Smuggler Interception, level 3

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Faction: Guristas
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: Kin/Therm
Extras: Pithum Killer/Mortifier Jamming
Web/Scramble: Dire Pithi
Reccomended damage dealing: Kin

Pocket 1

Mining: 33 - Veldspar

2 spawns at warp in. No auto aggro.

Group 1: (20-35km)

4x Frigates (Pithi Wrecker/Plunderer)

Group 2: (30-40km)

5-6x Frigates (Pithi Infiltrator/Invader/Wrecker/Plunderer)
1x Cruiser (Pithum Mortifier)

Taking the cruiser into armour triggers:

First Reinforcement Spawn: (spawns at the gate to the 2nd pocket)

3x Cruiser (Pithum Silencer/Ascriber)

Taking one of the cruisers into armour triggers:

Second Reinforcement Spawn: (spawns at the gate to the 2nd pocket)

4x Frigate (Pithi Infiltrator, Invader, Wrecker, Plunderer)
2x Cruiser (Pithum Killer, Murderer) possible jamming

Sometimes only the following spawns:
2x Cruiser (Pithum Silencer)

Pocket 2

Mining: 86 - Veldspar
One spawn at warp in. Auto aggro after approx 10 seconds.

Group 1: (45km)

2x Personnel Transport
1x Battlecruiser (Pithatis Assaulter/Enforcer)

Taking battlecruiser into hull triggers:

First Reinforcement Spawn: (spawns at the Shipyard)

5x Cruiser (Pithum Ascriber/Killer/Murderer/Silencer)
5x Frigate (Pithi Infiltrator/Invader/Wrecker/Plunderer)

Destroying this spawn triggers:

Second Reinforcement Spawn: (spawns at the Shipyard)

2x Cruiser (Pithum Mortifier/Inferno)

Taking one of the cruisers (highest bounty) into 30% armour triggers:

Third Reinforcement Spawn: (spawns at the Shipyard)

3-5x Cruiser (Pithum Mortifier/Killer/Murderer/Inferno) possible jamming
This wave does not always spawn.

Reinforcement spawns may aggro drones.

Destroy all ships in Pocket 1 to unlock the gate. Destroy the Transport ships in Pocket 2 and loot them. After that, destroy the Battlecruiser and Spawn 1 for mission completion.

Comment by KaiTelepathius
2008-10-09 14:16:09
Did it in passive shield tanked drake, never got shield's below 85%. No loot from any structures in either pocket. Didn't get spawn 5 in pocket 2 either, just up to spawn 4
Comment by WheatGrass
2008-12-14 23:23:00
Pocket 2, Group 1 appeared at +/- 15km.
The 1st spawn appeared after destroying th Pithas Assaulter. (I hadn't even touched the transports.)
Comment by AnathemaMatou
2009-01-04 09:51:17
Spawns and Triggers in both first and second stage have changed, but... oh well. Nothing that would really make a difference as far as mission difficulty is concerned.
Comment by DaveM
2009-01-19 10:19:02
Pocket 1: 13 Ships including 6 Pithi Ascribers
10 ships warped in (6 Pithi Wreckers, 2 Pithi Murderers and 2 Pithi Mortifiers) Mortifiers Jammed very lightly. All produced mediocre loot, however if you have a salvager that is were the real money is (Salvaging produced about 1.5 mil from these 13 ships)

Pocket 2: Guristas Enforcer, 2 Transports. Killing the Enforcer triggered 5 Pithi Infiltrators, 2 Pithi Wreckers and 2 Pithi Killers. Killing one of the Wreckers triggered 2 Pithi Infernos. Attacking the Infernos triggered 2 Pithi Murderers and a Pithi Killer.

Loot wasnt bad with the second group. Mostly salvage stuff (about 750k isk worth).
Comment by Cirol914
2009-01-23 10:22:34
Pocket 2, fourth spawn I got 3 Killers (jamming) ain't got the fifth spawn
Comment by CorwinPendragon
2009-02-22 12:53:51
Confirmed that Pocket 2 4th spawn may jam. I had one of the Murderers try to jam me.
Comment by DetriMental
2009-03-23 14:47:34
was able to blitz second pocket by killing both transports first, then the bc. looted militants off a transport, then turned in.
Comment by KeT
2009-04-02 09:00:29
Killing the transports and looting gets you the item you need to return, but didn't complete the secondary "destroy convoy" objective for me. Killing the third spawn (two mortifiers) completed the objective, and also brought the fourth spawn, which I simply ignored, then turned in the mission.

Also, confirmed on wheatgrass's comment.
Comment by MsDelerium
2009-04-30 15:42:08
One of my favorite missions. You can farm the veldspar after some pew pew.
Comment by CrossKeys
2009-08-22 15:32:18
Second pocket triggers seemed to work differently. Getting the BC down into armor spawned a wave of 4 frigates, and destroying it spawned a set of cruisers. Trigger in the spawn of cruisers was a Murderer, destruction of which brought in another set of cruisers including several Killers. This may be similar to what Cirol914 encountered.

In any case easy peasy with a shield tanked Myrmidon and drones. Getting the triggers out of whack and having 4 jammers on grid at once wasn't much fun though.
Comment by MichalSedziwoj
2009-10-04 12:23:17
Pocket 2 blizt: destroy Transport get loot, next BC and warp out (ignore Reinforcement)
Comment by ZeeTwentysevena
2010-04-20 12:20:25
No loot in any building, bummer!
Comment by DeMichaelCrimson
2010-07-26 05:34:39
Pocket 1 - Group 1 (4 Frigates) had reinforcement spawn of 2 Pithum Inferno Cruisers. Group 2 had 6 (not 5) Frigates and 1 Cruiser with correct reinforcement spawn. No loot from structures. 32 Veldspar Asteroids

Pocket 2 - 1st reinforcement spawn had 5 cruisers (no Frigates). 2nd reinforcement spawn is correct. No 3rd reinforcement spawn. No loot from structures. Fragmented Cathedral (5 sections) has high structure HP's. 83 Veldspar Asteroids

Completed in Passive Shield Artillery Hurricane (T2 fit).
Comment by ArgalasFar
2011-01-16 15:35:23
In the second pocket I first disposed of the BC and then killed all the Cruisers. The I turned my attention to the Transporters. The Frigates spawned only after I took one of the Transporters down to hull.
Comment by DoctorNho
2011-01-30 16:07:49
pocket 2 blitz didn't work for me, I destroyed both transports and had looted one and was flying to the second when I opened fire on the BC -- perhaps I needed to loot the 2nd transport before opening fire?

I did not get the third reinforcement spawn in pocket 2.
Comment by DoctorNho
2011-02-15 02:03:25
I got an extra 2 cruisers in pocket 1 shortly after aggroing both groups. Later got the two reinforcement spawns as described.

I tried the blitz again, and while the mission didn't complete, I again didn't get the third reinforcement spawn.
Comment by AsCreon
2011-04-08 10:18:54
Did this mission like twenty times, never got a BS spawn, but the last time a Pith Exterminator (Raven class) battleship appeared in the second pocket. It jammed me a few times and dropped metal scraps and a shield extender. Am I the only one? Maybe it was added in Incursion 1.4?
Comment by DrRoic
2011-05-03 12:00:45
Total bounty was 1.09 mil ISK.
Comment by RamouStu
2011-05-17 08:24:49
Had first reinforcement in pocket one appear as soon as I hit armor.
Comment by DrRoic
2011-05-19 12:54:21
Confirm killing of transports and BC does not always suffice for completion. The button blinked for me after inhuming all four jamming killers.
Comment by ZikatArzi
2011-08-10 17:30:32
I had to kill both transports, the BC, and then all 4 frigates and all 4 cruisers to get completion. The 2 Infernos that spawn next were optional.
Comment by HezzarK
2011-12-18 17:52:29
i had BS spawn in pocked 2 also @ AsCreon
Comment by HezzarK
2011-12-18 17:56:46
also, at warp into pocket 2, about 5 sec after BC and 2 transports autotargeted me i had spawn of 4 frighs (didnt do anything, just waited for transports to come closer)
Comment by IntificialUs
2012-06-27 12:47:50
Looks like you have to kill all of the pocket 2 to complete.
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