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======Basic tips on setting up certain ships.======


I made this guide to answer a lot of common questions from people that just got their hands on different ships. I will however encourage people reading the forums, especially this forum post (out of game) as I will not go into detail, nor cover a lot of ships. I'm also considering the ships will be used in level 4 missions, solo. Use this as the basics to build up a ship you're comfortable flying.

More specific setups can be found in [[ | this thread]].

=====The setups=====

I tend to start with the tank first, and getting to know the ship that way. Then work on the main weapons and lastly fill the gaps for what the main weapons can't defeat. Usually you'll face everything from fast flying interceptors to hard tanking battleships.


I'll start with the most used ship in eve. Most used for a reason. There isn't much to say about it. Just try to get a tank going, and then try to adjust the setup for your needs and skills.

- High: 6x Cruise missile launchers, 1-2x heavy nos
- Med: 1x XL Shield booster, 1x shield boost amp, 3-4x hardeners (for the missing slot if using 3x hardeners: another x shield boost amp or 1x Cap recharger)
- Low: 2-3x Ballistic Control System, 2-3x Power Diagnostic Unit, 0-1x Damage Control
- Rigs: 2x Warhead Rigor Catalyst, 1x Capacitor Control Circuit
- Drones: 5x Medium, 5x small


A ship that can be fitted in a myriad of ways. I started out with this. Then exchanged a lot of the parts when the tank held. Before investing in any expensive faction stuff, I recommend fitting at least 1 or 2x of the Auxiliary Nano Pump rig. There is no need for a webifier as the smaller drones will make short work of any interceptor attacking you.

- High: Nos + utility
- Med: 5x Cap rechargers
- Low: 2x Large Armor Repaiers, 3x hardeners, 1-2x Cap relays, 0-1x Energized adaptive nano membrane / Damage Control
- Rigs: 1-2x Auxillary Nano Pumps, 1-2x CCC
- Drones: 5x Small, 5x Medium, Rest Heavy.


Though to fit this one. But it keeps flying even with named and t2 items.

- * High: 2x Medium nos
- * Med: 1x 10mn Afterburner, 3x Cap Rechargers, 1x Large Peroxide Battery
- * Low: 1x Medium Armor Repairer, 1x Small Armor Repairer, 3x Armor Hardeners
- * Rigs: Auxiliary Nano Pump
- * Drones: 5x Light, rest heavy


There is a lot of ways to fit this. Never flown one myself, so I'm entering the setup submitted ZhouXi:

- High: 7x Heavy Missile Launchers II
- Med: 2x Large Shield Extender, 4x Damage Spesific Shield Amplifier IIs
- Low: 3x BCU II, 1x Beta Reactor Control: Shield Power Relay I
- Rigs: 3x Core Defence Field Purger I
- Drones: 5x light drones

If fighting drones or Mercenaries, the mid slots are changed to:
2x Large Shield Extender IIs, 2x Invulnerability field IIs, 2x Shield Damage Amplifiers (Kin/Therm for mercenaries, EM/Therm for Drones)


A ship that has to be fit to suit your fighting style, like other gunships.

- High: 4x 650mm artilleries, 4x Cruise Launchers
- Med: 4x Cap rechargers
- Low: 2x Large Armor repairers, 3x hardeners, 1x Energized Nano Membrane, 1x Cap Relay
- Rigs: 1x Capacitor Control Circuit, 2x Axillary Nano Pumps
- Drones: 5x small, rest heavy
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