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======Soothe The Salvage Beast, level 4======

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Faction: Rogue Drones
Mission type: Normal Space
Damage dealt: All kinds
Web/Scramble: None
Recommended damage dealing: EM, Therm
Recommended ship class: Battleship

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Each group after the initial group spawns when you close to within 14 km of the respective science vessel.

===Initial Spawn: Auto Agro (~35km away from warp in)===
1x Queen, 3x Matriarch, 1x Patriarch (Battleship)
2x Bomber, 1x Defeater (Cruiser)
2x Decimator, 1x Render (Frigate)

===Group 1: (~37km from warp in) (Top Science Vessel)===
2x Queen, 1x Matriarch (Battleship)
3x Infecter (Cruiser)

===Group 2:(~37km from warp in) (Bottom Science Vessel)===
1x Patriarch, 2x Creator (Battleship)
2x Crippler (Cruiser)

===Group 3:(~37km from warp in) (Left Science Vessel)===
1x Patriarch, 2x Creator (Battleship)
2x Crippler (Cruiser)

When you got close to proximity 10km to each Science Vessel Wreck there will be a spawn with:

===Wreck #1===
Viral Infector Alvum: x3 (Cruiser)
Matriarchus Alvus: x3 (Battleship)

===Wreck #2===
Crippler Alvatis: x 2 (Cruiser)
Patriarch Alvus x 3 (Battleship)

===Wreck #3===
Crippler Alvatis: x 2 (Cruiser)
Alvus Creator x 2 (Battleship)
Patriarch Alvus x 1 (Battleship)

You must loot a datacore from each of the three science vessels.
Mission is complete when all drones are destroyed, so there is no blitz.

Note: Science vessels can be looted (not salvaged) but cannot be tractored.

Drone Bounties: Battleship class drones have bounties floating just under 1mil (881k to 993k isk).
Total Bounties: 15,836,815 ISK (July 2 2015)
Loot: ++Huge amount of drone alloys (for a level 4 mission), approaching 2000 m³; also some ++Janitors and Scienitists.

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