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======Secret Project X, level 3======

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Faction: Mercenary
Mission type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: All kinds
Reccomended damage dealing: Thermal
Recommended ships: Raven

=====Secret Project X (1 of 3)=====

====Single Pocket====

===Group 1: (10km) (Automatic aggro)===
1x Heavy Missile Battery
3x Mercenary Elite Fighter

===Group 2: (60km)===
1x Mercenary Lieutenant
1x Mercenary Commander
1x Mercenary Wingman
x2 Mercenary Elite Fighter
1x Mercenary Corporal

=====Secret Project X (2 of 3)=====

2x Mercenary Commanders,
4x Mercenary Elite Fighters
1x Asteroid Colony (Mission Objective)

The mission has Omber and Veldspar roids in it!

=====Secret Project X (3 of 3)=====
Faction: Amarr Navy
Mission type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: Em, Therm
Reccomended damage dealing: Therm

====Pocket 1====
A lot of Amarr Navy Sentries

====Pocket 2====

===Group 1:===
2x Amarr Navy Soldier
3x Amarr Navy Omen
2x Amarr Navy Light Missile Battery

===Group 2:===
Amarr Navy Elite Soldier
Amarr Navy Raid Leader (Drops mission objective in a can)
Amarr Navy Maller
Amarr Navy Omen
Amarr Navy Officer

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