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Technological Secrets, level 2

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Faction: Thukker Tribe
Mission type: Warp-in
Damage dealt: Exp
Extras: None
Recommended damage dealing: Therm
Recommended ships: Omen, Wolf, Caracal

Wave 1:

6 x Thukker Mercenary Fighters

Wave 2:

6 x Thukker Mercenary Rookie

Wave 3:

2x Thukker Mercenary Fighters
4x Thukker Mercenary Elite Fighters

Wave 4:

3 x Thukker Mercenary Rookie
3 x Thukker Mercenary Elite Fighters

Wave 5:

1 x Thukker Mercenary Captain
1 x Thukker Mercenary Captain's Wingmen

1x omber
4x scord
12x veld

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Mission type: Courier

(3 of 3)

Mission Type: Encounter
Space type: Unknown
Faction: Republic Fleet
Damage Dealt: Major Thermal Minor Kinetic
Recommended Damage Dealing: Thermal, Kinetic (Exp for 3rd spawn)
Recommended ships: Drake, Caracal

Goal - Kill Chief Republic Baldur and Chief Republic Ofeg

1st spawn

3 Republic Fleet Vigils Frig
5 Republic Fleet Soldiers Frig
2 Republic Fleet Slashers Frig

2nd spawn

2 Republic Fleet Slashers frig
1 Republic Fleet Stabber cruiser

3rd spawn

(Reccomended damage Dealing: Exp)
Chief Republic Ofeg - Frig (High resistance)
Chief Republic Baldur - Frig (High Resistance)

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