The Spy Stash, level 3

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Initial gate info
Wed, 22 Feb 2017 13:34 UTC

Faction: Guristas
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: Kinetic / Thermal
Recommended damage dealing: Kinetic (Thermal)
Recommended ships: Hurricane, Drake, Raven, Cyclone

Take the reports from the Guristas Officer's quarters and return them to your agent. The acceleration gates in this complex are not locked, and therefore do not require you to eliminate the guards to get through.

5 Classified Report - Station Defenses (0.5 m3) @ Guristas Officer's Quaters (Pocket 2)

No hostiles at initial gate (Gate yo Abandoned Stargate).

Pocket 1 (Old Inactive Stargate):

All aggro upon warp-in, some with delay. Ranges vary from 10 to 60km. Missile batteries at 30-40km range.

2x Battlecruisers (Pithatis Assassin/Death Dealer)
2x Cruisers (Pithum Inferno/Mortifier)
4x Elite Frigates (Dire Pithi Wrecker/Plunderer)
3x Destroyers (Pithior Terrorist/Guerilla)
3x Guristas Light Missile Battery

Acceleration Gate to next pocket is 40km away.

No loot from structures.

You don't have to kill anything to get through the 1st room.

Pocket 2 (Storage Facility):

Warning: There have been sightings of a random Pith Eradicator/Obliterator (BS) spawn in this stage. (Confirmed by Adria Eqviis and Ganoes Paran)

All aggro upon warp-in, again some with delay. Missile Batteries 30-40km away. Sentry Guns and ships 60-70km away guarding the Officer's Quarters.

2x Battlecruisers (Pithatis Assassin)
1x Cruiser (Pithum Murderer)
2x Guristas Heavy Missile Battery
2x Destroyers (Pithior Terrorist/Guerilla)
2x Tower Sentry Guristas II

Random spawn of Pith Obliterator after clearing pocket 2. Does not happen all the time.

Officer's Quarters contained the mission objective loot and 10x (drug).

Killing one of the towers incurs a -3.0% standing hit with The Guristas Corporation

Comment by TatonkaSmith
2008-07-03 03:11:13
You have to clear 2nd room to loot the captain's quarters
Comment by KyraKomatsu
2008-07-13 03:11:34
On my Cyclone I used a LSBII, 2x T2 KN Hardeners, 1x T2 TH Hardener, and boosted cap-recharge to perma-tank (3x Beta CPR's, 1x T2 Cap Recharger)
Comment by DragonScion
2008-08-10 02:08:35
I wasn't able to loot the officer's quarters till mission complete, which for me, was when all the ships in the last pocket were dead. "You cannot loot the Officer's Quarters while it is being defended"
Comment by TechnoManis
2008-09-21 10:40:18
Pith Eradicator confirmed
Comment by AnthonySciutto
2009-02-07 15:15:38
Eradicator spawned immediately after I killed the last NPC Pirate in the initial spawn.
Comment by CorwinPendragon
2009-02-22 11:31:14
Encountered a Killer in pocket 2 who jammed.
Comment by WayneVazLam
2009-04-20 20:32:26
No BS spawn for me. Too bad; was kind of hoping it would.
Comment by RodPliskin
2009-05-08 10:47:01
Murderer in Pocket 2 jams
Comment by RaabenFeder
2009-08-26 18:00:57
eradicator spawn too, after clearing last room
Comment by TtoraiEve
2009-10-27 09:39:13
I was able to loot the reports after killing all the ships only. Maybe there is no need to destroy the missile batteries and sentries?
Comment by VaLTrantor
2009-11-14 04:35:47
BS Pith Eradicator spawn confirmed, its a random thing like mentioned in the description above.
Comment by DoctorNho
2011-02-14 02:06:29
None of the six storage facilities had any loot, didn't try the other structures.
Comment by Unkraut77
2011-03-04 19:00:16
Pocket 2, Pithum murderer can jam you; take out the destroyers first, then the murderer, then the bc, rest is easy/never mind .
done in assault frig!
Comment by DrRoic
2011-05-10 04:52:12
I don't think the standing loss (0.23 points) is from destroying the towers, can someone confirm he got it without. The BS didn't have any loot.
Comment by HezzarK
2011-12-19 07:39:53
confirm on BS spawn in pocket 2, spawns at commanders hq 1-2km from it
Comment by Rasael85
2012-09-22 08:28:05
I confirm the -3.0% standing change with the Guristas corporation
Comment by DrXenocide
2013-07-09 20:04:27
Mission changed NPC corp standing by 2.02±0.08 %, probably worth 2%.
Comment by MohamXiang
2014-05-03 18:49:05
Not too bad in T1 Harbinger. Had to warp out once in each pocket. Went for batteries first. No Pith Obliterator. 85K in loot, 267K in salvage (excluding the drug, which was like 20K or something).
Comment by CinTek
2014-07-27 13:34:05
t2 drake, t1 missiles for regular ships, switched to t2 fury for the BS :)
shields never went below 75%, and only until i got some distance. full clear, towers and batteries first then closest ship. BS spawned after last ship died. approx 1m bounty pocket 2 (with BS) and 600k pocket 1.
no enemies at initial gate.
Comment by JohnnySomething
2017-01-02 19:59:56
Can confirm DrRoics question: I got 2* -0.0225% hits to Guristas faction standing from Combat - Ship Kill, killed all ships but none of the towers. No idea which ships, except that I didn't have a BS spawn.
Comment by DumbGit
2018-02-13 03:11:25
13 Feb 2018
No structures drop loot.
No mining.

No battleship spawn (3rd time with no spawn so far).
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