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Silence the Informant, level 3

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Faction: Mixed
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: All kinds
Web/scramble: Mercenary Wingman, Strain.. drones
Recommended damage dealing: Thermal
Recommended ships: Huginn, Drake

No hostiles at the initial gate

Pocket 1

Group 1

auto aggro
1x Striker Alvatis

Group 2

1x Frigate (Strain Infester Alvi) web/scramble
1x Frigate (Devilfish Alvi)
1x Cruiser (Viral Infector Alvum)
1x Battlecruiser (Enforcer Alvatis)

1x Frigate (Barracuda Alvi)
1x Frigate (Sunder Alvi)
1x Cruiser (Viral Infector Alvum)
1x Cruiser (Disintegrator Alvum)

may drop alloy

Pocket 2

Group 1

auto aggro
1x Mercenary Wingman (web/scramble)
1x Mercenary Elite Fighter
2x Mercenary Commander

Group 2:

1x Mercenary Wingman (web/scramble)
3x Mercenary Commander

Pocket 3

Single Group:

2x Drone Sentry I (29-39km)
2x Drone Sentry II (30-50km)
1x Named informant Terak (38km)

Sentry's may drop ammo
Pleasure Hub drops a few nice things
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