Surprise Surprise, Level 4

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Faction: Minmatar Republic & Gallente Federation (-2.4% standing hit for each faction)
Mission type: Normal
Damage dealt: Explosive/Kinetic
Reccomended damage dealing: Explosive vs. Minmatar, Thermal vs. Gallente
Video: Vargur - Minimal Standing Loss

Single Pocket

1x Industrial (Minmatar Transport Ship) at ~65km

Wave 1:

Spawns in three groups at 50-110km from warp in as you fire upon the Minmatar Transport Ship

6x Cruiser (Republic Tribal Manadis / Jarpur)
3x Battleship (Republic Jotun / Sigur)

Wave 2:

Spawns after second battleship is destroyed

1x Statsis Tower (Gallente Stasis Tower)
2x Battleship (Federation Triarius / Xenan)

Wave 3:

Spawns when the BS that is ~100km from warpin is destroyed

1x Stasis Tower (Gallente Stasis Tower)
3x Battleship (Federation Triarius / Xenan)

Blitz: Trigger wave 3 by killing the BS 100ish KM away from warp in, In wave 3 kill the BS that is not part of the main group on spawn ie. The one not next to the web battery.

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