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They, Robots Level 1

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Part 1 of 5

Courier Mission
eight units of Robits (16.0 m3)

Part 2 of 5

Combat mission: Drones

Single Pocket

Auto Aggro, 12km away

Mammon Apis (4x)
Belphegor (3x)
Infester Alvi (1x) - last to kill, completed mission

no Asteroids
Drone Habitat (10x) - drop nothing
Infestated Station Ruins (1x) - did not destroy it
Mission Reward is a BPC - Basic Robotics (1 run, ME5, PE2), this is needed for the next part of the mission

Part 3 of 5

Special Type: Mining/Production Mission

Mine Scordite at location given (YOU MUST MINE the ORE here) - this flags it complete, but you still need to build the item
2x Asteroids - 1,000 units (150 m3)
3x Structures - no drops
Construct the Basic Robotics (I had to go 4 jumps to find a station I could build at)
Job takes about a little over 6 minuets.

Part 4 of 5

Mining Mission

Mine 2997 units of Scordite (449.6 m3)
2x Astroids - 1500 units,

Group 1

spawned with started mining

Blood Upholders (2x) [regular belt spawn, might differ?]
Mammon Apis (1x)
Belphegor Apis (1x)
Infester Alvi (2x)

Group 2

spawned within 60sec (or after last group)

Mammon Apis (1x)
Belphegor Apis (4x)
Infester Alvi (5x)

Structures (2x) - no drops

Part 5 of 5

Faction: Galente and drones
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace without gates
Blitz: Destroy the Drone Control Tower and wrap out, there is no need to destory any ships or drones


Aggro on warp-in.
2 groups present.
Asteroids: Veldspar (16), Scordite(16)

Group 1

Distance: ~20 Km
Belphegor Apis
Mammon Apis
Infester Alvi

Groep 2

Distance: ~30Km
Fedaration Clavis (1x)
Federation Hastile (2x)
Republic Radur (3x)

Group 3

Infester Alvi (1x)
Mammon Apis (2x)

Group 4

Belphegor Apis
Mammon Apis
Infester Alvi
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