Serpentis Extravaganza, level 3

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Faction: Serpentis
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: Therm, Kinetic
Extras: Light dampening
Web/Scramble: Guardian Veterans
Recommended damage dealing: Thermal/Kinetic
Recommended ships: Drake, Jaguar, Hurricane

No hostiles at initial gate.

Pocket 1

No warp-in aggro, no triggers, no groups triggering other groups, only minor dampening.
3 Light Missile Batteriy (aggroes you if distance to them 40km or less)

Group 1: (near barren asteroid, 35km)

3x Corelum (Cruiser class)

Group 2: (near hollow asteroid, 45km)

5x Corelior (Destroyer class)

Group 3: (near station ruins, 50km)

2x Guardian Veteran (Elite Frigate class)
1x Corelum (Cruiser class)

Group 4: (near "under construction", 55km)

1x Guardian Veteran (Elite Frigate class)
2x Corelum (Cruiser class)
1x Corelatis (Battlecruiser class)

Group 5: (near the missile batteries, 80km)

3x Corelum (Cruiser class)

Group 6: (near coral rock, 60km)

4x Coreli (Frigate class)
2x Corelatis (Battlecruiser class)

Group 7: (near barren asteroid, 70km)

1x Corelum (Cruiser class)
1x Corelatis (Battlecruiser class)

Possible Spawn (78 km)

2x Corelum Chiefs (Cruiser class)

Serpentis Bunker sometimes drops loot.
Sentry Towers may drop ammo.

Pocket 2

Aggro from 1x Gistum (Cruiser class, 13km) and 5x Tower Sentry Serpentis II (7-22km).

Sentry Towers may drop ammo.

Pocket 3

Warp-in aggro from group 1, no triggers, no range aggro or only extremely small range (<10km)

Blitz: Kill Franz Krealo to trigger mission completion.

Group 1: (Automatic aggro, 0km)

1x Guardian Veteran (Elite Frigate class)
2x Coreli (Frigate class) WEB

Group 2: (left, 55km Solar Harvester)

3x Corelum (Cruiser class)

Group 3: (right, 50km, Rock Formation)

2x Corelior (Destroyer class)
2x Corelum (Cruiser class)

Group 4: (center front, 40km, Serpentis Bunker, Brothel, Pressure Silo)

2x Corelior (Destroyer class)
3x Corelum (Cruiser class)

Group 5: (center back, 60km, Particle Accelerator)

2x Guardian Veteran (Elite Frigate class)
1x Corelum (Cruiser)

Group 6: (bounced out of the force field, 110-130km, Serpentis Shipyard)

1x Franz Krealo (Battlecruiser class)

Approx 1,9mil to 7,0mil in Loot & Salvage, 2,636,697 In Bounty


Comment by AmaruDeltmartuk
2009-01-10 14:34:50
anybody know if the bunker drops anything?
Comment by HansKraut
2009-01-21 04:19:16
The bunker is empty
Comment by ZedandMaynard
2009-01-28 01:14:08
Serpentis Bunker dropped for me 27Jan09 - Cap Booster50. This is the second drop I have had.
Comment by WhiteRing
2009-07-20 13:43:02
Serpentis Bunker in pockets 1 & 3 can drop loot.
Comment by Dethbringer1
2010-02-18 06:02:05
Blew up every structure in the first pocket, but none dropped loot.
Blew up every structure on the last pocket. Except the "Solar Harvester". I only got loot from the bunker which was 10x(Cap Charger 400) + 100x(Medium Iron Hybrid Ammunition). Server shut down before I could finish the Harvester off.
Comment by OrGasn
2010-09-02 19:41:25
Easy on my BC Hurricane. Esp with dual auto cannon. Not more then about 5 ships attacking at a time. 3.5 M rewards and about 2.7 M salvaged.
Comment by ReaverGlitterstim
2011-04-06 18:35:45
Destroyed the Solar Harvester once, nothing dropped.
Comment by ClarinaKusoni
2011-07-27 14:51:18
Confirmed that the harvester doesn't drop anything. Bunker in pocket 1 dropped nothing, pocket 3 bunker did, though
Comment by ElemWiz
2011-12-05 16:43:45
Bunker in the first pocket dropped Cap Booster 200 x 10.
Comment by SeldrichOikel
2013-03-26 13:09:19
extremely easy mission with a "cane" bunker in the first pocket dropped Cap Booster 100 x 10.
Comment by ReaveR894
2013-04-20 17:25:39
ran in a HAM cerb, bring an AB or even an mwd

easy just timeconsuming with 40km range on launchers
Comment by HaruChan
2013-11-19 22:24:56
Pocket 3 Group 1
it was the Guardian Veteran, not the Coreli who webbed me.
Comment by JeanInkura
2017-02-20 01:01:55
Comfirm loot & salvage 7.6 mil (evepraisal).
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