Shipyard theft, Level 4

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Faction: Angel Cartel
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: exp/kin, minor EM/Therm
Extras: Drone aggro
Web/scramble: Viper/Webifier
Recommended damage dealing: exp/kin
Recommended ships: Sleipnir, Golem, CNR, Raven, Domi, Maelstrom

Pocket 1

All spawns are quite close and vaguely in a semi-circle. Multiple spawns aggro if you try to use drones.
Can use drones if you pull the groups away from the circle
Viper/Webifier do web/scramble.
Acceleration Gate is locked until all ships are eliminated.

Group 1 (might auto-aggro) - 15km

(aggro is random depending on your exact warp-in range)
4x frigates (3x Angel Viper, 1x Webifier) - Web
8x battlecruisers (3x Gistatis Praefectus, 5x Gistatis Tribuni)

Group 2 (might aggro with group 1) - 24km

(aggro from shooting group 1 if you did not already have range-aggro; also drone-aggro based on range)
4x battlecruiser (Gistatis Primus)
4x destroyer (Gistior Defiler)
2x battleships (Gist War General/Gist Warlord)

Group 3 - 30km

5x battlecruiser (4x Gistatis Legionaire, 1x Gistatis Primus)
2x battleships (Gist Malakin/Gist Nephilim)

Group 4 - 40km

2x Battleships (Gist Seraphim/Gist Cherubim)- Seraphim does EM damage

Group 5 - 60km

7x cruisers (5x Gistum Centurion, 2x Gistum Phalanx)
2x battleships (Gist Nephilim/Gist Warlord/Gist Saint)

Pocket 2

Single Group (Auto Aggro) - 17km

4x destroyers (Gistior Haunter/Defiler)
3x battlecruisers (2x Gistatis Tribuni, 1x Gistatis Praefectus)
2x battleships (Gist Throne/Gist Cherubim)

Last ship you kill will drop the objective can. (50 m^3)

Some have reported no drone aggro, need update on this. Drones can get aggroed by group 2 (20 km away). To avoid this, turn to the right and AB away from the group. Usually a 30+km distance will do. You can use medium drones to pop the webbing frigates but watch drones carefully!

Storage Silo [one of Minmatar UUA, UUB, or UUC Nexus, ammo, general items]
Habitation Module (There is 3 of them but only one drops the items) [General items]
(Silo is a Deadspace Overseer's Structure, turn on Large Collidable Structure on Overview to see others)

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Comment by ChepeNolon
2008-05-26 18:54:06

Spawn1 always auto aggro+web on warp in. If you use drones, then move away from Spawn2 more than 20km - then no drone aggro.
Comment by ChepeNolon
2008-05-26 19:50:14
From Makaio Gentilis:

Info: Web frigs will aggro on warpin. Turn right and start getting distance to the other spawns. Use my med drones to get rid of the webbers (which got shot at), then 2-3 AB burst to get distance to the BCs.

After that the mission is fairly easy as you can pick the spawns from a distance.
Comment by Arakn1s
2008-07-19 07:55:56
As mentioned before, after the 1st group is dead, mission is easy.
I would like to add that in my case fleet members got INSTA agro from the second group as soon as they warped in. (Before they even shoot)
Comment by SerranoBalthar
2008-08-01 02:50:45
Spawn 3
5x battlecruiser (4x Gistatis Legionaire, 1x Gistatis Primus)
2x battleships (Gist Malakin)

Spawn 4
2x Battleships (Gist Seraphim)
Comment by AremonMoonserpent
2008-10-04 17:53:06
Just did this one the first time. Drone aggro was very heavy from spawn 2, lost 2 Valkyrie II's to them (on the other hand, the bounties more than compensate for it). A faction smartbomb should be enough to kill the webber(s) I guess but you will still have to deal with the 8 BCs at very close range (5 to 6 km orbits). Without drones and missiles (yup I'm a gunboat nut ;) ) that's a challenge.

With preparation this should become an easy one though. Next time I will refit to T2 med ACs or similar and wreak havoc upon them.

As for tanking, DPS from the BCs are worth some respect but I did not find it too hard (Mael, X-large booster, 2 Invuls, 2 expl / 1 kin amplifier, power diag's in the lows, all T2).
Comment by PigBoy
2008-12-25 21:06:33
storage silo drops a can w/Minmatar UUA Nexus Chip (2nd time in a row). also had 50 High-Tech Manufacturing Tools. Last Habitation Module popped dropped some frozen plant seeds and water (ie. crap).
Comment by KismetEer
2009-03-14 14:12:28
Completed in a CNR with Explosive, 2 invulns.

Got two of the groups in the first pocket, though I didn't draw aggro when warping in. Updated the mission with a bit more detail. I didn't have the drone aggro problem because I didn't launch drones. Also got drops from Storage Silo and one of the Haibtation modules. (50 high tech small arms instead though)
Comment by JoshuNine
2009-05-25 23:07:44
Nice 10 million ISK in bounties. 1,366 m3 of salvage and loot, including 1 Minmatar UUB Nexus Chip, 5 million ISK in saleable modules, 5 million ISK of salvage, and 2 million ISK of minerals from reproced material.
Comment by MaciejSimm
2009-05-31 14:09:50
in Pocket1 all ships were present (no spawns) & did not aggro my drone boats. pulled away and used sentries after drawing aggro with rails; did it quickly enough that there was minimal dent in armor. Room 2, used berserkers, and after shooting the silo - got the 6M ISK UUC chip :)
Comment by BuilderAlphaOne
2009-07-14 16:38:46
Nighthawk with six assault launchers easily takes out the webbing frigates while tanking the rest of Group 1. Re-arm or get your Raven after that.

A Gist Saint has many Defender missile launchers and will be difficult to kill with a Scorpion, even using T2 torps. A Golem might have some difficulties [can't test as I don't have one] despite its huge bonus to damage inflicted.

If you get the UUC drop from the Storage Silo, you'll get 50 High Tech Small Arms instead of the 50 High Tech Manu Tools you get with the UUA or UUB drops. Those HT Manu tools are big, 5,000 m3 so you'll need an indy to get them out.

There are 40 Veld 'roids in the first pocket. I made no effort to either mine them or scan down their size.
Comment by MrHellcat
2009-09-28 17:03:34
There is approx. 88,905 m3 of veldspar in the first pocket.
Comment by RagnaValdr
2009-10-03 05:15:29
Gist Seraphim did not do em damage; just explosive.
Comment by BuilderAlphaOne
2009-11-20 18:17:44
A Cerberus with five T2 assault launchers and an active T1 tank did just as well at removing the webbers/scrammers while tanking the rest of the group as the Nighthawk (mentioned above). With a T1 Y-S8 AB, the Cerberus was almost as fast as the frigates trying to catch it.

IF Group 1 in Pocket 1 does NOT auto-aggro, begin the action by motoring out to range and shooting Group 2. In this case, Group 1 will not aggro.

Warping out and returning resets all groups to "no aggro".
Comment by NardoGold
2010-11-25 19:56:06
I was able to complete in a shield tank'd Megathron (invulnerability field II, balistic deflection field II, Explosion dampening amplifier II, large Shield booster II). I needed a co-processor II to fit everything. Targets cam to within 8KM and orbited. I also lost a couple drones.
Comment by Dethbringer1
2012-08-16 17:06:20
Completed in Tengu T2 scourge missiles, precision for the frigs. faction shield boost amp and shield booster, T2 em and expl hardener. All faction ballistic controls in low slots. A little testy on my tank untill the frigs are eliminated. At that point it's just a bounty farm. The high tech stuff is selling for 20k each and x50 that means they are worth 1m. I wont bother bringing an indy for 1m. anyway I fit about 26 of them in my noctis along with the other salvage. The rest is worth less than 500k so not worth another trip. Very nice implant as a reward. Armored Warfare Mindlink selling for 100m I believe. 15min mission and about 140m in rewards loot and such. I also got a mining link worth 450m and another implant worth 30m on other runs of this mission.
Comment by DeMichaelCrimson
2018-07-04 07:32:59
Easily completed by keeping range and getting aggro with one group at a time. Used Faction/Deadspace fit Loki T3 Cruiser, Tech2 weapons = 5x 425mm Autocannon's with 2x Rapid Light Missile Launcher's, 1x Gist X-type Large Shield Booster with 2x Pith B-Type Shield Boost Amps, 1x Pithum A-Type Invul Field, 1x 10MN Analog Booster Afterburner, 1x Syndicate Damage Control, 2x Republic Fleet Gyrostabilizer's, 1x Republic Fleet Tracking Enhancer, 1x Caldari Navy Co-Processor, Rigs = 2x Medium Capacitor Control Circuit II and 1x Medium Capacitor Control Circuit I, 5x Hobgoblin II light drones (didn't use em much). Group 1 NPC's auto-aggro upon warp-in, led them away from the others about 50km range before engaging.
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