Terrorism!, Level 2

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Faction: Caldari
Mission type: Encounter
Space Type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: Kinetic, Therm
Extras: Jam (State Shuriken)
Recommended damage dealing: Kin
Completed in: cruiser.

To complete the mission objective, destroy the Caldari Bunker.
WARNING: this still counts as a calderi state ship kill!

Group 1 (20km)

3x Frigates (State Shuriken)

Spawn (20km)

spawns after destroying Group 1

3x Frigates (State Yumi, State Kai Gunto)

Comment by MarcellusFancypants
2010-07-31 10:58:52
This mission can be blitzed by destroying the bunker and group one. It apparently is not required to kill group two.
Comment by SeamusDonohue
2010-08-21 13:02:12
FACTION BALANCING: This incurs a -2.4% loss with Caldari State due to "Combat - Ship Kill".
Comment by SyrusAthonille
2011-04-29 10:21:31
I got complete just killing the bunker.
Comment by WolfeJo
2011-09-30 11:20:57
Same, completed by destroying only the bunker. No standings loss.
Comment by ShakeThat
2012-01-10 12:29:40
'WolfeJo' is wrong. If you destroy the Caldari Bunker, it'll incurs a -2.4% loss with Caldari State due to "Combat - Ship Kill" like 'SeamusDonohue' said
Comment by HyperKro
2015-10-20 13:03:49
Destroying the Caldari bunker exclusively after luring the Caldari frigates away and warping back didn't incurr a standing loss with the Caldari faction. It remained at 0.17. So the warning seems to be wrong for some reason! Maybe they changed this in the meantime. Please, check and correct, if possible. BTW, a 2.4% standing loss would be absurd, anyhow.
Comment by TarlKabott
2016-06-25 23:31:29
Confirmed there is a -2.4% Caldari State standing loss when only destroying the bunker. Remark in standing log was "This penalty was incurred for destroying Caldari State's Caldari Bunker in Vashkah"
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