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Screenshots can be added to show placement of the different groups. To be useful, remember the following steps:

- Enable the tactical overview
- Zoom out so you get everything into a smaller screenshot (and to save some bandwidth).
- Rotate if needed.

When submitting directly to the guide via the uploader, remember to just crop out the important part. Also, adding text can help out, but is not needed.
Don't shrink the image. Instead try to zoom out more so you can crop more.

The format for the image filename should be as below. Please do not use any capital letters :

(//mission name//)(//mission level//)(//faction//)-(//pocket number/location//).jpg

__Examples __:

- Silence The Informant, Level 4, Pocket 1 : silencetheinformant4-1.jpg
- The Assault, Level 4, Guristas Pirates, Pocket 2 : assault4gu-2.jpg

===Examples of screenshots:===

From Worlds Collide (Sansha):

{{image url="" title="Pocket 2 (Angel Base)" alt="Angel Base At Warp-In"}}

{{image url="" title="Pocket 3 (Research Outpost)" alt="Research Outpost At Warp-In"}}

To submit screenshots, join the ingame channel Eve-Survival, and get the email address from there.

======Screenshot Tools======

You need a tool which can crop an image, put in text annotations, draw and export image from Bitmap (.bmp) to JPEG (.jpg)
Below are the 2 generally available tools to get the job done with minimal hassle :

- __**Microsoft Picture Manager**__

A Microsoft Office program (if you have it installed), found under Microsoft Office Tools. Purely used for cropping the original Bitmap image.
If you don't have this program installed, don't worry. It just makes the image cropping less painful.

- __**Paint**__

A Windows default program, found under Accessories. Mainly used for editing i.e. adding texts, drawings and export to JPEG.
The export to JPEG function is "Save As". The resulting file size is noticeably smaller when compared to a Microsoft Picture Manager's export, with negligible differences in quality.

__Example steps:__

- Crop & save the Bitmap image with Microsoft Picture Manager. Recommended picture size is around 400-700 pixels (horizontal & vertical).
- Using Paint, annotate the Bitmap image with text/drawings as needed and then save it. Recommended font/size is Arial 20 (for group numbers) and Arial 10 (for general text).
- Finally, export the Bitmap image using the "Save As" function in Paint. Select the "Save as type" to JPEG and save the file.
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