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The Seven's Brothel, level 2

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Reported by: ChepeNolon
Faction: Mercenaries
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Normal
Damage dealt: All kinds
Recommended damage dealing: Kinetic and/or Thermal
Recommended ships: Heavy frigates, Cruisers
Completed in: Pulse-laser Punisher MacLypse

Group 1 (70km)

2x Frigates (Seven Death Dealer)

Group 2 (40km)

2x Frigates (Seven Death Dealer, Seven Grunt )

Group 3 (60km)

2x Cruiser (Sarrah, Rogue Mercenary Thorn )

Group 4 (30km)

1x Tower Sentry Drone I, aggro after a few sec

You only need to destroy group 3 and mission is completed.

Warping out wherever and back in at 0m will change distances this way
The brothel is the only building that drops a can.

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