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BloodStainedStars1multi The Blood-Stained Stars

Part V: Shifting Foundations

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The missing capsuleer you are looking for has been quite busy recently. He was almost caught smuggling something out of Minmatar space. Help us out, and we'll be there to help when you finally find your prey. Your first step will be to scout one of their major smuggling hubs and report back on the strength of security forces there. Once I have all the information I need, I'll give you the order to fall back.
Completion: Hang around at warp-in, until agent conversation pops up.
I need you to take these surveillance captures over to a friend of mine. He'll want to see them before he commits his own forces to the fight. Once he has the information he needs, he'll probably want to send you in first to take out the heaviest security; then his people will follow in to clean up. I hope you're ready for this.
Completion: Report to Tarak Erand at Lustrevik VII - Moon 9 - Brutor tribe Academy.
My men are currently standing by, ready to launch a secondary assault on a poorly defended base nearby. This should draw a good portion of the security forces off the base we're truly aiming for. That's when you sweep in. Kill everything that moves, Ian Chi. If you can take out their reinforcements and logistics, then we'll be able to clean up what's left.
Completion: Destroy Auxiliary Power Array.
Encounter type: Deadspace without gate.
Faction: Guristas and Serpentis.
Just take out the goal. Orbiting helps sustain damage.
4x Guristas Frigates
1x Serpentis Cruiser
Massive amount of othr crap that soon leave.
We have the names of three lieutenants, supposedly the underlings for the man running this whole operation. If we can capture one of them, then maybe they'll know something about this missing capsuleer of yours. They are supposed to be meeting at a nearby deadspace facility, arranging some kind of "big deal". Once you clear the area, we should be able to scan the structures and locate any of the lieutenants, assuming they're still hanging around. Fly by and pick them up. If they refuse to board, pop a few shots off into the facility shields. That usually convinces people you mean business.
Completion: Scratch Habitation Module a bit.
Encounter type: Deadspace without gate.
Faction: Angel Cartel.
Kill guards, then Habitation Module spawn. Make it scratched a bit until the mission gets completed.
7x Angel Rookie
Keita says she found something in the evidence you brought over from your tours around State and Federation space. She thinks it might help her people direct the interrogation of Kirus, so we need you to take him back to her. We will speak again perhaps, once Keita has gleaned some information from Kirus. If we don't, then let me say that it's been a pleasure having you as a friend and ally of the Minmatar people.
Completion: Head back to Keita Eslin at Hek IV - Krusual tribe Bureau.
We've discovered the location of the lead smuggler, Izia Tabar. Kill him and I promise you that everything else will fall into place.
Completion: Assassinate Izia Tabar.
Encounter type: Deadspace without gate.
Faction: Angel Cartel.
Objective spawn, when initial guards all dead.
10x Angel Rookie
Spawn 1:
1x Izia Tabar (Punisher - suspected heavy EM/TM damage)
Moments ago, we received word that our man is now trapped there. We had hoped the Tabar's assassination would scatter the remnants of his forces and provide an easy escape, but we had no such luck. One of Tabar's remaining lieutenants, an Ammatar by the name of Mizara Nefra, has returned to the facility and taken over.
Not only is our spy and your only lead captured, but this smuggling crew may operate again someday unless we put a stop to this. You must kill Mizara and recover our agent.
Completion: Kill Mizara.
Encounter type: No deadspace.
Faction: Mercenary.
3x Angel Rookie
Spawn 1:
3x Caldari Frigates
1x Mizara (Identical frigate)
Keita Eslin wants you to leave Minmatar space to speak to Dovrich Anselm in Amarr space.
Completion: Head to Tanoo V - Moon 1 - Ammatar Consulate Bureau and meet Dovirch Anselm there.
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