Shipyard Theft, level 4

Faction: Blood Raiders
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace with Gate
Damage dealt: EM/Therm
Recommended damage dealing: EM/Therm
Webbers: Blood Wraith, Blood Disciple
Scramblers: None
Recommended ship classes: Battleship, HAC.

Pocket 1

Group 1 is the hardest hitting group. No webifiers, so turn around and move away from the blob while tanking the group. At a safe distance (100km from next rat) blow them up. Drones didn't aggro the rest of the pocket at 50km from the next group.
Anathema Matou adds: while the mission does not have drone aggro or stage aggro, the second person to warp in will get aggro from the group with the webifiers, unless that group is already aggressed.

*Effective Jan. 2009, there are two versions of this mission:
Version A, Group 1 will auto-aggro but Group 2 will ignore you until it is attacked.
Version B, there will be no auto-aggro, but Group 2 will aggro as soon as you fire on Group 1 --> HOWEVER, Group 2 can be attacked without causing aggro by Group 1. So, if you aren't attacked by Group 1 within 20 seconds or so of warping in, move out to sniping range and attack Group 2 first.*

Group 1: (Auto Aggro (approx 20k))

4x Battlecruisers (Corpatis Phantom)
1x Battleship (Corpus Cardinal)

After blowing this group up, take out the group with the webifiers (Group 2). No other group will be aggroed.

Group 2: (approx 25k)

5x Frigates (Blood Disciple / Wraith) Webbers
5x Cruisers (Corpum Dark Priest / Shadow Sage)
1x Battleship (Corpus Monsignor)

Next three groups are consisting of short range, low damage battleships. No webifier/scrambling rats.

Group 3: (approx 30k)

4x Battleships (Corpus Prophet / Archon)

Group 4: (approx 40k)

5x Destroyers (Corpior Templar / Devoter)
6X Battlecruisers (Corpatis Shade / Seer)

Group 5: (approx 40k)

3x Battleships (Corpus Oracle / Apostle)

Pocket 2

No webifiers or scramblers. I recommend killing the Destroyers first, then the Sentry Guns and then Battleship.
Hitalorl reports: One of the structures in the second stage drops some trade goods (Uranium, Carbon, Livestock and long-limb Roes)
The mission loot drops from the last rat killed.

Single Group: (15km) (Automatic aggro)

2x Bloodraider Sentry Gun
4x Destroyers (Corpior Templar / Devoter)
6x Battlecruisers (Corpatis Shade / Seer)
3x Battleships (Corpus Apostle / Monsignor)

Storage Silo drops an Amarr Nexus chip (type varies...view comments below) and 50x High tech data chips.

Tip: If you have a short range setup and enough to tank them easily, go for the BS first as they like to move out to over 40k range. Everything else stays nice and close.

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Comment by RilWar
2008-10-19 17:58:57
Ran the Mission with a Raven/Domi Combo

Raven Running 2x EM/TH hardners, Domi running 2x Large Remote Shield Reps on the Raven, was able to warp into 1st pocket and just aggro everything, dropped 5 Med and 5 Sentry's, sat back and let the fire rip.

The only thing of note if attempting this is take out all the Apoc class BS Rats 1st, as they do a significant amount of Kinetic damage, and will chew the tank down regardless.
Comment by DirkFallows
2008-12-16 12:04:12
There's a trick to using a domi in this mission.

The first group will aggro regardless, so you need to kill that first. The trick is to launch sentry drones, get them firing on one of the ships in the first group. The second group will now aggro on one of the drones. Retrieve that drone, and let your other 4 drones pop the ship. Launch the last drone, get them to shoot the next ship, the second group aggroes, retrieve drone, repeat until everything in the first group is dead. Continue normally aggroing one group at a time.
Comment by FaithJr
2009-01-28 09:11:29
did this in a drake no probs. the silo in the last pocket droped an amarr navy nexus chip
Comment by KhanaLoaris
2009-02-03 15:03:11
Comment vs RilWar's comment - there was NO kin damage evident in the first pocket. This was running the Version B spawn.
Comment by UginSecond
2009-03-25 22:01:38
Version B: 1 pocket - no aggro on drones, bounty - 6.8 mill
First killed second group, after first group, when fire on 5th group - take aggro from 3+4+5 ...
Second pocket - heavy fire, hard to stay, 3 times jumped out, no fire on drones, BC really pain in the :)
Second pocked - 3.4 mill bounty, found Amarr MY-1 Nexus Chip in silo.
Total - 32 mill(Mission, bounty,loot)
Comment by FrozenCorpse
2009-06-01 04:54:56
The structure that drops stuff in the second pocket is the storage silo. I've destroyed all the other structures a few times and none have dropped anything.
Comment by BuilderAlphaOne
2009-07-23 21:57:23
Pocket 1 has 40 veld 'roids. size unknown.
2009-08-04 18:26:17
In Version B, the battleship in group 1 is not a Corpus Cardinal. Now I had forgotten my login and I'm past that stage and I'm too drunk to remember what it actually was.

But anyway, it wasn't a Cardinal and group 1 did not aggro after waiting a minute or more :)
Comment by MrT
2009-11-05 09:09:57
Read the guide!!! Very important!! Flew a T2 fitted Rokh.
Pocket 1: Normal if u manage the agro. (Don't get too close, they agro. Drones too)
Pocket 2: Hard, be prepared. (The damage taken is so heavy when you warp in, get shooting and follow the guide.)
Comment by CircuitSorcerer
2009-12-25 23:53:16
Found this mission hard in a Raven with all T2 fitting except missiles/launchers. Brought a friend along with another raven similarly fit, and it was a cake walk. I agree with taking the dessy's and BC's first. It made the mission much more manageable.
Comment by SerenaLen
2010-04-10 20:58:11
Interesting: I got version B, but had to go AFK after initial warp in. Did not target, fire, or launch drones. Did not get any aggro, and docked up.
After returning, I got version A.
Comment by RuFen
2010-05-19 08:15:51
when you get a Corpus Monsignor instead of a Cardinal in group one, you got version B.

did this in a Drake with t2 fit (arbalest HML) and the 2nd pocket is indeed hard of the shield! but I managed to stay above 50% while I was shooting the destroyer. once they are gone, it's cake.
Comment by KintrellTitus
2010-05-24 23:07:35
Just ran this mission in a DS fit tengu....Pithum A-Type amps, 2x mag and 1x therm with 3x cal navy BCS's....was a cake walk for sure...only thing I saw not listed was the storage silo in the second pocket did drop 50m3 of small arms and an Amar BS nexus chip....
Comment by JeDdut
2010-05-30 10:19:20
if something bad happens in mission like can doesnt drop you can buy on from market and use that.
Comment by Acker01
2010-07-24 02:57:13
Easy mission for Apoc(Version1)
8 Mega Pulse m4 T1 type.DCII/LAR/EMx2,Themx1 Harder/HSII/TEII

Warp in pocket 1
Kill BC first then BS,but BS will move out over 40km sometimes
had to warp back and kill it
After that,all thing is fine and easy

Warp in pocket 2,get heavy fire
So need to turn back away from sentry
and kill sentry/BC first.while shooting sentry,sent your drone to kill destoryer
warp out and back for BS
all done.
Comment by TheSvekke
2010-07-31 21:55:03
Sorage silo drops Amarr KIU-1 Nexus chip
Comment by EronaileDamod
2010-09-12 13:31:58
Incoming DPS in Pocket 2 is insane in a mostly T1-fitted Raven. Try to kill 1 BS at a time and warp out, there's no other way. Really really nasty mission ^^
Comment by MissionSurvivor
2010-12-22 19:25:18
Flew a T2 fitted Raven and had very little difficulty with the mission. I was running around a 460 DPS Blood tank according to EveHQ. Used EM cruises all the way through. Acolyte II's made short work of all frigs.

In the last pocket, initial DPS is high (probably about 550-600). I actually popped the battlecruisers first and set my drones on the frigs. My shields dropped until about 3 BCs and 2 frigs were down...after that I barely needed to pulse the shield booster.

Also, 25 APs and 33 TPCs mixed in with otherwise mediocre salvage.
Comment by RankaMei
2011-01-21 12:32:22
Easily doable in a Drake with 3x BCU's even. No need to bother with the Sentry Guns in second pocket: just move away from the big Battleships a bit; then pick them off one by one.
Comment by QaliX
2013-05-31 19:41:39
I received a loot drop from the silo that included Amarr TIL-1 nexus chip. This is the only time I've completed the mission. I have no idea of droprates. I see one other commenter had a similar result. Mission was fairly easy, both pockets, T2 fit Raven. Pocket 2 was slightly heavy dps, pilots with low cap may have shield boost issues. Taking out battleships and sentries first solved the problem quickly.
Comment by WarlockD
2014-05-13 21:47:19
I can confirm that it still drops the nexus chip. Surprised me honestly.

Used a T1 Raven with a micro jump, easy.
Comment by SirZyhark
2014-08-08 00:29:38
Confirming the the Storage silo in second pocket drops an Amarr nexus chip(in my case, the Amarr MIY-1). Adding it to the information above for anyone else who might not look at the comments, as I did at first.
Comment by InfiniteDestruction
2015-12-20 01:30:04
In the Blood Raider version, the storage silo still drops an Amarr MIY-1 (frigate) Nexus chip as of 20 Dec 2015.
Comment by InfiniteDestruction
2015-12-29 00:02:49
OK, in the Blood Raider version I just did, the storage silo dropped an Amarr KIU-1 (Cruiser) Nexus chip (29 Dec 2015).
Maybe I did the "a" version last time and the "b" version this time (or visa-versa) ?
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