Smash The Shipyard, Level 4

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Faction: Amarr
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: Em/Therm
Extras: Target Painting
Recommended damage dealing: Em/Therm
Recommended ships: Dominix


Closest Rats to Warp-in at 56km, No aggro.


5x Imperial Bataivah
1x Imperial Dominator
1x Imperial Tanakh
1x Imperial Templar Dominator
2x Imperial Templar Martyr
1x Imperial Templar Ultara
3x Imperial Ultara


3x Imperial Agatho
3x Imperial Tamir
3x Imperial Templar Donus
1x Imperial Templar Mazaki
3x Imperial Templar Mathura


2x Divine Imperial Bahir
2x Divine Imperial Valok
1x Imperial Bahir
3x Imperial Sixtus
3x Imperial Templar Forian
2x Imperial Templar Paladin
3x Non-Aggressive Industrials (Remain by shipyards)

NOTE: Ship Count from initial warp-in only. Shipyards may spawn more when fleet is aggressed.

The mission objective is stated as destroying the 4 Shipyards & the control tower with all rats. Blitz may be possible by destroying structures first (untested).

Structures do not drop loot.

Individual ship-classes can be aggroed separately (i.e. all frigates at once OR all cruisers at once OR all battleships). In that order, individual aggro verified. Not sure if aggroing larger ships first will cause mass-aggro of remaining fleet or attacking structures will cause mass-aggro (needs testing).

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Comment by ForteEXE
2008-09-19 18:13:36
Big warning: There's a new NPC spawning on this mission. It's called "Imperial Templar Judgment". This thing dealt 200+ damage hits, non-wrecking, even after resists on a Marauder.

Judgments aren't to be taken lightly- They spawned after I was attacking the fleet, I'm not 100% sure how the respawns occur, but they do. Be advised that destroying the shipyards does NOT appear to suffice as a blitz, alternate reports've indicated that they will still spawn even if you try.

Keep in mind I did this mission in a paladin with mostly faction gear + Aux Nano Pump, and I had to warp out 3-4 times before the Judgments and respawned BSes were under control.
Comment by ForteEXE
2008-09-19 18:16:13
Since I forgot to add it: TWO IT Judgments spawn, not just one. Rest of the NPCs appeared to be standard stuff you'd find in In the Midst of Deadspace. I'd estimate the Judgment as being stronger in power than a Jakar; don't mess up!
Comment by ForteEXE
2009-01-19 01:47:52
El Farto's NPC Database has been updated with info on the Imperial Templar Judgement.

It deals a whopping 593. Below are it's stats, it's NOT to be taken lightly as I've said before, you can very well face close to, if not over, 2000 DPS on this mission if you're slow.
Comment by ProteusCronus
2009-02-13 20:49:05
I lost my Dominix to this one, first loss in 131 days. Even with 4 T2 hardeners, rigs, and NOS for extra juice, I had to warp out. When I warped back I was insta-popped because I had kept the hardeners turned off to save cap.

Attacking frigates aggro'd the whole group.
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