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======Supply Interdiction, Level 4======

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Faction: Amarr (The faction of the opponent)
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace with gate
Damage dealt: EM/Thermal
Extras: Tracking Disruption
Web/scramble: None
Recommended damage dealing: Therm, EM
Recommended ships: Speed Tanking Stealth Bomber e.g. Manicore, Purifier

====Single Pocket====
Aggro from all ships on warp in.

Distance: 25-70km (to be verified)
4 x Frigate (Imperial Templar Forlan/Paladin)
3 x Destroyer (Imperial Templar Caius/Crusader)
3 x Cruiser (Imperial Templar Tamir/Donus)
5 x Battlecruiser (Imperial Avenger/Champion/Equalizer)
4 x Battleship (Imperial Ultara/Templar Torah/Domiator)
3 x Industrial **Mission Target**

Arrive when first industrial attacked (needs confirmation)

Distance 15-18km
3 x Frigate (Divine Imperial Naput/Valok)
3 x Cruiser (Divine Imperial Champion/Justicar/Equalizer)

Kill 3 Industrial.

Industrial **Mission Target** are EM tanked, use Therm to kill them fast

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