Serpentis Extravaganza, Level 4

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Faction: Serpentis
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: Thermal/ Kinetic
Web/ Scramble: Elite Frigates, Spider Drones
Extras: Sensor Dampening
Recommended damage dealing: Kinetic/ Thermal
Recommended ship class: Marauder, Battleship, Heavy Assault Cruiser
Video: Machariel, Sniper Maelstrom

Micro Jump Drive is recommended for the last Room.
As with all missions, hostiles will aggro and web drones, keep a eye on them.

No hostiles at initial gate.

1st Pocket

The warp gate will be locked until you have eliminated all hostile ships.

1st Group (18- 23km, Scanner Outpost)

4x Elite Frigate (Guardian Veteran) Attack Trigger Cruiser Spawn, Web/ Scramble

2nd Group (21- 28km, Blasted Neon Sign)

4x Destroyer (Corelior Soldier/ Trooper)
2x Cruiser (Corelum Chief Sentinel/ Chief Infantry) Trigger Frigate Spawn
1x Battleship (Core Port Admiral/ Commodore)

3rd Group (31- 36km, Serpentis Storage Facility)

2x Battlecruiser (Corelatis Platoon Leader)
3x Battleship (Core Baron/ Commodore)

4th Group (40- 46km, Serpentis Prison)

4x Battleship (Core Baron/ Commodore)
2x Serpentis Personnel Transport

Cruiser Spawn (19- 24km)

Auto Aggro.
5x Cruiser (Corelum Chief Guard/ Sentinel/ Safeguard) Sensor Dampening

Frigate Spawn (25- 26km)

May auto aggro.
3x Elite Frigate (Guardian Veteran) Web/ Scramble

Serpentis Storage Facility drops NPC trade goods.
Serpentis Prison drops NPC passengers.

2nd Pocket

The 2nd Group can be attacked independently without drawing pocket aggro.
Attacking the 1st Group will aggro the 3rd Group and vice-versa.
The warp gate will be locked until you have eliminated all hostile ships.

1st Group (17- 24km, Asteroid Mining Post)

2x Battlecruiser (Corelatis Wing Leader/ Squad Leader)

2nd Group (22- 31km, Barren Asteroid)

3x Battleship (Core Baron/ Commodore)

3rd Group (35- 50km, Hollow Asteroid)

Attacking this group trigger Frigate Spawn
2x Elite Frigate (Guardian Veteran) Web/ Scramble
2x Destroyer (Corelior Infantry/ Soldier)
3x Cruiser (Corelum Chief Spy/ Scout)
3x Battlecruiser (Corelatis Platoon Leader/ Squad Leader)
1x Battleship (Core Port Admiral/ Rear Admiral)

Frigate Spawn (27- 30km, Asteroid Mining Post)

3x Elite Frigate (Guardian Veteran) Web/ Scramble

3rd Pocket

Auto aggro from 1st Group.
The 1st and 2nd Group may be attacked independently without drawing pocket aggro.
Attacking the 3rd Group will aggro the 4th Group (Krayak Sarpanti) and vice versa.

1st Group (2- 5km, Beacon)

Auto aggro.
4x Destroyer (Corelior Infantry/ Sentinel)
4x Battlecruiser (Corelatis Squad Leader/ Platoon Leader)
1x Battleship (Core Flotilla Admiral/ Rear Admiral)

2nd Group (20- 39km, Strange Rock Formation)

3x Cruiser (Corelum Chief Defender/ Protector)
3x Battleship (Core Rear Admiral/ Commodore/ Port Admiral)

3rd Group (20- 30km, Serpentis Storage Facility)

3x Battlecruiser (Corelatis Squad Leader/ Platoon Leader)
2x Battleship (Core Admiral/ Vice Admiral) Damp

4th Group (42- 65km, Serpentis Stronghold)

2x Serpentis Heavy Missile Battery
1x Battleship (Krayek Sarpanti) Attack Trigger Spawns

Spawn (20- 30km)

3x Spider Drone I Web/ Scramble
4x Elite Frigate (Guardian Veteran) Web/ Scramble
4x Battlecruiser (Corelatis Squad Leader/ Platoon Leader)

Serpentis Stronghold structure has over 200,000 HP, does not have to be destroyed and drops nothing of value.
Serpentis Storage Facility drops Commodities and 50 Metal Scraps.

1st and 2nd Pocket: Eliminate all ships to unlock the warp gate.
3rd Pocket: Kill or ignore the 1st Group. Eliminate the 3 Spider Drones and Krayek Sarpanti.

Loot and Bounty
Loot + Salvage: ~24.6 Mil
Bounty: ~13.3 mil

Comment by PeterTjordenskiold
2008-06-06 19:51:49
In pocket 1 there is no more aggro if you try to move away
Comment by LilMina
2008-07-29 09:01:56
Blitz only works for me in the lvl 3 version, not the lvl 4 version.
Comment by UmdSdn
2008-08-07 01:44:25
Confirmed: Only eliminating Sarpanti doesn't blitz. However, you don't have to kill everything in pocket 3 to get mission complete. Will keep better track of the groups next time.
Comment by KimbeauSurveryor
2008-08-07 11:39:28
Not sure the dire warnings about drones in the third pocket are entirely warranted. Of course care is needed, but no more than in other missions, so far as I can see. the 40km figure seems exaggerated, to me?
Comment by Ursaa3
2008-12-07 01:38:45
distance to redguys is not fixed. I spent a lot of time in pocket 2 - when I warped into pocket 3, I was right in the middle of a furball - completely surrounded and at close quarters.
Comment by Talemacus1
2008-12-12 10:52:09
I can confirm that Ursaa3 warp into 3rd pocket at no more then 5-10 km and it is a holy heck of DPS. Also, it happened once but I can confirm that a Gist Warlord BS WAS webbing me. I know that should never happen but nothing else was within 80 km. When it died the webbing died.
Comment by WolfBiss
2009-04-17 20:22:39
I got webbed several times, but never scrambled.
Comment by AleciumZaber
2009-04-18 13:36:42
did this with a two man team and was very easy.

Tank/DD ship
Dominix Droneboat with N-Type resist mods and a single Large 'Accommodation' armor repper. Used T1 drones for DPS and 3x Medium rials with antimatter ammo. Brought Hobs for frigs, Hammers for dessies/cruisers/BCs, and Ogres for BSs.

Support Ship (remote repper) was a Brutix with dual Large Remote armor reppers and 5x medium Armor Maint bot drones

Enter the pocket, grab aggro from EVERYTHING. Quickly bring in the support ship once the tank grabs aggro from ALL ships. Support ship targets the tank and activates the reppers and the drones. Tank/DD ship lets drones loose and they go to work killing everything. Remote repper was good enough for this that I actually turned off the Tank ship's repper at one point just to see if the tank would hold.

With this strategy, webbing/scramming (which never happened in this mission) is not an issue. even getting the tank NOS'd doesn't affect the ability to tank. You can do this with a friend or do it "solo" if you have 2 accounts. Easy mode
Comment by XoddHil
2009-04-28 16:33:51
It's easy on a one man team as well. Get a dual LAR domi and decent skills. No need for a second ship.
Comment by ForteEXE
2009-07-10 05:29:23
This mission's changed. Not everything spawns at once now, and spider drones aren't present in the last pocket. Not sure if it's lag or not, but there was definitely a difference than normal.
Comment by JanniasSin
2009-08-26 11:03:31
Confirm changes made.
3 Guardian Veterans in group 2 pocket 2 spawned instead after killing the 2 Guardian Veterans from group 3.
And the 3 spider drones spawn as soon as Krayak Sarpanti takes any damage.
Group 3 not present at initial warp-in, instead spawned as Krayak went below 50% shields
Comment by PlecostomusGibbiceps
2010-05-12 09:58:36
Completed in Abaddon.

Pockets 1 and 2 can be completed with standard setup, for me that means 1 LAR, 3 heatsink II's, 1 kin hardener II, 1 therm hardener II, 1 pdu.

Pocket 3, however is a different story, please believe the previous comments by other users, in pocket 3 you warp smack bang right into the middle of quite a sizeable group of ships that deal out a fairly large amount of DPS, kiting IS NOT an option, so setup your ship for pocket 3 to deal with the close in DPS, for me this meant sacrificing a heatsink for a 2nd LAR, and dealing with the close in BS's first to reduce the DPS.
Comment by GuiltyBoomerang
2010-08-16 12:31:43
Completed in Myrmidon with 2xTherm Hardener IIs, 2x Kin Hardener IIs, 2x MAR IIs, and Blaster/Afterburner setup.

All Pockets are easy with everything turned on, armor never dipped below 91% with proper management of aggro. Just watch for webbing from the Guardian Veterans once they get close.

Did not get aggro on deploying drones to take out the 1st group in Pocket 3, although Krayek Sarpanti aggroed me upon attacking Group 2. Sarpanti will deploy spider drones around him once he reaches armor. They will target any drones, but light scouts are invulnerable to them, so switch once they spawn.
Comment by DamithdEstelas
2011-05-13 08:17:26
Confirming changes noted in previous 4 comments. Have amended mission details to reflect these changes and a few others I noted.
Comment by DamithdEstelas
2011-05-13 08:24:25
Completed in Dominix with 2x LAR IIs, DCU II, 2x Therm Hardener IIs, 2x Kin Hardener IIs. Used drones (Hobgoblin/Hammerhead/Ogre/Warden) throughout without any problems (though you need to keep an eye on the several delayed spawns and pull drones in if necessary to redirect aggro). Relatively easy/straightforward mission with reasonable aggro management.
Comment by DragonDrone
2012-07-16 14:39:17
Done in Proteus ( ) + Wardens.

First two pockets don't even managed through shields. No drone aggro at all if you blow up frigs and cruisers first.

400+m3 loot, salvaging worth it.
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