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======Syndication, Gallente Level 4 Epic Arc======
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=====Epic Arc Overview=====
**Agent Name:** Veine Coructie
**Agent Corporation:** The Scope
**Agent Location:** Vitrauze System at Vitrauze XI, Moon 8 - The Scope Development Studio (Station)
**Additional Requirements:** N/A

**Important Note:**
- Your standing is only checked by the starter agent. After starting the epic arc, subsequent agents will not check standings.
- This means while running the epic arc, you can continue doing missions even if your standing drops below +5.00 yet remains above -2.00 Faction standing.

=====Chapter 2: Scoping The Scene=====
- This is The Low Road (low-sec branch) pathway for the second chapter of the Gallente Level 4 Epic Arc.
- Always make Safe Spots / Undock Spots and remember to check Directional Scanner for hostile player ships.

- All NPC ships encountered here are Frigate, Destroyer and Cruiser hull only. No Battleships.
- Best to run these missions in fast agile small to medium hull class ships. Tech 3 Cruiser with Cloak for the win.

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Go to [[Syndication4p2 | Alternate Chapter 2: Eagle Grip]] (High Road)
Go to [[Syndication4p3 | Chapter 3: Inertia]]

====__Mission 8__ - Outside The Scope====
Mission Type: Travel

Mission Objective:
- Travel to new Agent - Veine Coructie - located in Vitrauze System at Vitrauze XI, Moon 8 - The Scope Development Studio (Station).

- Starting conversation with Veine Coructie in station completes the mission objective.

- Make Undock Spot and Safe Spots in system first before docking and talking to agent.

====__Mission 9__ - Hidden Camera====
Faction: Pator 6 (Minmatar)
Mission Type: Encounter
Space Type: Deadspace (Gated)
Damage Dealt: Thermal, Explosive
Web/Scram: N/A
Extras: Nos ('Pator 6 Veteran') Frigate
Recommended Damage Dealing: Explosive, EM

Mission Objective:
- Place 1x Covert Recording Device (1.0 m3) in Storage Warehouse at Pator 6's hideout.

===Warp To Site===
1x Acceleration Gate to pocket 1 (14km)

==Initial Group (29km)==
1x Hodts Ergre (Friendly NPC)

- Hodts Ergre has 'Destabilizer Datacore' passkey to access locked gates. Follow him through Acceleration Gate.

===Pocket 1===
- Hodts Ergre is attacked and his 'Destabilizer Datacore' passkey is taken by some fleeing Pator 6 ships.

==1 Group (23km, auto aggro)==
5x 'Pator 6 Comrade' Frigate (Rifter, Breacher, Probe)

2x Acceleration Gate (13-14km) One gate is locked.

- Access unlocked gate to Pocket 2 and regain passkey from fleeing Pator 6 ships.
- No Faction Standing loss for destroying these ships.

===Pocket 2===
==1 Group (40km)==
6x 'Pator 6 Rookie' Frigate (Slasher, Vigil, Breacher)
2x 'Pator 6 Veteran' Frigate (Rifter, Slasher) **Nos 30km range**

1x Acceleration Gate to Pocket 1 (0km)
Various Structures (15km) no loot.

- 1x 'Destabilizer Datacore' passkey (0.1 m3) spawns in container next to Pator 6 Veteran wreck.
- Use Acceleration Gate in Pocket 2 to go back to Pocket 1.
- Access locked Acceleration Gate in Pocket 1 with 'Destabilizer Datacore' passkey (consumed).

===Pocket 3===
1x 'Pator 6 Storage Warehouse' (22km)
Various Structures (23-27km) no loot.

- No NPC's, place 1x 'Covert Recording Device' (1.0 m3) in 'Pator 6 Storage Warehouse' container to complete mission onjective.

====__Mission 10__ - Rendezvous====
Faction: Pator 6 (Minmatar/Gallente)
Mission Type: Encounter
Space Type: Deadspace (Gated)
Damage Dealt: Thermal, Kinetic
Web/Scram: (Veteran) Elite Frigate
Extras: Neut/Target Paint ('Pator 6 Veteran') Elite Cruiser
Recommended Damage Dealing: Explosive, Thermal

Mission Objective:
- Observe meeting between Pator 6 and their associates. Retrieve evidence of the kid's whereabouts, 1x "Ralie Ardanne's Belongings" (1.0 m3).

===Warp To Site===
1x Acceleration Gate (18km)

- Acceleration Gate is locked. Destroy all NPCs to unlock the gate.
- No Faction Standing loss for destroying these ships.

==Initial Group (10-25km)==
1x 'Pator 6 Veteran Ambusher' Cruiser (Stabber, Rupture, Scythe) **Neut/Target Paint**
3x 'Pator 6 Ambusher' Cruiser (Stabber, Rupture, Scythe)
4x 'Pator 9 Heavy Missile Battery'

===Pocket 1===
==3 Groups==
Group 1 (36km):
5x Pator 6 Cruiser (Scythe, Stabber, Rupture)
3x Pator 6 Frigate (Probe, Rifter)

Group 2 (44km):
3x Pator 6 Common Cruiser (Green-Crewed Bellicose, Stabber)
3x Pator 6 Elite Frigate (Veteran Rifter, Breacher, Vigil) **Web/Scram**

Group 3 (48km):
2x Syndicate Cruiser (Vexor, Celestis)
2x Syndicate Elite Frigate (Veteran Maulus, Atron) **Web/Scram**
3x Syndicate Frigate (Tristan, Imicus, Maulus)

1x Pator 6 HQ Structure (50km)

- After all ships are destroyed, Agent gives instructions to destroy Pator 6 HQ Structure.
- Destroying Pator 6 HQ flags the mission completed.
- Retrive 1x "Ralie Ardanne's Belongings" (1.0 m3) and return to Agent.

====__Mission 11__ - Handoff====
Faction: Gallente
Mission Type: Courier
Space Type: Normal Space

Mission Objective:
- Drop off 1x Kidnapping Evidence (0.1 m3) at 'Scope' satellite station.

- This is NOT a combat mission.

===Warp to Site===
1x 'Dead Drop' Container (1km) //**Trigger**// (Black Eagles)
1x Scope Station (20km)

- Place 1x Kidnapping Evidence (0.1 m3) into 'Dead Drop' container next to Scope Station to trigger Black Eagles spawn and complete the mission.

=='Black Eagles' (5km) Neutral ships==
1x Mourmarie Mone, 'Constellation Director, Black Eagles' - Gallente Frigate (Helios)
5x 'Black Eagles Operative' - Gallente Cruiser (Vexor, Celestis, Thorax)

- Do Not attack these ships. Mission already completed. Return to Agent.

====__Mission 12__ - With Authority====
Mission Type: Travel

Mission Objective:
- Report to new Agent - Ascain Adeset - located in Mesybier System at Mesybier X - Transstellar Shipping Storage (Station).

- Starting a conversation with Ascain Adeset after docking in station completes the mission.

Go to [[Syndication4p3 | Chapter 3: Inertia]]

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