in each pocket and very little shield damage. Didnt use any drones; only T1 scourge heavy missiles. Worst part of mission is traveling from gate to gate. :(
Comment by Dethbringer1
2010-02-19 04:34:30
My second lvl 4 mission. I Used a Myrmidon. I was nervous about doing it myself so I had a friend bring his Myrmidon. With 2 Myrmidons the mission was very easy. He tanked for me and used my shield transporter on his ship. He only got into armor once but very slight. Most of the mission he was at over 95% shields. I only have 30k range with warp stabilizer. Without it I problably could have did the mission kiting easily.
Comment by MiraDor
2010-04-01 15:09:02
I figured I'd eliminate Group 3 in Pocket 2 first to avoid the double agro...Don't!!!! The whole pocket agro'd. Still survived in my Drake, had to align to my favourite stargate and then once the DPS came down, approached the accel gate. Never went under 30% shield.
Comment by LordThanos
2010-06-12 20:56:52
Done in a Sacrilege. Real easy mission, was like a walk in the park.

4x arbalest heavy assault missile w/ terror
E50 prototype energy vamp

cap recharger II
republic fleet 10mn afterburner
phased weapon nav array
federation stasis webifier

dread guristas ballistic control system
ballistic control system II
energized adaptive nano membrane II
armor thermic hardener II
medium armor repairer II

medium warehead calefaction catalyst I
large rocket fuel cache partition I (pre dominion, medium is used now)
Comment by JakeMcCord
2010-07-22 01:08:50
Did it in my Loki, no problems.
Comment by DaniloLatas
2010-07-23 12:56:21
did it in my ishkur, was pretty easy
Comment by MarcusDeadgray
2010-07-28 15:54:16
Made it in Myrmidon, never was below 3/4 armor.
Comment by AdmiralProud
2010-09-29 18:48:03
You actually don't need a afterburner if you start heading towards the acceleration gate as soon as you warp into the pocket and kill enemies on the way.
Comment by Jzono1
2010-10-08 09:08:36
Done in both Abaddon and Navy Omen.

In the Abaddon, it's just a matter of shooting things while slowboating towards the gate. It's possible to save some time by primarying the port/rear admirals if your ship doesn't hit good at 45-50km.

In the Navy Omen, it was easy. Speedtank works fine, but the asteroids can be troublesome. At roughly the same speed, with more fun - I'd recommended trying a small ship in this mission. It's too easy in a BS.
Comment by Vis3
2011-03-31 10:54:15
Completed in a Dramiel in around 60 mins, not blitzed.

2x 200mm Autocannon II
1x 'Arbalest' Rocket Launcher
1x Gistii B-Type afterburner
1x Gistii B-Type Shield Booster
1x Cap Recharger II
1x Small Shield Extender II
3x Republic Fleet Gyrostabilizer
Rigs: Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer, Anti-Thermal Screen Reinforcer, Projectile Burst Aerator, all T1
3x Hornet II
Kinetic Faction Ammo
Comment by BaboonMan
2011-07-08 18:00:21
_Extremely easy_ in a single large armour rep II fit Typhoon Fleet Issue (and I see no reason why a regular Typhoon wouldn't breeze through as well), or a passive Drake. I expect I could also manage in a long range fit cruiser if I cared to take the time - DPS was that light, and ewar non-existent. I'll have to give that a go some day...
Comment by ReaveToralen
2012-01-08 15:03:51
No problem. Passive T2 Drake - less than 30 minutes full cleaning.
Comment by LolesChech
2012-02-07 18:09:23
Don't bring an AB, I brought one and never used it.
Comment by TecaK
2012-04-29 21:31:48
Kinetic deals a minimum damage. Thermal is the best choice.
Comment by VioletGiraffe
2012-07-10 13:51:59
Jul 10 2012 - 4 BSes
Comment by VaerahVahrokha
2012-08-23 12:50:22
9.17M loot value as of today
Comment by VaerahVahrokha
2012-08-23 19:32:06
Pocket 1: 1474538 Pyroxeres
Pocket 2: 1285071 Veldspar
Pocket 3: 1773432 Veldspar

Total Veldspar: 3058503
Comment by EolIt
2012-10-20 14:05:55
8x 420mm T2 Rail
Spike ammo
4x Mag Stab II
1x DC II
2x cap recharge
Sensor Booster II
10mn MWD II
Medium Processor Overclock I

Backed out to 100 km and targeted fast ships first. Frigs were 1 shot targets. Cruisers took 3-4 shots. BCs were 4-5 shots. Used "keep at range" 100 km on nearest Battleship. BS took 8-10 shots to kill. Even with room aggro there was no threat DPS issue.

Glassback, no-tank Talos took zero hits. Cleared in 45 minutes including looting and dropping off loot between rooms.
Comment by BoneDriver
2013-03-16 22:16:42
Did it in a drake without issues, though the frigs named Agents DO warp scramble. One of the other types did as well, but those almost always did. Be sure to pop them first if you're worried about your tank.
Comment by DrinkingFrog
2013-04-16 15:15:11
Absolutely no reason to bring an AB. The gates to each room are locked, and there was plenty of time for even my Domi to make it there before all the ships were gone.

Easy mission.
Comment by ReaveR894
2013-04-17 15:47:19
Very easy mission to do,

5.8m in bounties took 25 minutes to kill everything
16.4m loot and salvage according to the ingame estimate (9.4m was a lucky drop of a serpentis brass tag) about 10-15mins to loot and salvage

40 minutes max from undock to turn in
Comment by CaptNemo
2014-02-28 04:09:59
Completed in Vexor Navy Issue with sentry drones (Warden I). During the entire mission I was at 100% shields (there was no ship aggro at all). However, my drones took some aggro.

One of the easiest Level 4 missions.
Comment by SpartiCus
2014-12-29 00:45:08
At 12/2014
1.4 mill in salvage
1.2 mill in loot
2.6 mill total

Will update next time round.
Comment by hal9k
2018-04-15 01:55:23
easy lvl 4 for alpha drop out of warp get to optimum range deploy mtu orbit it destroy enemy other pockets repeat

Loot 1.7m
Salvage 5.2m
Bounties 5.5m
Comment by hal9k
2018-10-04 10:06:06
same as above this time in raven
Loot 3m
Salvage 10.8m
Bounties 6.2m
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