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====== Tightening the Noose, Level 3======
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Hostile Faction: Minmatar Republic
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Normal space, 3 gates

Damage dealt: Explosive
Recommended damage dealing: Explosive /Thermal
E-War type: Target Painting

Recommended ship classes: Tactical Destroyer, Stealth Bomber, Cruiser, Battlecruiser
Recommended generic setup: Sniper for Tactical Destroyer or Stealth Bomber

Overview: 3 pockets with cargo container with the Tactical Information in the last pocket. Gates are not locked.

====1st Pocket====

~====Group 1====
~Distance: 60-65 km
~~3x Cruisers

~====Group 2====
~Distance: 75 km
~~1x Frigate

~Distance: 85 – 95 km
~~2x Cruisers
~~1x Frigate

====2nd Pocket====

~====Group 1====
~Distance: 20 – 25 km
~~2x Cruisers
~~2x Frigates

~====Group 2====
~Distance: 75 – 80 km
~~1x Cruiser
~~2x Frigates (1 x Republic Kvarm – Target Painter)

====3rd Pocket====

~====Group 1====
~Distance: 35 - 45 km
~~1x Cruiser
~~2x Frigates (1x Chief Republic Gleeda-Target Painter)

~====Group 2====
~Distance: 64 – 75 km
~~4 x Cruisers
~~1x Cargo Container – Tactical Information (Retrieve to complete mission)

Mission is complete when the Tactical Information is retrieved from the cargo container and returned to the agent.

Not good for a blitz unless a fast, perhaps cloaked ship is used to rush the gates and the cargo container.

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