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======Surprise Surprise, Level 4======

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Faction: Amarr/Caldari
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Normal
Damage dealt: EM/therm (Amarr), kin/therm (Caldari)
Web/scramble: Web from Caldari Stasis Tower
Recommended damage dealing: Therm/EM (Amarr), kin/therm (Caldari)
Recommended ships: Golem, CNR, Raven, Domi
Video: [[ | Vargur - Minimal Standing Loss]]

====Single Pocket====
===Initial Spawn===
Amarr Transport Ship (does minimal damage (about 10 DPS), has approx cruiser HP)
Attacking the transport ship causes a respawn:
===Wave 1===
3x Battleship (random, normally imperial tanakh/ultara in different combinations)
6x cruiser (imperial templar tamir/donus)

Destroying 2 of the battleships cause a respawn (the exact triggers seem to be random, one BS has no respawn trigger)

===Wave 2 (this spawns on the destruction of the first battleship)===
2x Battleships (state utaisho, state tenkyu)
1x caldari stasis tower (over >180 web range )

===Wave 3 (this spawns on the destruction of the second battleship)===
3x Battleships (state utaisho, state tenkyu)
1x caldari stasis tower (over >180 web range )


Use a target painter to aggro the transport ship. This will cause Wave 1 to spawn, but will NOT cause you to lose any Amarr faction standing. Kill the Imperial Battleship which spawns on the Right Hand side of the room (Should be the Battleship which spawns furthest from you), and the State Battleship which spawns slighty off from the other two - Mission Complete.

__Standing loss:__

**Stasis tower is not the mission opjective!**
0.02% loss with Amarr Empire
apparently no loss with the Caldari State

**WARNING: Killing stasis tower incurs -2.4% after the mission, even without killing the transport!**

__Tags (can vary slightly):__

Caldari Navy Vice Admiral x 5 (around 2-3m each)
Imperial Navy Colonel x 6
Imperial Navy General x 3

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