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======Stem the Flow, Level 4 (Storyline) ======

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Faction: Guristas
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Normal Space
Damage dealt: Kinetic, Thermal
Recommended damage dealing: Kinetic, Thermal
Recommended ship class: Battleship

====Single Pocket====

When you enter the mission, you will see a tower and four industrial ships
each at a cargo platform, that is attached to the tower.

If you fly towards each industrial they disappear. After the last industrial
has disappeared the first wave of ships arrives.

===Spawn 1 (auto aggro) (30-40km?)===
4x Elite frigate (Dire Pithi Wrecker)
3x Battleship (Pith Massacrer/Usurper)

===Spawn 2 (auto aggro) (30-40km?)===
4x Battlecruiser (Pithatis Death Dealer)
4x Battleship (Pith Massacrer/Usurper)

===Spawn 3 (auto aggro) (30-40km?)===
4x Elite Cruiser (Dire Pithum Eraser)
4x Battlecruiser (Pithatis Assassin/Executor)
6x Battleship (Pith Massacrer/Usurper)

WARNING: DPS from Spawn 3 can be quite heavy. Keep aligned to a nearby gate or planet and be prepared to warp out if necessary.

(Spawn 3 is actually two separate spawns)

- 18,701,538.75

==Loot + Salvage==
- [[ | ~5.8 mil]]

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