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Technological Secrets, level 2

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Faction: Thukker Tribe
Mission type: Warp-in
Damage dealt: Exp
Extras: None
Recommended damage dealing: Therm
Recommended ships: Omen, Wolf, Caracal

Wave 1:

6x Thukker Mercenary Fighters

Wave 2:

6x Thukker Mercenary Rookie

Wave 3:

2x Thukker Mercenary Fighters
4x Thukker Mercenary Elite Fighters

Wave 4:

3x Thukker Mercenary Rookie
3x Thukker Mercenary Elite Fighters

Wave 5:

1x Thukker Mercenary Captain
1x Thukker Mercenary Captain's Wingmen

1x omber
4x scord
12x veld

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Mission type: Courier

(3 of 3)

Mission Type: Encounter
Space type: Unknown
Faction: Republic Fleet
Damage Dealt: Major Explosive, Minor Kinetic
Recommended Damage Dealing: Thermal, Kinetic (Exp for 3rd spawn)
Recommended ships: Drake, Caracal

Goal - Kill Chief Republic Baldur and Chief Republic Ofeg

1st spawn

3x Republic Fleet Vigils Frig
5x Republic Fleet Soldiers Frig
2x Republic Fleet Slashers Frig

2nd spawn

2x Republic Fleet Slashers frig
1x Republic Fleet Stabber cruiser

3rd spawn

(Reccomended damage Dealing: Exp)
Chief Republic Ofeg - Frig (High resistance)
Chief Republic Baldur - Frig (High Resistance)

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